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Daniela Vargas Asin

Painting, drawing, music, photography. Arts.

Daniela Vargas Asin. Artparasites – How Art you today? Photography by (yet) unknown artist I was apprehensive. You were too. But you said it was chill, that we could meet up casually, and I decided to trust you. I feel guilty now, as if I should have known better. For us both. We met at a bar in between our places. It was a nice setting. At some point we ran out of things to talk about.

We went back to my place and it felt great. You thought we could maybe work out a friends-with-benefits situation. I thought even that was getting ahead of ourselves. You left in the middle of the night and didn’t even expect another call. Now, I had told you: I’d been seeing other people. All you heard was that I had options, that you were just one girl of many.

It was my mistake to think I could talk so candidly with you about this stuff. But suddenly, you were practically crying. Somehow we got through it and you came over afterward. You wanted me to tell you exactly why not, to specifically say what was so wrong with you that makes me unable to commit. Artparasites – How Art you today? Painting by Paul Delvaux - "Loneliness" The heat has finally diminished, at least for tonight. The warmth that reigned during the last few months has disappeared, temporarily I hope. Lost in my thoughts, I come across the ghost of your presence. A shadow that still haunts me, even when I try my hardest to suppress it. It has been quite a while now, and I seem incapable of getting rid of your image in my head. The glow in your face every time you smiled. I keep going around and around the last days of our romance. Things that I should have made differently, attitudes that I should have corrected before they became an illness.

For months I have thought that life goes on without you, barely; but barely living is not a good way of walking through existence. I still have not learned how to cope with this loss. Every recipe there is for getting over someone, I have tried it. It is because of that, that I have grown accustomed to missing you. Yours forever. Mario J. How Art you today? GEORGES SEURAT - "Une baignade à Asnières (Bathers at Asnieres)", 1883-84 Today, the paintings of the impressionists are recognised worldwide for their value. Some pieces by Renoir, Monet and Degas are worth more than one hundred million dollars. But the impressionists have not always been as valued, appreciated and famous as they are today. On the contrary, their rise to the top was hard, messy and required ambition and endurance. Have faith in your vision The view the impressionists brought was modern, revolutionary and deemed by many as crazy.

Just the same, we all have views on who we want to be, what we want to achieve and how we want to achieve it. Own who you are The term “impressionism” comes from an art critic who tried to mock one of Monet’s paintings, together with Monet himself and all those with similar style of painting. Although it began as an insult, impressionism is now known as a term describing one of the most important and influential art movements in history.

How Art you today? Artwork by Alex Stoddard Counting down the days till I see him. Again. For I’ve seen him in my dreams, kissing the crinkles in his eyes when he smiles at me “good morning”. I’ve seen him those afternoons sitting on my balcony when poetry is transmuting into him and words are representing his touch, his eyes, his love. I could use words that weren’t used before, words that were written for him, words that no one else heard but him. Have you ever got drunk with someone’s words? Someone asked me, “What’s so special about him?” You may be wondering: is she stupid? I choose him, for he made me see things I wouldn’t see alone. I’ve been in a long distance relationship before and, darling, the problem is not distance, is trust.

Distance is a commitment. Submitted to ArtParasites by Cassiopeia Demise Read our exclusive Artletter. Michelle K. 7 Force Awakens Characters Who Went Through Major Changes. La pintura como terapia - La Mente es Maravillosa. En el libro de Ken Robinson “El elemento” se cuenta la siguiente historia en relación a la pintura: una maestra de primaria estaba dando clases de dibujo y al fondo del aula se sentaba una niña que no solía prestar atención, salvo en las clases de dibujo. Durante veinte minutos la niña dibujó, absorta en sus pensamientos y la profesora le preguntó qué estaba dibujando.

La niña contestó: “Estoy dibujando a Dios”. La maestra dijo: “Pero nadie sabe qué aspecto tiene Dios.” Y la niña respondió: “Lo sabrán enseguida.” Esta historia nos demuestra la importancia del dibujo y la pintura y como pueden utilizarse como terapia para conectarnos con el mundo. “El arte es la expresión de los más profundos sentimientos por el camino más sencillo.” -Albert Einstein- Compartir ¿Qué es la psicología del arte? La psicología del arte es una rama de la psicología dedicada al estudio de los fenómenos de la creación y la apreciación artística desde una perspectiva psicológica.

