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Daniela Vargas Asin

Painting, drawing, music, photography. Arts.

Daniela Vargas Asin. Artparasites – How Art you today? Photography by (yet) unknown artist I was apprehensive.

Artparasites – How Art you today?

You were too. But you said it was chill, that we could meet up casually, and I decided to trust you. I feel guilty now, as if I should have known better. For us both. We met at a bar in between our places. At some point we ran out of things to talk about. We went back to my place and it felt great. You thought we could maybe work out a friends-with-benefits situation. I thought even that was getting ahead of ourselves. You left in the middle of the night and didn’t even expect another call. Artparasites – How Art you today? Painting by Paul Delvaux - "Loneliness" The heat has finally diminished, at least for tonight.

Artparasites – How Art you today?

The warmth that reigned during the last few months has disappeared, temporarily I hope. Lost in my thoughts, I come across the ghost of your presence. A shadow that still haunts me, even when I try my hardest to suppress it. It has been quite a while now, and I seem incapable of getting rid of your image in my head. I keep going around and around the last days of our romance. Things that I should have made differently, attitudes that I should have corrected before they became an illness. For months I have thought that life goes on without you, barely; but barely living is not a good way of walking through existence.

How Art you today? GEORGES SEURAT - "Une baignade à Asnières (Bathers at Asnieres)", 1883-84 Today, the paintings of the impressionists are recognised worldwide for their value.

How Art you today?

Some pieces by Renoir, Monet and Degas are worth more than one hundred million dollars. But the impressionists have not always been as valued, appreciated and famous as they are today. On the contrary, their rise to the top was hard, messy and required ambition and endurance. There is a lot one can learn from them. How Art you today? Artwork by Alex Stoddard Counting down the days till I see him.

How Art you today?

Again. For I’ve seen him in my dreams, kissing the crinkles in his eyes when he smiles at me “good morning”. I’ve seen him those afternoons sitting on my balcony when poetry is transmuting into him and words are representing his touch, his eyes, his love. Michelle K. 7 Force Awakens Characters Who Went Through Major Changes. La pintura como terapia - La Mente es Maravillosa. Reflexiones sobre el Arte como forma de vida. Hace unos días me preguntaron por qué es bueno pintar y cuales serían las razones para que una persona adulta considere tomar clases de pintura como una actividad positiva en su vida.

Reflexiones sobre el Arte como forma de vida

Me pareció interesante la pregunta y un excelente tema para este blog. ¡Se pensaría que la primera razón es porque da placer, al menos por eso yo lo hago! Poder hacer lo que uno quiere genera una gran satisfacción. Científicos aseguran, pueden borrar los malos recuerdos. Científicos suecos crean un rastrillo LASER, adiós a las navajas!

Científicos aseguran, pueden borrar los malos recuerdos

33 Beautiful Words That You Need To Know. These are beautiful and breathtaking words that you should try to use more.

33 Beautiful Words That You Need To Know

World Poetry Day: 28 of poetry's most powerful lines ever written. The rhythm of the tongue brings wordless music into the air; it is in poetry that the human essence is refined to such ritualistic purity.

World Poetry Day: 28 of poetry's most powerful lines ever written

It's in the steady beats, the sonorous rise-and-fall of speech; for a moment it appears as if all the mysteries of the world have unlocked themselves to our private view. It's these works which are celebrated on World Poetry Day, falling on 21 March, in which UNESCO recognises the moving spirit of poetry and its transformative effect on culture. In honour of these celebrations, here stands a small collection of singular lines, stanzas, and notions possessing of a power which springs the most moving of thoughts and feelings off of the page and into the humming imagination of its readers. Because I could not stop for Death, / He kindly stopped for me; / The carriage held but just ourselves / And Immortality 'Because I could not stop for Death', Emily Dickinson. Here Are 50 Bob Ross Quotes That Will Make Today Better. Artparasites – How Art you today? Much has been written about the lives of artists – sometimes in quasi-mythical terms.

Artparasites – How Art you today?

Los 20 comerciales del siglo XXI, según Gunn Report. The Gunn Report ha seleccionado, con la votación de 1,754 personas vinculadas con la industria de la publicidad, los 20 Mejores Comerciales del Siglo 21.

Los 20 comerciales del siglo XXI, según Gunn Report

Molocow Concept Milk Package. Design Agency: Imedia Creative Bureau Art Director: Marcel Sheishenov Project Type: Concept Location: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Packaging Contents: Milk Packaging Materials: Glass, plastic Molocow is a fun concept package for milk. We re-imagined milk bottle and package to appeal for kids. We created fun way to pack milk in an out of this world fashion.What's Unique? We used common meme about cow abduction and turned into a cute milk package. Analizando el impacto de campañas offline en el online. Blog de publicidad, creatividad, diseño y mucho más… Festivales Publicado el abril 11th, 2016 | por huss87.

LOS 130 AÑOS DE COCA-COLA. El 08 de Mayo de 1886 en Atlanta, el farmacéutico John S. Pemberton creó un jarabe para los problemas digestivos a base de agua carbonatada y que la comercializaba en su local Jacobs’ Pharmacy. Pemberton no imaginó que esta creación años después iba a revolucionar el mercado de bebidas en todo el mundo. Ahora Coca-Cola es una firma internacional que posee a las marcas más reconocidas, valoradas y queridas por los consumidores. Esta bebida que comenzó a venderse por cinco centavos, actualmente es la multinancional más pedida, podemos encontrarla en más de 24 millones de establecimientos alrededor del mundo. Blog de publicidad, creatividad, diseño y mucho más… Todo empezó con un simple “Hi” en la ventana hecho con Post-it y ha acabado siendo una verdadera guerra de mosaicos de notas adhesivas en las ventanas de dos edificios enfrentados en Nueva York. Los responsables son, en su mayoría, los empleados de diferentes agencias de publicidad como Havas Worldwide, Horizon Media, Cake Group, Biolumina o Harrison and Star y marcas como Getty Images o New York Magazine.

Blog de publicidad, creatividad, diseño y mucho más… Publipost.