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5 Condo Investment Myths, Busted! - Catalyst Condos. If you’ve ever kicked around the idea of investing in a condo, you’ll most likely have noticed a curious thing: everybody around you is secretly a master-level real estate expert. Don’t believe us? Next time you’re hanging out with a group of friends, just casually mention that you’re considering investing in a second property, and we’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts that the conversation is suddenly awash with all sorts of “helpful” tips, tricks, and things you NEED to look out for.

The trouble is that while your pals no doubt mean well, you’re bound to get some info that’s outdated, conflicting, or plain, downright wrong. Don’t fret, though – we’ve been around the block enough times to help you sort the good advice from the bad, and are happy to help you out by spending today’s blog dispelling five of the most common condo investment myths. Myth 1: I’m Buying New, So My Condo Will Be Perfect Myth 2: Investing in a House is Better Than a Condo Myth 4: YOU Get to Determine All Rental Costs.


Things to Consider while Upgrading Electrical Panel - Electrical panels mostly last from two to four decades. It is likely that you may need to upgrade the panel before that. There are many reasons why you will have to consider upgrading your panel. This guide introduces you to the reasons for an upgrade and the points to be considered when upgrading. Reasons for Upgrading Electrical Panel There are many reasons why you should consider upgrading the electrical panel. Older Home: If your home is more than two decades old, you should consider upgrading. If your appliances aren’t running at their optimal capacities or if you need to use add more wall outlets in your home, you should consider upgrading the electrical panel.

Load Calculation When considering an upgrade, you should start by getting a load calculation done by a certified electrician. Demand calculation estimate can help determine if there is a need for a panel replacement. Additional Circuits There are even more reasons why a panel upgrade may be required. Author Bio: Save. The Hazy Subject of Cannabis, Bylaws, and Your Condo Building.

The Canadian government has finally set a date for the nation-wide legalization of cannabis: October 17, 2018. While this soon-to-be-national-holiday for cannabis users across the country is past the date the government had initially set for legalization (July 1, 2018), there is still very much a sense of scramble and panic going on behind the scenes as organizations, businesses, and even individuals work to come up with solutions for some of the very complex unknowns that this shift in legislation means for Canadians.

With all these unknowns, the condo industry is certainly far from exempt. Boards, residents, and condo management companies have been hastily attempting to come up with bylaws and standards that are fair to all residents, whether or not they intend to light up once October 17th rolls around. However, in the face of uncertain and changing legislation on the matter, it’s been pretty tough going for most folks. That’s why we brought in Laurie S. Crewelectricalservices. The Hazy Subject of Cannabis, Bylaws, and Your Condo Building. Technology to Make Your Condo Building Green and Efficient.

As we go about our lives each and every day, it can become easy to take all the innovative technology that surrounds us for granted. Every once in a while, though, it will hit you as you realize that you just used the tiny supercomputer in your pocket to look up an obscure fact about ancient Egypt, order a pizza, and book tickets to the movies – all over thin air – that wow, we’re really living in the future! Technological advancements and innovations haven’t just limited themselves to the smartphone market, either. There’s no shortage of forward-thinking solutions and future-minded tech being implemented right in our very condos to help make our lives easier, create habits that are more sustainable, and push towards fostering healthier, greener buildings through efficient and responsible financial management.

Keen to learn more about these interesting advancements? We hope so, because that’s what we’re about to dive head-first into exploring! Building Sensors Living Reserve Fund Study. Defining The Latest Trends Of The Construction Industry. Cork Flooring: Why You Cannot Go Wrong with it? Cork flooring is a classic flooring concept that has been here for more than a century. What makes it more appealing is that it is rare and you don’t come across it as often as other classic floors. Its acoustic capabilities have always made it a preferred flooring option for spaces like churches and libraries. Among other benefits, if you want a floor with excellent acoustic absorption capabilities, this can be the perfect floor for your home. So what are these benefits that make cork flooring such an excellent option?