Mejora de la comunicación. 11 grandes beneficios de pintar | Reflexiones sobre el Arte como forma de vida. Hace unos días me preguntaron por qué es bueno pintar y cuales serían las razones para que una persona adulta considere tomar clases de pintura como una actividad positiva en su vida. Me pareció interesante la pregunta y un excelente tema para este blog. ¡Se pensaría que la primera razón es porque da placer, al menos por eso yo lo hago! Poder hacer lo que uno quiere genera una gran satisfacción. Meditando en ello y desde luego investigándolo desde un ángulo sicológico, social y médico, en realidad los beneficios son muchos para el cuerpo físico, mental y espiritual y son casi los mismos para niños como para adultos.

Pero como yo enseño a adultos y a adolescentes los voy a resumir de la siguiente forma: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. ¡Así que, por salud, por mero entretenimiento o meta personal, a pintar! Estoy completamente convencida que enseñar a pintar y de la forma que lo hago, es una de las grandes misiones en mi vida. ¡El Arte es una Filosofía de Vida! Científicos aseguran, pueden borrar los malos recuerdos. Científicos suecos crean un rastrillo LASER, adiós a las navajas! 33 Beautiful Words That You Need To Know. These are beautiful and breathtaking words that you should try to use more. World Poetry Day: 28 of poetry's most powerful lines ever written | News | Culture | The Independent. The rhythm of the tongue brings wordless music into the air; it is in poetry that the human essence is refined to such ritualistic purity.

It's in the steady beats, the sonorous rise-and-fall of speech; for a moment it appears as if all the mysteries of the world have unlocked themselves to our private view. It's these works which are celebrated on World Poetry Day, falling on 21 March, in which UNESCO recognises the moving spirit of poetry and its transformative effect on culture. In honour of these celebrations, here stands a small collection of singular lines, stanzas, and notions possessing of a power which springs the most moving of thoughts and feelings off of the page and into the humming imagination of its readers. Because I could not stop for Death, / He kindly stopped for me; / The carriage held but just ourselves / And Immortality 'Because I could not stop for Death', Emily Dickinson This is the way the world ends / not with a bang but a whimper 'The Hollow Men', T.S Eliot. Here Are 50 Bob Ross Quotes That Will Make Today Better. Artparasites – How Art you today?

Much has been written about the lives of artists – sometimes in quasi-mythical terms. It’s important to remember that, despite the pedestals we place them on, the talented, visionary people we read about in art history books were, first and foremost, people, not mythical beings. They struggled with depression and poverty, abuse and injustice, illness, isolation, feelings of inadequacy and their own character flaws – and these struggles were often quite relatable, as you can see below. El Greco (1541 –1614) “Portrait of a Man,” thought to be a self-portrait (c. 1595-1600) The work of Doménikos Theotokópoulos, who went down in history as “The Greek Guy,” looks strikingly modern to today’s spectator. It’s easy to see how his style influenced Expressionism and Cubism, and it’s also easy to see that this is exactly where the problem lies. Failing to achieve success in Italy, the artist moved to Spain, where his luck began to change.

El Greco died at age 73 while working on a commission. Los 20 comerciales del siglo XXI, según Gunn Report. The Gunn Report ha seleccionado, con la votación de 1,754 personas vinculadas con la industria de la publicidad, los 20 Mejores Comerciales del Siglo 21. La única pieza latina es el trabajo de Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi, con “dads in briefs” para BGH. También resalta la participación del director mexicano, Alejandro González Iñarritu, realizador de “Write the Future”, de W+K Amsterdam para Nike Fútbol. La agencia W + K fue la que más piezas ubicó dentro de la lista, ya que cinco spots suyos de las oficinas de Portland, Amsterdam y Londres se ubicaron como favoritos.

