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Best Landscape Maintenance Services in Highlands Ranch, Parker, Aurora, Castle Rock, Lone Tree, Castle Pines. Do you want the prestige and enjoyment of a well maintained, beautiful and unique landscape? As a client you receive personal attention from qualified knowledgeable gardening professionals. Helping you achieve a sense of pride and horticultural success in your garden is our goal. Let us help you create and maintain your private sanctuary of beauty and wonder that is uniquely yours. All the best landscape maintenance services are available on an as needed or schedule basis (weekly, biweekly or monthly). Seasonal Garden Clean Up RakingMulching Planting Types Annuals and perennialsCustom plantingsFour season color programColor pack programSeasonal plant material (bulbs, mums, etc.)Containers (pots and baskets)Display gardens Garden Maintenance Watering and fertilizingDeadheading and groomingWeedingPruning.

Best Lawn Care, Fall & Winter Fertilization services in Aurora, Parker, Lone Tree, Castle Rock and Highlands Ranch. Fertilization & Weed Control We use a higher quality fertilizer than our competitors use or the DIY stores offer, resulting in a healthier lawn as seen above… you can see the difference! We use an enhanced efficiency 65% slow release granular, phosphorus free, fertilizer blended.

Why is it important to you? There are three advantages to 65% slow-release nitrogen: The nitrogen is made available to the plant as the plant needs it, over an 8-week period. Protect your plants. Are your plants protected?

Protect your plants

Here is the checklist. The forecast predicts overnight temperatures in the single digits this weekend. Show Your Yard Some Love with a Valentine's Day Present. Soil is more than dirt. In this post, we will learn about many functions of the soil.

Soil is more than dirt

If you’re building a house, you need a solid foundation. The same goes for building a landscape. Soil serves as the foundation, so it pays to focus on creating a quality foundation if you want a healthy landscape. Know your zone. In this post, we will be learning about the hardiness zone while you plan your landscape.

Know your zone

It’s often said that the key to successful, sustainable plants is putting the right plant in the right place. But first, you need to know your place. That begins by learning your hardiness zone while you plan your landscape. This USDA system divides the US into 13 plant hardiness zones—including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico—based on the average annual extreme minimum temperature of a region. It’s a rough guide to helping gardeners and landscape professionals choose plants that will grow well in their area.

Your trees are thirsty. In this post, we will discuss about how to make sure the roots and canopy get the right amount of water.

Your trees are thirsty

Trees are one of the most valuable assets in a landscape. With the ongoing drought in Colorado, winter watering is more important than ever to preserve your investment. It’s a good rule of thumb to water your trees twice per month in winter. A tree’s roots grow horizontally and can spread 2-4 times wider than the height of the tree, and wider than the tree’s canopy. Here’s how to make sure the roots and canopy get the right amount of water: Show Your Yard Some Love with a Valentine's Day Present. Give Grass Some Tough Love - Here are some useful tips to promote spring root growth.

Give Grass Some Tough Love -

If you’re spending more time at home and in your yard, you might be tempted to water the lawn often—but don’t. This is a critical time for your grass; spring is when it grows its feeder roots that capture water all season long. Resist the urge to spoil your lawn. Don’t let its roots get used to over-watering, or it can have negative effects for the rest of the season. Plant a Tree This Spring - Spring is the great time to plant new trees in Colorado.

Plant a Tree This Spring -

Regardless of which day you celebrate, spring is a great time to think about planting new trees. It gives them a long growing season to get settled into their new home. Before you plant another flowering crabapple tree, consider trying something different. Many arborists recommended planting a diversity of trees in your yard, throughout a neighborhood and within the community. Tree diversity not only adds interest and variety, it also helps make our urban forest less susceptible to widespread damage from pests. Best Aurora Mowing Services. We have all had “BAD haircuts” and “GREAT haircuts” Mowing is the “haircut” for your lawn. Would you pay the cost difference of a Starbuck’s Latte to get a “Great” vs “Bad” haircut?

Our clients find the cost difference between “Great” vs “Bad” or budget lawn cut is less than a Starbuck’s Latte. Just as with your haircut, the difference in the quality of the lawn “cut” is in the attention to detail, the equipment, the training and skill of the person doing the cutting, and their technique. Ready to Garden? - Get the garden and yourself ready, if you’re thinking to plant vegetables during COVID-19 pandemic.

Ready to Garden? -

Lately we’ve heard about a resurgence of victory gardens, a WWII effort that some estimate produced as much as 40% of Americans’ food supply through home gardens. As people spend more time at home and in their outdoor spaces to slow the spread of COVID-19, there’s interest in growing food in backyards. Best Aurora Lawn Care Services. 5 Secrets of Aeration, Overseeding, Fertilization & Weed Control. April is Lawn Care Month. This April month, take some time & learn to give your lawn some love.

