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About Adioma. Adioma creates information graphics out of your textual data, using timelines, grids and icons.

About Adioma

Made by designers, it takes your information and automatically follows the rules of information design to present it clearly, and beautifully. It's visual writing: imagine you are a writer, sitting in a room with an artist, and every idea you come up with, she draws for you right away. Why use Adioma? You can create visualizations in minutes preserving the meaning of your text while making it beautiful.

Here are just some of the ways you can use these visuals: Blog Posts Presentations Social media posts Instructions (timelines are great for this) Book summaries Book contents page Posters for print Instructions Email attachments that summarize long emails Printed guides Visual biographies Visual rules and guidelines Pitch decks Diary You can see many Adioma-style graphics on Funders and Founders website. The Team Canvas. What's it about?

The Team Canvas

The Team Canvas is Business Model Canvas for teamwork. It's a free tool for leaders, facilitators and consultants to organize team alignment meetings and bring members on the same page, resolve conflicts and build productive culture, fast. It's based on Alex and Mitya's years practical experience with creating, leading, supporting and facilitating teams. Blog - EL PLAN DEL HÉROE. No siempre hay que hacer las cosas como siempre nos han dicho que hay que hacerlas.


Es uno de los titulares que Daniel Vecino, creador y autor de EL PLAN DEL HÉROE, dejó en la vídeo entrevista realizada el pasado 7 de abril 2016 con motivo del IV Ciclo Marketing y Sociedad. Una entrevista en la que Vecino expone la forma con la que trabaja con empresas y profesionales en busca de cambios, primando la consecución de resultados en un plazo de tiempo record. El impacto del marketing en la recuperación económica y la ética del neuromarketing son otras de las claves expuestas, junto con dos potentes consejos para estudiantes y egresados. No os lo perdáis. Llamadme simple, pero lo reconozco, soy muy fan del cine de acción americano. No es ningún secreto. Birsel + Seck - A HUMAN CENTERED DESIGN AND INNOVATION STUDIO. What is “Design Thinking”? A Conceptual Model of Design Thinking So you want to know what “design thinking” is?

What is “Design Thinking”?

Broadly spoken it is a package of mindsets, principles, practices, and techniques , which resemble the way certain designers work and approach problems that go beyond a product’s look. We call it “package”, because the knowledge has just been made tacit and accessible on a broader scale to non-designers in recent years (e.g. as advocated by IIT.ID, d.Schools at Stanford and Potsdam, and many others). As this package resembles certain elements of intra-/entrepreneurial activity (e.g. user-centeredness, brainstorming, synthesis, prototyping, testing solutions with users, multidisciplinary teamwork, etc.) and as it organizes them in an apparently structured manner, many organizations took notice. Mayo 2013 ~ La Valdi. Value Proposition Design [Speed Summary] Value Proposition Design: How to Create Products and Services Customers WantAuthor: Alexander OsterwalderPublisher: WileyPublication date: 2015 What’s your value proposition?

Value Proposition Design [Speed Summary]

How do you add value to consumers’ lives? Visually build your Value Proposition with a Value Proposition Canvas. Building a good value proposition can be challenging.

Visually build your Value Proposition with a Value Proposition Canvas

There are various models available for going about it, and I’ve used some over my years of experience in planning new products and businesses at Microsoft. I found that many are fine models to explain a value proposition, but are poor tools to build one from scratch. 3 [Awesome] Ways to Identify Your Biggest Fans & Collect Customer Testimonials. Remember: Your biggest fans can attract new leads (Image source) Too often, when marketers think of attracting new leads to their product or service, they forget one of their most powerful tools: happy customers.

3 [Awesome] Ways to Identify Your Biggest Fans & Collect Customer Testimonials

There is nothing more attractive to leads than seeing happy customers who already use your service or product. 76% of consumers regularly or occasionally use online reviews to determine which businesses to use according to data from Search Engine Land. Even if positive testimonials never make it to the website, they can be invaluable internally to your sales, product marketing and public relations teams. Here’s exactly how to solicit and gather even more testimonials. 1. Before you send a blanket request to your customer base for reviews on your website, make sure they’re happy first.

Digital customer experience mapping. Customer Journey Mapping Tool. Customer Journey mapping is a hot topic now days in the CX world, personally I do really like this approach and use it a lot during my daily work.

Customer Journey Mapping Tool

One good resource to understand modern service design is the book: This is Service Design Thinking What is even more intresting thart part of the team that was working on the book made also an app to help the design process. This app is Smaply, a solution that helps the visualization of the customer journey in a nicely designed map ( besides CJM the software has some other features like personas, stakeholder map). Solution is still in beta, but I think it is a nice initiative, so go and check it out. In addition you can find a couple of templates also on the site for personas, customer journey map, …etc. Customer-journey-map-Rehash. Value Proposition Canvas. 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using the Value Proposition Canvas. 5.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using the Value Proposition Canvas

Trying to address every customer pain and gain. Value proposition canvas. Emergent by design. Established in 2005. Prototyping since back then. Nomophobia. PanelPicker. Technology is a field full of optimists.


We design technologies to make life easier, to help tiresome chores go faster, to add value to people's lives. We strive for seamless interaction. We obsess over the details. We believe that we are making the world a better place. And yet we don’t really talk about happiness. SXSW PanelPicker. El secreto para un pitch perfecto. Posted on: October 30, 2014 / ¿Qué es un Pitch exactamente? Es la exposición de tus ideas de forma clara, estructurada y simple. Existen diferentes formatos de tiempo y profundidad establecidos según el foro en el que te encuentres.

¿Qué formatos son los más comunes? A veces tienes la oportunidad de usar una presentación y un foro, pero es fundamental que pitches sin ningún tipo de material. Los formatos más comunes son: En una frase: Conocido como tweet pitch.