Cork Flooring is Comfortable There are many other benefits of installing cork flooring, but the amount of comfort it can offer is the most noticeable of them. If you have to spend a lot of your time on your feet, this can be just the perfect flooring material for optimal comfort. Durable & Long Lasting When well maintained, this floor can last for four decades or even more. ScratchesCracksScuffs In fact, the flooring is also impermeable to liquids. Elegant & Versatile. Residential Elevator Gate Selections. Residential Elevators are composed of a wide variety of electrical and mechanical components. One of the most important and most commonly seen and used component of a home elevator is the car gate. With a large selection of types and options, we broke down the most common to help current and future elevator clients decide the right fit for their homes. Light Screens: Composed of two light curtains that can run on 120-VAC or 24-VDC, light screens shoot on average 194 beams of light between 1 emitting and 1 receiving curtain, covering the width of the elevator entrance.

If any object were to break any of the light beams, this will cause the elevator to stop movement until the obstruction has been removed. In some cases the light curtains also have a nudging mode, where they will beep while a object is in a beams path and continue beeping until the beam becomes unobstructed. Scissor Gates: Accordion Gates: Bi-Fold doors: 2 and 3 speed sliding doors: Replace Or Refinish—What Should It Be For Hardwood Floors. Hardwood floors have a beauty and elegance rarely found in any other type of flooring. But they also become prone to wear and tear over a period of time thus losing their beauty and becoming lacklustre and stained, warped and squeaky and even chipped and scratched. It then starts to look old and loses its character completely if nothing is done to regain the beauty. There are two ways in which the timeless elegance of the hardwood floor can be brought back. Expenses concerned: Replacing a hardwood floor is an expensive option since the costs involved include both buying the materials and using the services of professionals to install the same.

It is a matter of personal choice whether a man wants to go in for refining of his old hardwood floors or replacing them altogether. 6 Hottest Laminate Flooring Trends in 2018. New floor styles and materials are always in trend. Laminate, which is a highly versatile flooring material, continues to provide the looks and feel of most other floors in a cost-effective manner.

The good thing about laminate is that it can mimic almost any flooring material. So it provides an affordable alternative to whatever flooring is in trend. Here are 6 hottest laminate flooring trends of 2018 that should interest a homeowner. 1. 2. This is a relatively new trend in laminate flooring. 3. 4. 5. 6. These are some of the hottest laminate flooring trends this year. Is Your Condominium Protected? What Your Need to Know About Insuring Your Condo. Condo living is typically advertised as “hassle-free living” or “you don’t have to worry about anything, just move in and enjoy life.” Then, because life happens, you need to make an insurance claim with your building, not realizing that your condo corporation’s Master Insurance Policy will not cover your personal items. This leaves you…uncovered! Before this happens, take the time to understand what type of insurance you need so that you’re covered and can truly enjoy more “hassle-free” living.

Condo Corporation Master Insurance Policy To help you understand what you are responsible for versus what your condo corporation is responsible for when it comes to insurance, think of turning your condo unit upside down and shaking it. Your condo corporation will have a Master Insurance Policy in place. What’s missing for you personally? Personal Condo Unit Insurance As the unit owner, it is currently recommended that you insure your personal unit and items within the unit. Avoid these common condo real estate investment mistakes. Prevention And Cure Of Water Damage To Floors. A lot of thought goes into the selection of the flooring for the house. Some things which play a major role in its selection are quality, longevity, durability, aesthetics etc.

Hence seeing it getting damaged from water, which is a mandatory need in every house, can be quite difficult to comprehend. But there are ways and means by which water damage to floor boards and tiles can be prevented and the tiles recovered if they are not extensively damaged by water. The only way to undo extensive water damage caused to floor boards and tiles is by replacing them with new ones. Even though hardwood floor are most vulnerable to damage by water, other floorboards to suffer varying degree of damage due to the ravages of water.