April is Lawn Care Month

April is Lawn Care Month, so take some time over the next few weeks to learn how to give your lawn some love. It will return the favor by providing you a place to reenergize during this challenging time. This week, let’s talk about fertilizer. Properly applied fertilizer helps lawns thrive, allowing grass to be strong and capable of overpowering weeds that try and take up root. But there are a host of mistakes rookies make when applying fertilizer. While many people believe more of something is better than less, this is not the case with fertilizer. An experienced landscape professional can help you choose the right turf for the right area of your property. While the work of maintaining a healthy lawn can be time-consuming and takes extreme expertise to do well, the rewards to your family – and the environment – pay dividends. Dealing With Spring Snow - Here are some useful tips to deal with the spring snow.

Dealing With Spring Snow -

The roller coaster of spring weather continues here in Colorado. It’s still March, traditionally Colorado’s snowiest month, and it looks like we can expect more snow before we reach April. If you are staying home per the governor’s order, one advantage is that you can keep an eye on your trees and shrubs to help them weather the storms. Deep snowfalls, especially the ones during spring, tend to be heavier and wetter than powdery winter snows. response to COVID-19 - We are dedicated to the health and safety of our Clients and Team while continuing to provide full service to our Clients. response to COVID-19 -

Our work is done outside your home with no physical or face-to-face contact with you. CDC GUIDELINES. We implement CDC guidelines to keep both you and our Team safe: DAILY MONITORING. Lawn Care Tips For This Spring - Lawn Care Tips For This Spring. Best Mowing Services in Aurora. Best Mulch Services in Aurora. One of the secrets of having great looking landscapes is to apply mulch to your trees, flower beds, shrubs, and plants. In addition to improving the look of your yard, mulch decreases evaporation rates by as much as 35 percent to reduce your watering billprevents germination of weedsprotects plants from hot sun and windsprevents soil erosioninsulates your plants and protects their roots from our extreme temperature shiftsas it breaks down it becomes nutritious organic matter promoting future healthy growth.

Plan for Pollinators - Get Ready, But Hold Steady - Good Landscapes Can Pay Off - Follow these landscape ROI facts, if you are planning to sell the home. Design for Safety - Follow these environmental safety measures while planning the landscape for your home. 7 Pro Tips For Winter Lawn Care - Best Spring Fertilization & Weed Control in Aurora. Spring Begins Next Month. Here are few tips for the spring month! With the current wintry weather along the Front Range, it’s hard to believe that the first day of spring is next month. It’s not a good time to work outside, but you can still think ahead and make plans from the comfort of your living room. Make a plan. Best fall and spring aerations services in Aurora, Parker, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree. The Golf Course Superintendent’s secret to lush, healthy green grass is to do aerations to deliver fertilizer, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate to the grass roots.

Colorado State University recommends both a spring and fall aerations for our Front Range, high desert, clay soils to promote healthy, green grass. Go Beyond the Bouquet - Change the tradition and say “Happy Valentine’s Day” with a plant. Roses traditionally say, “I love you,” but a bouquet lasts only so long. Why not say “Happy Valentine’s Day” with a plant that will show them love beyond February?

Stick with roses, but give them the whole plant Your valentine can keep it indoors for now and move it outside when the weather warms. Turf Needs Year-round Care - Tune Up Your Tools. Tip of the Week- New Year, New Yard? Best Mulch service for a perfect landscape in Aurora, Parker, Lone Tree, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Greenwood Village, Englewood. Best Lawn Care, Fall & Winter Fertilization services in Aurora, Parker, Lone Tree, Castle Rock and Highlands Ranch. Benefits of Mulching the Yard. Houseplant Appreciation -

Here are some benefits of keeping indoor plants that can help you get nature fix until spring returns. During the winter months, indoor plants can help you get your nature fix until spring returns. 2020 Plants of the Year - Checkout for some trendy plants that grow well in the state’s unique growing conditions this year. Don't Stress Your Lawn - Christmas Decorating Ideas for Front Doors, Garage Doors, and Windows in Colorado.

4 Examples for Exterior Christmas Lighting in Colorado. Celebrate the Blues - Latest Trends in Christmas Lighting, Displays, and Decor. Containers Can Add Winter Interest - BestYard. Professional Decorating Ideas to Make Your Home a Holiday Wonderland. Best Lawn Care Services in Aurora. Look Out For Winter Birds - BestYard. 7 "Pro Tips" to Put Your Lawn to Bed This Fall - Upgrade Your Holiday Lights - BestYard. Recycle Your Yard Waste - BestYard. 8 Pro Tips to have the best yard in your neighborhood this November. Wrap and water your trees - BestYard. Be a Good Neighbor. Leave the leaves. Get Cozy Outdoors - Best Fertilization & Weed Control Service in Aurora. Important steps to Prepare landscape for fall. Focus on fall tree care. Are you ready for frost.