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As you know, I’m an independent cartoonist using the Web as the primary distribution for my work. I don’t work under a syndicate, and I don’t have an employer in the traditional sense. Actually. You’re my employer. You and a few thousand others who stop by and read the comic on a regular basis. Evil Inc. by Brad Guigar - Daily Super-Villain Webcomic and Comics Blog Evil Inc. by Brad Guigar - Daily Super-Villain Webcomic and Comics Blog
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Wayward Sons: Legends - Sci-Fi Full Page Webcomic - Updates Daily New Adventures WithOccasional Updates Written, Lettered & Createdby Benny R. PowellPencil Artwork by Weilin YangFinishes by Youjun YangColors by Kun Song Wayward Sons: Legends - Sci-Fi Full Page Webcomic - Updates Daily
I’m kind of bad about getting right to the reveal, aren’t I? I decided to write the sequence this way because I’ve been thinking about the possibility of breaking down what I’ve done so far into smaller chapters and making e-books/PDFs, and maybe even full color print books instead of just the single 200+ page volume I had been planning on. This chapter (starting after Sydney arrives at Archon) would end on the reveal, and I wanted to make it so that book would tease the next scene as well. Grrl Power - A webcomic about superheroines. Grrl Power - A webcomic about superheroines.
Nov 13 It’s Electric. So, Boing Boing asked me to do a recipe for them. The only caveat is that it involve caffeine. Done and Done. Now you're cooking with comics. Now you're cooking with comics.
New VG Cats and new Super effective! Hey remember that game you guys help Kickstart a while back? Detective Grimoire! Well it's up for Greenlight on steam. VG Cats VG Cats
Bearmageddon - Bearmageddon Things are winding up… we’re coming into a scene that is so much work to draw that I haven’t actually drawn most of it yet. So pray, or think happy thoughts, for my time and skills to rise to the call because even at a page a week this is gonna be tough. I’m just glad to have Kailey coloring, this scene needs it. Someone in the comments on the last page mentioned how Joel’s look has changed since the first pages of the comic. Bearmageddon - Bearmageddon
Atomic Laundromat Atomic Laundromat Thank you guys for a wonderful year of comics — I have enjoyed everything that has happened so far, both from a storyline perspective and also how the art has changed (somewhat). I hope that you will stick around to what 2014 has to offer – maybe this is the year we finally get merch around this place, yay. Or not. Either way, it’s comics all the way — remember, I keep making them if you keep reading ‘em.
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A daily comic about life by Jon Rosenberg A daily comic about life by Jon Rosenberg Theists often ask atheists what sort of evidence they would accept as proof that God exists. I think if all religious folks lived up to their own deeply held values, that would be a true miracle. But there’s little risk of that.
Conventions and other Horror Stories June 28, 2013 Holy crap, the year's half over. S*P and Other Comics S*P and Other Comics
Careful parties should always set up rendezvous points in case something goes disastrously wrong and they get separated. (What are the chances of that?) If you're about the enter the Dungeon of Doom, arrange for people to meet back outside at the wilderness camp a half mile away if anyone gets separated. Then when it inevitably happens, you have at least some chance of regrouping even if it becomes impossible to track down where the separated party members have been imprisoned or teleported to. This simple expedient could have saved thousands of adventurers who stepped through that mouth thing in the Tomb of Horrors. Darths & Droids Darths & Droids
December 24th, 2013 Merry Christmas, everybody who is a person who celebrates that! And a joyous Winter Solstice to the rest of you. Just to let you know, we won’t be updating on Christmas or New Years day. The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
Girls With Slingshots
Spinnerette - A Webcomic
Looking For Group Some Web-like Changes We’ve made a few changes to the site over the last couple of weeks, and rather just wait until you haphazardly come across them, I thought I’d point out a couple I wanted to highlight. Thusly- Comments
Penny Farthing Press Presents the Free Online Comic: Luci Phurr's Imps: A Children's Story for Grown-Ups
Pokémon-X Due to real life complications this comic updates sporadically. © 2003-2014 Recon A. Dye Pokémon is the property of Nintendo. ©1995-2013 Nintendo/Pokémon USA, Inc. Most sprites are the property of ©1995-2013 Nintendo/Creatures Inc.
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