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How Popular Music's Lyrics Perpetuate American Idiocy. Claire Bernish (ANTIMEDIA) A recent study served to confirm the patently obvious: song lyrics for the most popular genres of music are ridiculously obtuse — and getting worse over time.

How Popular Music's Lyrics Perpetuate American Idiocy

Though this might not be a revelation, the figures are distressing indicators of both an intellectually vapid societal and cultural future as well as its apparent inevitability. If you’ve already moved away from Billboard music, congratulations, you refuse to be insulted. But if you haven’t, or if you’re concerned about pop culture trends acting as portents of systemic dysfunction, you should probably pay attention.

You Remember That Wrong: Brain Distorts Memories Every Time It Recalls Them. Got a treasured memory?

You Remember That Wrong: Brain Distorts Memories Every Time It Recalls Them

It’s okay to get a little sappy, we all do, whether it’s that perfect night with a special someone or that dungeon crawl that finally went exactly according to plan. If you’re remembering that thing right now, for the love of God, stop! What Millennials Want from Work, Charted Across the World. Courtesy of NASA GSFC As more Millennials assume leadership positions around the world, organizations are becoming increasingly concerned with how to ensure their success.

What Millennials Want from Work, Charted Across the World

However, most existing research on those born between the early ‘80s and late ‘90s is skewed toward understanding what a narrow, typically Western, population wants. Conclusions based on such a limited sample could lead to bad decisions (and missed opportunities) around attracting, retaining, and developing millennial leaders in a global business environment. To broaden our understanding of what Millennials want at work, INSEAD’s Emerging Markets Institute, Universum, and the HEAD Foundation conducted the first of what will become an annual survey of Millennials — and the largest study of its kind.

We surveyed 16,637 people between 18 and 30 years old, in 43 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and North America. Hard Feelings: Science’s Struggle to Define Emotions. When Paul Ekman was a grad student in the 1950s, psychologists were mostly ignoring emotions.

Hard Feelings: Science’s Struggle to Define Emotions

The Culture of Shut Up - Jon Lovett. Too many debates about important issues degenerate into manufactured and misplaced outrage—and it's chilling free speech.

The Culture of Shut Up - Jon Lovett

Albert Gea/Reuter There once was a remote village deep in the rainforest that had no contact with the outside world. And in this small village there were only three village elders who had the ability to speak. Japan’s Oddest English Book. 21 Mar When we were in middle or high school, our English teachers made us use the words we’d just learned.

Japan’s Oddest English Book

Using them in a meaningful sentence is one of best ways to keep all those words in mind. Poll: Myers-Briggs Personalities of Fictional Characters. Knight Foundation’s Prototype Fund Announces 24 New Projects. Photo courtesy of Knight Foundation Earlier this week, the Knight Foundation announced funding for 24 new projects as part of its Prototype Fund.

Knight Foundation’s Prototype Fund Announces 24 New Projects

The fund allows innovators to move from idea to demo with $35,000 in funding. A spokesperson for the fund says there are several noteworthy elements particular to the current round of funded projects. 26 Smart Time Management Hacks. Do what you love, love what you do: An omnipresent mantra that’s bad for work and workers. Photo courtesy Mario de Armas/design*sponge.

Do what you love, love what you do: An omnipresent mantra that’s bad for work and workers.

10 Lifehacks from 100 Years Ago. In the late 1880s, cigarette manufacturers began inserting stiffening cards into their paper packs of cigarettes to strengthen the containers.

10 Lifehacks from 100 Years Ago

It wasn't long before they got the idea to put artwork, trivia, famous people, and pretty girls onto those cards, grouped into collectible series. Hackschooling makes me happy: Logan LaPlante at TEDxUniversityofNevada. Dancing with robots. Robots parodying the latest video hits are cute but some choreographers, artists and human-robot interaction specialists have pushed the boundary of how humans and robots move in fascinating ways.

Dancing with robots

Thomas Freundlich has just uploaded a video of his work “Human Interface” with ABB industrial robots, which spurred me to post a snapshot or two from the history of robot choreography. “Human Interface” is an evening length piece for 4 dancers, 2 human and 2 robots and is an extension of Freundlich’s 2008 work “Actuator”. Freundlich programs the industrial arms himself, using the ABB Robot Studio software and the Safe Mode capabilities, allowing humans to cowork with robots.

Anyone can learn to be a polymath – Robert Twigger. I travelled with Bedouin in the Western Desert of Egypt. When we got a puncture, they used tape and an old inner tube to suck air from three tyres to inflate a fourth. It was the cook who suggested the idea; maybe he was used to making food designed for a few go further. Far from expressing shame at having no pump, they told me that carrying too many tools is the sign of a weak man; it makes him lazy. The 13 Most Insidious, Pervasive Lies of the Modern Music Industry... It was the future we all wanted so desperately to come true… Lie #1: Great music will naturally find its audience. The Lie: The greatest music and artists will eventually connect with their audiences, naturally, thanks to a perfectly-lubricated, social, and borderless internet. 21 Incredibly Important Diagrams To Help You Get Through Life. Photographic captures of water in motion by moses hacmon. Aug 20, 2013.

PARK & CUBE. All photos with tripod. Lecture: Seth Troxler (New York, 2013) Underground sci-fi visuals courtesy of the brilliant Nick Frank. Despite first appearances, what you’re looking at here isn’t the set of a big-budget sci-fi extravaganza, or a digital rendering of a future city; its origins are more modest than that. RSA Shorts - How to find your element.

Glitch Textiles. - The Beautiful & Secure Messenger. He may not be able to fly or stop bullets, but this masked man is out to fight crime and keep the fair denizens of Seattle safe. Massive Phoenixes Made of Remnants from Construction Sites. DJ Fresh & Mindtunes: A track created only by the mind (Documentary) Omni: Move Naturally in Your Favorite Game by Virtuix. Redefining Architecture, in a Dance of Lasers. Lasers trace a transformed architectural space, in a choreography connected to sound and music. All images courtesy the artists. The Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter Wins the AHS Sikorsky Prize. Urban Species: Kinetic Lifeforms Created by U-Ram Choe. Korean artist U-Ram Choe lives and works in Seoul where he creates highly ornate kinetic sculptures that mimic forms and motions found in nature.