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Plática Campus Party ¨Pensamiento Exponencial¨ - Capital Emprendedor. Gazelles Growth Institute. The Three Challenges. Rory Vaden, Self-Discipline Expert, Take the Stairs, Keynote Speaker, Productivity, Customer Service and Sales Tips. Videotutoriales de video2brain, principal productora de Europa. Work Hard - Play Hard with Grant Cardone and 10X Your Life! @grantcardone. Aprendizaje después de 720 horas en Silicon Valley- Canta y No Llores. Actionable Books. CITAS - Paul Graham en Español. Your Startup's Pitch Needs Only These 10 Slides. Pitching your startup to investors just might be the most nerve-wracking aspect of starting your new business -- well, besides the prospect of losing your shirt.

Your Startup's Pitch Needs Only These 10 Slides

I get it. The last thing you want to do when you're sleep-deprived and edgy and suffering startup angst is pitch it over... and over... and over again. It's actually a pretty helpless feeling, asking strangers to decide on the fate of your new venture. If it's your first or second venture, there can be a real learning curve, too. It takes time and feedback to get it right. Presentation guru Guy Kawasaki has put together an infographic that can help make your pitch both more effective and less painful.

'El método Lean Startup', por Eric Ries. Tech Integration for Dummies. A Simple 5 Step Plan. 5 Strategies to Effectively Manage 'Life Admin' Have you ever had to refuse a fun activity or day out, as you have too many boring admin tasks to take care of?

5 Strategies to Effectively Manage 'Life Admin'

Do you waste lots of time worrying about all the things you haven’t got around to doing? Do you have lists and lists of tasks that you are not actioning? Most people have a list of personal tasks that need completing outside of work, commonly referred to as ‘life admin’. This might include tasks such as paying bills, managing a mortgage, home improvements and maintenance, household chores, personal banking, making appointments, and shopping. Many people admit to feeling overwhelmed by the volume of activities they have on their lists and often put off tasks until the absolute last minute possible, but then spend a lot of time and energy worrying about all the tasks they haven’t completed. I am trying to become more effective at managing my life admin, to keep on top of it and spend less time thinking about the long list of things I have to do, and more time actually doing them.

5 Principles for Pummeling Procrastination. Welcome to the battle for progressive conscious awareness!

5 Principles for Pummeling Procrastination

Today’s fight is between the challenger – YOU, and the reigning champ -“Procrastination”! Alright you two, I want a clean and efficient fight! No eye gouging, no hair pulling, and no ear biting! The winner gets full control of the conscious willpower of the individual! 9 acciones que no te cuestan y motivan a tu equipo. Inflection. ThinkWasabi.

David Torné 2.0. Behance’s Action Method Process. Behance is an online magazine that targets “brilliantly productive creative professionals”.

Behance’s Action Method Process

Based on their work with creative professionals they have identified a three “bucket” (my term not theirs) approach to making sure you get the most from every idea. They call this their Action Method. Basically you take every idea and capture the following from it: Action Items – Things that need to be done.Backburner Items – Things that might need to be done.Reference Items – Things you need to record. Here is a graphic from their site that demonstrates the process: Lets run through an example. The #1 Project Management Software for the Creative Industry. Action Method Online. What is critically important to YOUR organization? - Mission Control Productivity - Mission Control. Unreasonable Mexico. Casos de negocio y material docente. Thinking Heads Digital. Building a Smarter To-Do List, Part II. Conclusion of our two-part series on improving the quality of your to-do list.

Building a Smarter To-Do List, Part II

Yesterday's post covered some basics and whys, the concept of the “next action,” and the importance of physicality. « Start with yesterday's “Building a Smarter To-Do List, Part I” Keep it Current While you can and probably should track more than one next action at a time for each project (these are all the things that can be done now), it's vital to differentiate a true next action from any of the garden-variety items that just need to be done at some point later. In other words, be careful not to to turn your to-do list into an ad hoc project plan. Now, now, now Avoid the trap of littering your horizon with piles of crufty pseudo-tasks that can't actually be addressed (or, almost as often, can't be addressed yet). Remember: you should theoretically be able to choose any item from your list and, given the proper tools and context, start on the task immediately.

Daily Routine - time management app for iPhone & iPad. OPEN Forum. CEO Group : Christian Coachings : Roundtables : Christian Owned Businesses : Christian Companies : KIA Comunicaciones. Think Email Is Dead Outside Of Work? Eight Essential Questions for Every Corporate Innovator. One of the first, and most lasting, pieces of career advice I received came from Linda Bush, my first project manager when I was a wee pup working at McKinsey & Company.

Eight Essential Questions for Every Corporate Innovator

“Ask a lot of questions,” Linda advised me. “You might think you are being annoying, but it’s the only way you learn. And trust me, people will tell you when you have crossed the line.” There’s nothing quite like asking a good question. Bush’s advice helped me in those early days to learn about technical tasks (the magic of pivot tables in Excel), the seeming banalities of the working world (the mysterious expense report), and the subtle nuances of a profession (“Why did you say that then?”).