BGH Silent Aircon “dads in briefs” by Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi, Buenos Aires Budweiser “wassup/true” by DDB, Chicago Cadbury’s Dairy Milk “gorilla” by Fallon, London Canal+ “closet”by BETC Euro RSCG, Paris Canal+ “the bear” by BETC Euro RSCG, Paris Chipotle “back to the start” by Creative Artists Agency, Los Angeles Dove Self Esteem Fund “evolution” by Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto Honda “cog” by Wieden & Kennedy, London. Molocow Concept Milk Package. Design Agency: Imedia Creative Bureau Art Director: Marcel Sheishenov Project Type: Concept Location: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Packaging Contents: Milk Packaging Materials: Glass, plastic Molocow is a fun concept package for milk.

We re-imagined milk bottle and package to appeal for kids. We created fun way to pack milk in an out of this world fashion.What's Unique? We used common meme about cow abduction and turned into a cute milk package. The milk inside the bottle depicts beam from flying saucer and cap is UFO space craft. Analizando el impacto de campañas offline en el online. La publicidad y el marketing offline siguen siendo, a día de hoy, una gran parte del negocio de las empresas que publican sus creatividades en radio, televisión, periódicos, revistas, catálogos, etc.

Y estas campañas offline tienen repercusiones en el mundo online que debemos medir y tener en cuenta. Así pues, muchos de los usuarios que visitan nuestra web pueden hacerlo como consecuencia de actividades offline. Es decir, quizá fue un anuncio de televisión, el artículo de una revista o un cartel en una valla publicitaria lo que les condujo a la web… Pero, ¿cómo podemos saberlo? Medición online del canal offline Es obvio que, en lo que a medición se refiere, el canal online presenta unas ventajas con las que el offline no puede competir. ¿Cómo podemos medir estrategias offline desde el mundo online? Podemos seguir cinco estrategias de medición online del canal offline: 1. Una estrategia clave es usar una URL específica. Las URL deben: 2. 3. 4. 5. Conclusiones. La criatura creativa | Blog de publicidad, creatividad, diseño y mucho más… Festivales Publicado el abril 11th, 2016 | por huss87 El pasado sábado se celebró en San Sebastián la entrega de premios del Día C del Club de Creativos y aunque este año no he podido estar por allí, no podía dejar de comentar las campañas premiadas en este evento.

Un certamen que premia la creatividad española que más tarde será recogida en el XVII Anuario de la Creatividad Española. En esta edición, el Gran Premio del Día C ha recaído en la campaña “Doble Placer”, de la agencia Lola para Magnum, que además recibió otros dos oros, uno en el apartado de Ideas y otro en el de Ejecución Audiovisual. Durante la gala, se entregaron un total de 16 oros, 23 platas y 32 bronces, escogidos por un jurado presidido por Belén Coca y formado por 36 profesionales del mundo de la publicidad.

Vamos a hacer un repasillo a todos los oros de la noche: “Doble Placer”, de Lola para Magnum (Unilever) Gran Premio, Oro en Ideas y Oro en Ejecución Audiovisual “Familias” de McCann para Coca-Cola Oro en Ideas. LOS 130 AÑOS DE COCA-COLA. El 08 de Mayo de 1886 en Atlanta, el farmacéutico John S. Pemberton creó un jarabe para los problemas digestivos a base de agua carbonatada y que la comercializaba en su local Jacobs’ Pharmacy. Pemberton no imaginó que esta creación años después iba a revolucionar el mercado de bebidas en todo el mundo. Ahora Coca-Cola es una firma internacional que posee a las marcas más reconocidas, valoradas y queridas por los consumidores. Esta bebida que comenzó a venderse por cinco centavos, actualmente es la multinancional más pedida, podemos encontrarla en más de 24 millones de establecimientos alrededor del mundo.

Aunque al principio la botella no era muy atractiva como la actual (contour) y su logo no era igual, sigue manteniendo el mismo espíritu que la ha llevado a trascender en el tiempo. Coca-Cola elaboró una infografía que revela datos importantes y grandiosos, además de citar los acontecimientos más significativos de su historia. Sudemos la camiseta Seguiremos alentando Gol Perú. La criatura creativa | Blog de publicidad, creatividad, diseño y mucho más…

La criatura creativa | Blog de publicidad, creatividad, diseño y mucho más…