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About … Independent Collectors. Independent Collectors challenges the preconceived notions that surround collecting contemporary art.

About … Independent Collectors

We believe in telling the stories behind the collections and the people that own them, unearthing hidden artworks to be discovered by art enthusiasts worldwide. We have created a space where private collections can be shown freely and securely, on a trusted website designed to look at the diverse world of collecting contemporary art. Our aim is to showcase the passion behind privately owned art and invites everyone to explore the culture of collecting. Independent Collectors is the first online platform targeted specifically at collectors of contemporary art. Since its launch in June 2008, over 5 200 registered collectors from over 96 countries have made profiles on IC, which they use to connect and communicate with other like-minded collectors from around the world.

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Anyone Can Attend This Coding School That Meets in Coffee Shops

But Ruben Abergel and Edward Lando wanna give you a third choice. That’s why they founded Hackvard, a web application dedicated to bridging the gap between offline and online education. Ruben Abergel and Edward Lando The idea is that if you’re planning to work on some programming tutorials at, say, your local coffee shop, you’ll announce when and where on Hackvard, and other aspiring programmers will show up and join you—regardless of what languages they’re learning or what materials they’re using. La Paillasse. Nod-A.


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