In fact the subfloor getting damaged due to the seepage of water is probably the worst form of water damage since it takes a lot of time and money to repair the same. Some ways which when adopted can save the floor from water damage or even minimise its impact are: Dogs and Condos: A Guide to Keep You from Going Barking Mad. Using Chemical Cleaners & Stain Removers For Carpet Cleaning. Installing a carpet in a room has a number of advantages. It enhances the décor of the room thereby adding to its character and giving it extra welcoming warmth which is generally appreciated by most people visiting the house. It also helps to trap heat in the cold and harsh winter months thus making it very confortable to walk on and also provides an extra soft padding which can counter the hardness of ceramic and stone floors easily. But a carpet is also extremely prone to the accumulation of dust, dirt, sand, grit and many other allergens. This makes it quite unsafe for use especially in homes with kids and aged parents residing.

Liquid spills and seepages can also result in stains which too need to be cleaned to ensure the carpet keeps adding to the beauty of the room. In fact the chemicals remaining behind due to the improper removal of the same can result in altering the chemical composition of the stain which might thus become irremovable. Top 5 Myths of Living in a Condominium. In The Market to Rent? What to Know Before Renting a Condo or an Apartment. When it comes to renting, there really is no shortage of rental options - from single family homes, townhouses, condo buildings, apartments, or even a single bedroom.

But, not all rentals are created equal, making it important that you to understand what you really want from your rental, including who is involved while you're a tenant. What is the difference between a Condo and an Apartment? While at first glance, "condo" (a contraction of "condominium") and "apartment" may not seem different, and really they're not. While there may be a slight difference in the actual quality of the building, the main difference is the WHO is involved. For the purpose of this article, we'll use the following definitions when referring to a "condo" and an "apartment:" A condominium or condo is a form of property ownership that embraces a wide range of property types, including mixed-use buildings, townhouses, high-rises, etc., where the units are individually owned.

Condo vs. Relationship Maintenance. The Good And Not So Good Of Ceramic Tiles. Ceramic tiles are made up of thin slabs of either clay or some other inorganic material. They are then put into moulds and fired in the oven thus hardening them and then glazed to give the tiles the shiny look. This makes them extremely durable and is thus a very good flooring choice for installation in bathrooms, kitchens etc.

Advantages of ceramic tiles The process by which ceramic tiles are made makes it an architectural resource versatile enough to be used in a variety of situations and surroundings. It has several advantages which increases its functionality like: Resistance to water: Ceramic tiles with a glazed finish come with a protective layer which makes it resistant to penetration from both water and stains. Disadvantages of ceramic tiles But even ceramic tiles have certain drawbacks like: The floors are excessively hard which makes it an uncomfortable option to stand on for a long time.They are not able to hold on to heat at all and are thus generally quite cold.

Prepare Your Condo Building Maintenance for the Year Ahead. And just like that, we’re nearing the end of another year. With the New Year just around the corner, wouldn’t it be nice if your condominium’s building maintenance caused as minimal interruption to your condo residents as possible? By proactively planning and scheduling building work required for the year ahead now, your board will be able to organize finances and ensure budgets are appropriately dialled in, helping to keep your condo owners and building tenants happy.

Taking the time to plan your condo building’s year ahead in November will help streamline projects as you’ll be able to prioritize projects and align them with the calendar year ahead. In addition, with this proactive prep work in priorities, your board can source quotes between November and February for those specific projects required in the spring and / or summer. This then allows you to take your time reviewing and comparing quotes, and then schedule it during your condo board’s preferred time. Using Chemical Cleaners And Stain Removers For Carpet Cleaning. Installing a carpet in a room has a number of advantages.

It enhances the décor of the room thereby adding to its character and giving it extra welcoming warmth which is generally appreciated by most people visiting the house. It also helps to trap heat in the cold and harsh winter months thus making it very confortable to walk on and also provides an extra soft padding which can counter the hardness of ceramic and stone floors easily. But a carpet is also extremely prone to the accumulation of dust, dirt, sand, grit and many other allergens. This makes it quite unsafe for use especially in homes with kids and aged parents residing. And carpets, if not cleaned properly, can give rise to allergic reactions, breathing problems and many other such health ailments. Liquid spills and seepages can also result in stains which too need to be cleaned to ensure the carpet keeps adding to the beauty of the room.