So I’ll pose a question now: What questions should corporate innovators use to increase their odds of success? Identifying New Growth Opportunities What problem is the customer struggling to solve? DOBLA TU PRODUCTIVIDAD - HABITOS DE EMPRENDEDORES EXITOSOS. Strategy+business: international business strategy news articles and award-winning analysis.

Los mejores podcasts sobre emprendimiento. 1.

Los mejores podcasts sobre emprendimiento

Lo interesante de este podcast es que el periodista Alex Blumberg fundó la empresa de podcasts Gimlet Media y decidió documentar todo el proceso de creación de su empresa a través de su podcast llamado StartUp por lo que se considera que estos audios se crearon en tiempo real mientras el anfitrión vivía cada una de las etapas de abrir un negocio.

En este link, podrás escuchar la historia del podcast contada por Alex. 2. Las cinco disfunciones de un equipo. Como%20desarrollar%20adecuadamente%20las%20estrategias.pdf. Estrategias competitivas básicas. London Business School BSR. 7 razones para no usar tu calendario como gestor de tareas. By Francisco Sáez • 15 Septiembre, 2014 Hace un tiempo ya argumenté en este blog que utilizar el correo electrónico como si fuera una lista de tareas es, a mi juicio, un enfoque organizativo muy poco productivo.

7 razones para no usar tu calendario como gestor de tareas

ALFRA Consulting » Lean Office: Aplicación en Finanzas, Compras, Ingeniería y otras áreas de soporte. Productivity. Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker & Alchemist. 10 clásicos para emprendedores. How the CEOs of Airbnb & Pinterest taught Stanford students to build billion-dollar teams (in 7 quotes) Stanford continues its wildly popular course on building Internet empires.

How the CEOs of Airbnb & Pinterest taught Stanford students to build billion-dollar teams (in 7 quotes)

Every week, investor Sam Altman brings in new Silicon Valley celebrities to spill novel secrets. Recently, they held a special two-week series on how to build great culture. Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky and Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann were among the guest lecturers. We’ve distilled their nuggets of wisdom below (and at the bottom, we’ve posted the full video lecture and links to a transcription).

“Don’t fuck up the culture.” This subtle nugget of wisdom actually comes from PayPal founder Peter Thiel, after Chesky asked him for his single best piece of advice. “Companies around for a really long time had a clear mission. Chesky argues that having a mission is necessary for long-term survival. Airbnb is all about bringing people together.

Apple, meanwhile, doesn’t hold cocktail parties — it’s not part of their core mission. “Every single person is meant to hire a person better than the previous people. Renueva tu imagen: 10 nuevas reglas de estilo masculino. POR: David Navarro, Imagen Excellence La imagen masculina siempre ha jugado “a lo seguro”, durante años ha apostado por lo sobrio, sin embargo, los hombres comenzaron a despertar por el cuidado de su imagen, salud y estilo desde hace más de una década.

Renueva tu imagen: 10 nuevas reglas de estilo masculino

Los más jóvenes empujan con más ahínco hacia una nueva manera de vestir, no por ello los más experimentados se han quedado atrás renovando su imagen incorporando algunas de las nuevas reglas del estilo masculino. Mismas que hoy te comparto y representan un decálogo de imagen para los hombres que desean proyectar su estilo: Guía de estilo para usar jeans en la oficina. POR: David Navarro, Imagen Excellence Los amamos por su comodidad, sencillez y porque combinan con todas las demás telas. Sí, hablo de los jeans, vaqueros o pantalones de mezclilla, cómo les quieras decir. Business Formal, el dress code que pocos saben vestir. ¿Sabías que 4 de cada 5 hombres visten mal el traje o que 7 mujeres de cada 10 eligen mal zapatos y bolsa? London Business School BSR. MIT Sloan - Executive Education - MIT Sloan Executive Education. So, What is SU? Since our inception in 2008, SU has empowered individuals from more than 85 countries to apply exponentially growing technologies, such as biotechnology, artificial intelligence and neuroscience, to address humanity’s grand challenges: education, energy, environment, food, health, poverty, security, space and water.

In just six years, our alumni, partners and members have generated more than 100 startups, and numerous patents and ideas to help advance this mission. The Five Disfunctions of a Team. How to Measure Managerial Performance - Richard S. Sloma. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Examples, Dashboard & Reporting. Questions to ask before starting a business in 2015. Leadership Training and Development. Scaling Up – Master Clas. The Growth Institute is offering you a great online Scaling Up course that is tailored to your organizational needs, and schedule. This 3 month intensive course will help you learn and implement the 4 major business decisions in your company. The Scaling Up Online Master Course will give you the proven tools and strategies to achieve greater alignment, accountability, and acceleration.

We invite you and your team to to join us for this online course to enhance your strategic planning and growth. It is time to build an environment that scales your business for growth. The structure of this Master Practitioner Certification Class revolves around the 4 Decisions that every company must get right. Las 5 cosas para trabajar inteligentemente. La Fuente de Información Sobre Capital Humano, Financiero y Estratégico para Emprendedores.