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The LUMBAREST is the best therapeutic mat that provides the greatest spinal traction forces. Designed in the USA, for the best lumbar pain relief treatment & prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal stretcher system. It is used for intensive lumbar back pain treatment of the spine, both in medical and at home.

Back Stretcher Mat For Lower Back Pain Relief. Close to 31 million Americans suffer from back pain daily.

Back Stretcher Mat For Lower Back Pain Relief

It is one of the many causes, according to agencies like SAMHSA, of painkiller addiction. Sufferers will go to great lengths for relief, including surgery.


Buy The Non-Surgical Lumbar Traction/Spinal Decompression Therapy Mat Lumbarest At Minimum Price. Lumbarest Back Stretcher For Lower Back Pain. Special Seating Pad/Cushion for Sedentary Life Style. This pillow is a rare occasion when the recommendations of specialists from different fields of health are the same.

Special Seating Pad/Cushion for Sedentary Life Style

The Detensor seat cushion is recommended by podiatrists, chiropractors and proctologists. It is especially important to use this product for people in a wheelchair, since, among other things, the Detensor has an anti-decubitus effect. The Detensor therapeutic seat cushion is indispensable for a wheelchair (has an anti-decubitus effect), for occupations associated with prolonged sitting (drivers, office workers, employees of cool centers, dispatchers, etc. . ),

Back Support pillow for chair and car Contact US LumbaRest Lumbar Pain Relief

Special Back Support Pillow for Office Chair, Car Seats and Wheelchair. Note from the owner of the store: “I try on myself almost all the products we sell.

Special Back Support Pillow for Office Chair, Car Seats and Wheelchair

The only exception is with products for feminine beauty and hygiene. The entire line of the Detensor product is used in my everyday life. But this ribbed back support pillow is my favorite. . In a car seat or in an office, my back is supported and comfortable.