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Luis Ledesma

Coach Ejecutivo + StoryTeller + Speaker+ Author+ Runner21k + Myrmecologist + DogTrainer

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I ♡ Engagement. Aquellos que nos sentimos atraídos por el sonido en todos sus formatos solemos movernos como pez en el agua entre siglas que se les escapan al resto de los «mortales».

DSD, PCM, FLAC, AIFF, WAV y DXD son solo algunas de ellas, pero hay muchas más. También hay algunas de dominio público que casi todo el mundo conoce, como MP3, o, por supuesto, CD, pero las demás representan un terreno inhóspito para muchas personas. Y es normal que esto sea así. Actualmente existe un enorme número de tecnologías y formatos digitales con diferencias muy importantes entre ellos, pero con nombres demasiado complejos para que puedan ser recordados por las personas que no son expertas en audio digital. A ellas, precisamente, está destinada la infografía que os propongo en este post, aunque, por supuesto, también puede resultarnos muy útil a todos los demás para recordarnos qué diferencias existen entre los principales formatos de audio digital.

Hogar justo Hogar – El país que queremos empieza en casa. BIM & CAD software for architects, interior designers & urban planners. Hidden Attractions and Unusual Things to Do in Mexico City. Ingeniero del montón - Humor para ingenieros. About Adioma. Adioma creates information graphics out of your textual data, using timelines, grids and icons.

About Adioma

Made by designers, it takes your information and automatically follows the rules of information design to present it clearly, and beautifully. It's visual writing: imagine you are a writer, sitting in a room with an artist, and every idea you come up with, she draws for you right away. Why use Adioma? You can create visualizations in minutes preserving the meaning of your text while making it beautiful. Here are just some of the ways you can use these visuals: Blog Posts Presentations Social media posts Instructions (timelines are great for this) Book summaries Book contents page Posters for print Instructions Email attachments that summarize long emails Printed guides Visual biographies Visual rules and guidelines Pitch decks Diary You can see many Adioma-style graphics on Funders and Founders website.

What does “Adioma" mean? How It Works.

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Business Software and Services Reviews. Checklists. Jürgen Klarić. Boxifier - Sync and backup any folder to Dropbox. Goal Grid by Carlos Alonso (Spanish) - International Coaching Community. How to Make the Most of Mistakes. “Don’t dwell on the past.”

How to Make the Most of Mistakes

How many of us have heard that recommendation—especially after something bad has happened to us? Many times we would be wise to follow it, shifting our focus to present and future goals. After all, an unhealthy obsession with past failures can paralyze us. But like any good advice, it shouldn’t be taken to extremes. I’m a huge believer in moving forward, but I equally recognize the huge value of spending a short amount of time reflecting on past errors in a productive way. Related: Why Failure Is Good for Success I’m not talking about throwing a pity party for your poor self. Reflective thinking allows me to process the events in my life and improve myself afterward. Here’s my five-step reflective thinking technique: 1. Look back on the events of your past. You can’t know what to do tomorrow until you know what you messed up today.

“If you aren’t making mistakes, you probably aren’t trying hard enough.” 2. Related: 10 Things Successful People Never Do Again 3. - Share research. Behance.

I ♡ Tendencias en Capital Humano

Workbook: Latest Global_HC_Trends_2016_External_April15_2016_Header (with tabs) Editor's picks - quotes selection 1. Search results for “liderazgo” xz cs La innovación es lo que distingue al líder de sus seguidores - Steve Jobs Otras frases interesantes:

La red educativa escolar - Tiching. Sin límites: TREN DE NOCHE A LISBOA. "Si es verdad que tan sólo vivimos una pequeña parte de la vida que hay dentro de nosotros, ¿qué pasa con el resto?


". "Vivimos aquí y ahora, todo lo que ha ocurrido en otros lugares pertenece al pasado, prácticamente está olvidado". "¿Qué se podría y qué se debería hacer con todo el tiempo que tenemos por delante? Abierto y sin forma, ligero como una pluma en su libertad y pesado como el plomo en su incertidumbre. Allan Donnelly » Enterprise Architecture. Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a systems approach to business and organizational design.

Allan Donnelly » Enterprise Architecture

The framework for enterprise architecting provides a holistic approach to analysing as-is enterprises and designing to-be enterprise systems. EA is more than just organizational design in that it accounts for all of the aspects of an enterprise system. Ten specific elements are used to describe and design an enterprise system: Ecosystem, Stakeholders, Strategy, Organization, Information, Knowledge, Processes, Services, Products, and Infrastructure. This project uses the EA framework as a methodology for developing an as-is model of an existing enterprise and the development of an innovative enterprise architecture to meet a strategic enterprise objective. The EA framework utilized for this project was developed by Professors Deborah Nightingale and Donna Rhodes from the MIT Engineering Systems Division.

Language for Knowledge-Based Programming.


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