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Geomorph Home Page. Generative Art - LSystems - Artificial Life. [ f l o w ] Create your own Personal 3D Avatar – send it to dozens of online destinations! Buy The Windows versions of Caustics Generator Lite and Caustics Generator Pro are available for online purchase.

Price includes one year free updates and support. All prices are given excluding VAT. Purchases within EU will add +25% VAT. Invoice orders are available by email for an additional administration fee of 10 Euro. A receipt of your order will be sent to your stated email address. Please visit the Dual Heights Web Shop to buy high quality premade caustics textures. System Requirements Windows Vista / 7 / 8 Linux (Pro version upon request) .NET Framework 4.0. An Ivy Generator. May I use the Ivy Generator in a commerical project?

An Ivy Generator

May I use my results (renderings and meshes) in a commerical project? Yes, you are allowed to do that. Can I somehow support this project? Yes, you can. Please, visit Is there a manual for this tool? The import does not work properly - my scene looks somehow cluttered. The ivy is growing very slow. I can't see the ivy growing - it is growing inside my objects. Is it possible to create another ivy without closing and re-opening the Ivy Generator?

The exported files are HUGE. The exported files are empty. Can you please implement feature x? Do you plan to write a plug-in for software x? Does this software run on a 64bit operating system or Microsoft Vista? I can not see any textures within the Ivy Generator? I did not find an answer...