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Experiencia de Usuario con Selene Castilla. Value proposition canvas. Mayo 2013 ~ La Valdi. Value Proposition Design [Speed Summary] BusinesSense » Visually build your Value Proposition with a Value Proposition Canvas. Building a good value proposition can be challenging.

BusinesSense » Visually build your Value Proposition with a Value Proposition Canvas

There are various models available for going about it, and I’ve used some over my years of experience in planning new products and businesses at Microsoft. I found that many are fine models to explain a value proposition, but are poor tools to build one from scratch. I use a slightly modified version of the Value Proposition Canvas to coach value prop development. The original canvas was set up from Business Model Generation author Alex Osterwalder. 10 most interesting examples of Customer Journey Maps - Uxeria Blog.

In the previous text I described how to create a Customer Journey Map in few easy steps.

10 most interesting examples of Customer Journey Maps - Uxeria Blog

Today I’d like to present some examples of inspiring maps which differ in their form, level of detail and approach to the issue. Let me start with a Customer Journey Map created by LEGO. Presented tool is called the “experience wheel”. It is constructed in an interesting and simplified way and shows the analysis of a flight to the New York City. The central part of the wheel includes persona’s characteristics. ¿Quiénes somos? - El equipo de tuNetScore pertenece a la empresa Neuva.

¿Quiénes somos? -

Neuva es una empresa creada con la idea de compartir conocimiento. Neuva deriva de NEUVOA, asesorar en Suomi, y es una elección tomada por nuestra fiel creencia de que todos necesitamos de otras personas; somos altamente asesorables y tenemos la disposición para asesorar a quien nos lo requiera en todo momento. 3 [Awesome] Ways to Identify Your Biggest Fans & Collect Customer Testimonials.

Remember: Your biggest fans can attract new leads (Image source) Too often, when marketers think of attracting new leads to their product or service, they forget one of their most powerful tools: happy customers.

3 [Awesome] Ways to Identify Your Biggest Fans & Collect Customer Testimonials

There is nothing more attractive to leads than seeing happy customers who already use your service or product. 76% of consumers regularly or occasionally use online reviews to determine which businesses to use according to data from Search Engine Land. Even if positive testimonials never make it to the website, they can be invaluable internally to your sales, product marketing and public relations teams.

Here’s exactly how to solicit and gather even more testimonials. 1. Digital customer experience mapping. Customer Journey Mapping Tool. Customer Journey mapping is a hot topic now days in the CX world, personally I do really like this approach and use it a lot during my daily work.

Customer Journey Mapping Tool

One good resource to understand modern service design is the book: This is Service Design Thinking What is even more intresting thart part of the team that was working on the book made also an app to help the design process. This app is Smaply, a solution that helps the visualization of the customer journey in a nicely designed map ( besides CJM the software has some other features like personas, stakeholder map). Solution is still in beta, but I think it is a nice initiative, so go and check it out. In addition you can find a couple of templates also on the site for personas, customer journey map, …etc.

Customer-journey-map-Rehash. Customer experience & beyond: customer journey mapping. The key to creating business value is focusing on customer value.

Customer experience & beyond: customer journey mapping

Truly understanding the needs and preferences of customers, as well as their behavior during the buying journey, is essential for your business strategy. Customers buy products and services but also customer experiences and emotional gratification. The buying decision is connected, highly individual and highly emotional, even if rational elements “hide” that emotional dimension. Empathy map. Customer journey mapping. eBook: 2015 CX Outlook. We’re always looking for new ideas to inspire our work.

eBook: 2015 CX Outlook

So we recently reached out to some of our favorite customer experience authors, designers, and industry leaders to find out what they were thinking about at the beginning of 2015. The result is this eBook: The 2015 Customer Experience Outlook. Contributors include: B. Joseph Pine II & James H. Gilmore, Brandon Schauer, Dave Gray, Lisa Lindström, Jeanne Bliss, Mike Dyer, Mike Wittenstein, Shep Hyken, Erik Roscam Abbing, Dominic Berg, Tennyson Pinheiro, Fred Leichter, Brian Solis, and yours truly. Some of the articles offer practical advice, while others are more philosophical in nature. Download your free copy of The 2015 Customer Experience Outlook today. Happy reading! Kerry Bodine — Co-author, Outside In Lisa Lindström — CEO, Doberman. What is Customer Loyalty? Part 2: A Customer Loyalty Measurement Framework. Read about the development of the RAPID Loyalty Approach.

What is Customer Loyalty? Part 2: A Customer Loyalty Measurement Framework

Click image to download the article. Last week, I reviewed several definitions of customer loyalty (see What is Customer Loyalty? Part 1) that are being used in business today. It appears that definitions fall into two broad categories of loyalty: emotional and behavioral. Emotional loyalty is about how customers generally feel about a company/brand (e.g., when somebody loves, trusts, willing to forgive the company/brand). Customer loyalty is the degree to which customers experience positive feelings for and engage in positive behaviors toward a company/brand. Net Promoter Recession-Proof Growth Strategy. Sondage Net Promoter® Score (NPS)