Carpet cleaning is a job that needs knowledge and precision to execute properly. The How and Why of the Condominium Property Act Changes. Calgary Area Family Information – Alberta Health Services 2011. Canadian Millennials to Drive Condo Sales & Rental Growth. Palliative /End of Life Care Consultation Support – Alberta Health Services 2011. Installing A Vinyl Flooring Over A Concrete Sub Floor. How a building envelope assessment can help aging condos. Constructeur de sites web Weebly : créer un site internet, un magasin ou un blog gratuit. Some Important Eco-Friendly Flooring Alternatives For Homes.

Skilled Long-term Facilities: A Visiting Checklist. Avoid Condo Building Headaches with Preventative Maintenance.

Caring For Hardwood Flooring—Some Tips And Tricks

Express Kitchens Factory Outlet Scratch & Dent – NOW OPEN! « Express Kitchens. Calgary’s latest Condo Market Trends. Caring For Hardwood Flooring—Some Tips And Tricks. Buying or Selling a Condo Unit? Keep these 5 things in mind for a smooth sale. The Right Care in the Right Place Long-term Care – Alberta Health Services 2011. The Ins and Outs of Condo Document Reviews. The Right Care in the Right Place designated Supportive Living Level 4 (SL4) – Alberta Health Services 2011. The Right Care in the Right Place designated Supportive Living Level 3 (SL3) – Alberta Health Services 2011. How To Prevent Special Assessments? What to expect from a Property Manager. Tips on installation of T-molding in laminate flooring. How Condo Management Software is Changing Condo Living. Property management companies calgary - Catalystcondos. Aspen House Assisted Living In Elbow Park. Why Choose Aspen Care? A Condo is More Than Buying Four Walls. Long Term Care Calgary - Care Facilities in Calgary.

7 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs. What’s the difference between a condo and a property manager. Google Glass—The Futuristic Technology Of The Hands Free Concept. Conflicts of Interest Can Be Good for Your Board | Articles @ PR3.

Building Clarity on Condo Bylaws. Digital Marketing—The New Age Strategy To Success. How to Implement SEO Across your Business? Effectively implement green bins in your condo building. How To Remove Tiles From The Floor Neatly. What is your condo management contract actually covering? Vinyl Wood Flooring – The Ultimate Fusion Of Flooring Options. A Guide to Prepare for the Next Google Update.

Want A Green Home—Opt For Eco-Friendly Flooring Options. Why Illustrator CC is really great for Web Designing? Calgary Area Family Information – Alberta Health Services 2011. Tips on installation of T-molding in laminate flooring. Importance of Code of Ethics for Condo Board Members – Catalystcodos. Skilled Long-term Facilities: A Visiting Checklist. How Can You Ensure Safety & Security on Your Condo Property? – Catalystcodos.

OFFICE SUPPLIES | Star Ace Hardware. Hospices in YYC. Top tips for decorating your home. Welcome Paulina to AspenCare! 4 Tips to Help You Perfectly Redesign your Website. How Can A Condo Management Company Help? – Catalystcodos. How New Update In Google Algorithm Can Be Helpful For SEO People? Choosing The Correct Flooring To Blend Practicality With Aesthetics. 5 Tips For Choosing Property Management Services – Real Estate and Philippine Properties. What to Expect from a Good Condo Management Company in Property Maintenance? – Catalystcodos. 6 Ways To Keep The Beauty Of Your Floor Intact. How to Promote Brand New Website Online? 5 Tips for Landing Page Optimization for PPC Campaign. 10 Best Things To Know About Property Management Companies • RealtyBizNews: Real Estate News.

How We Can Use Recycled Hardwood in Our Home? Home Care – Calgary Homecare Services Just a Click Away. Penguin 4.0 Updates.