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7 Stylish Outdoor Flooring Ideas. With summer around the corner, it’s time to start dreaming about smoky barbecue sausages, late-night drinks on the patio and that outdoor floor upgrade you’ve been putting off for years.

7 Stylish Outdoor Flooring Ideas

Instead of just dreaming about flooring upgrades (we’ve all been there), now’s the time to stop thinking and start planning. Your outdoor area is equally as important as your interior rooms and shouldn’t be neglected; imagine spending your summer afternoons relaxing in your newly-refurbished garden. Before we go overboard and start planning your full outdoor renovation, let’s start with the flooring. There are plenty of stylish options out there, each with their own advantages and price tags. Here’s seven to get you started. If you’re looking for a long-term solution, you can’t go wrong with composite decking. 2.

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks, and yes, you did read that correctly – outdoor carpet is a thing. 3. 4. 5. Real stone flooring, as we’ve seen, is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. How to Style Windows using 2020’s Colour of the Year. This year’s on-trend colour is one that will continue to look good for years to come.

How to Style Windows using 2020’s Colour of the Year

Announced by Pantone in December, the colour of the year for 2020 is Classic Blue. Reflective of the shades created by a dusky sky, Pantone decided on Classic Blue because of its universal ability to instil confidence and comfort during times of uncertainty. These associations make it a prime choice for an interior design shade, particularly when it comes to window treatments, which we’re focusing on today. Make Your Lifts Energy-Efficient in 2020. Whether in a high-rise office or two-storey home, elevators can consume vast amounts of energy.

Make Your Lifts Energy-Efficient in 2020

It may not seem like much compared to energy usage throughout your whole building, particularly in large-scale commercial properties. However, the savings in both money and energy when you switch to a more efficient system speaks for itself. With ‘energy-saving’ continuing as a topical point of conversation in 2020, it’s important to consider and implement changes that can significantly reduce unnecessary energy consumption. It doesn’t have to be investment-heavy changes either – there are small upgrades you can make that will dramatically reduce your energy usage. 4 Drapery Fabric Trends for 2020. When it comes to choosing new drapes or blinds, Calgary has just the place.

4 Drapery Fabric Trends for 2020

At Custom Window Coverings, our expertise is second to none. In this post, we’re focusing specifically on drapes to give you a run-down of the most popular fabrics currently on-trend. Drapes can block out light and trap in heat, so many regard them as oppressive and dull, when in fact, they are an elegant and stylish addition to any interior. 4 Home Gym Flooring Options. Winter is Coming…to Your Condo Building! Wheeeeelp, it’s that time of year again.

Winter is Coming…to Your Condo Building!

By the time you’re reading this September blog, there’s a more-than-likely chance that we’ve either seen a bit of snow already, or that it’s coming up in the forecast. Welcome to Alberta, where summer turns to winter, and fall…well, fall just doesn’t really seem to exist! Okay, okay, maybe it’s not that bad – most likely, we’re just a little grumpy at the fact that summer is winding down once again to make way for the changing seasons. Building an Effective Condo Board of Directors. Getting people excited about sitting on their building’s condo Board of Directors can be a bit of a tough sell – and honestly, we can’t say that we blame anyone for being reluctant to make the commitment.

Building an Effective Condo Board of Directors

Condo boards have earned themselves a bit of a bad rap. Oftentimes, all that residents hear about arethe horror stories: hours upon hours of work each week, mountains of thankless tasks to slog through, and AGMs that seem to stretch on for millennia! Steps To Repair A Water Damaged Carpet. Water damage is anathema for a carpet but there are times when irrespective of being very careful, carpets do tend to get wet.

Steps To Repair A Water Damaged Carpet

My Condo, My Castle – The Right to Enter a Unit. Palliative /End of Life Care Consultation Support – Alberta Health Services 2011. Ways To Remove Pet Stains From The Carpet. The carpet is quite a prized flooring option because of the beauty it adds to the room.

Ways To Remove Pet Stains From The Carpet

But having pets in the house can also lead to a lot of hassles with the pets staining the carpets accidentally. But there are ways and means by which pet stains can also be removed from the carpet thereby leaving them looking as good as new. While it is very important to clean stains left by accidental urination of pets, in most cases the urine would have been sitting for some time before it actually gets noticed. Reasons For The Popularity Of Off-Site Construction Techniques - Azimuth Builders. Including Patterns In A Hardwood Floor Installation. For any renovation project to be successful, it is important to have the perfect pattern on the hardwood flooring.

Including Patterns In A Hardwood Floor Installation

This is because the flooring pattern chosen potentially decides the look of the room, the placement of furniture in the room and also the flow of space in it. Also even though the same materials are used, each hardwood floor pattern looks different and impacts the character of the room differently. Some of the patterns which can be successfully included in hardwood floor installations and also help to enhance the décor of the room are: Straight pattern: This is the most common type of hardwood floor installation and can be achieved by simply installing the planks of wood parallel to each other along the length and breadth of the room. Simple contemporary designs can be easily created using this floor installation pattern thereby further enhancing the output. New Exterior Wall construction Techniques in Commercial Design - Azimuth Builders. The Power of Podcasts!

The Power of Podcasts I always feel the need to spice up monotonous or less stimulating tasks with some type of background noise.

The Power of Podcasts!

The easy way out is usually to reach for the remote and accidently end up finishing the full season of a show. Lately, however, I find myself reaching for my phone or my computer in order to tune into podcasts that have stimulated my interest. Whether it is a long drive, Saturday morning house cleaning, or even just a coffee break, podcasts seem to have notably enhanced my daily routine!

Using Laminated Flooring To Make A Space Look Bigger. The basic ideology which prompts the installation of any flooring is the need to make the room look spacious and bright. Since the flooring occupies a particularly large area of the room, the choice of flooring especially for small areas is always very critical. Few things that must be kept in mind while choosing the flooring for a small room are: Colour of flooring: There is a common conception that light colours tend to make a space look bigger.

Reserve Fund Studies: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. One of the most useful tools a condominium has to plan for the future is the humble reserve fund study. If you’re sitting at your computer, scratching your head and trying to recall just what exactly a reserve fund study is, don’t worry, we’re here for you. A reserve fund study is essentially the process of having a qualified individual (usually an engineer, or someone with similar education and experience) come out to your condo building and do an assessment of all the major components of the building.

This includes the roof, building envelope, windows, doors, internal systems, and pretty much anything that’s big, complex, or expensive. From there, projections are made (often over the next 25 years) regarding which of these components will need major repairs or replacements, when they will roughly need to be dealt with, and how much it will cost. Essential Reasons For The Installation Of Residential Elevators. So I think I’m interested in palliative home care – who will provide the medical equipment and supplies needed in my home? Hello Calgary! I have my fingers crossed that warm weather is just around the corner. I hope you are all staying healthy and warm on this rainy day. Use Spring Tiles To Bring Indoors The Essence Of Spring. With spring setting in, it is time for the pastels and floral patterns to come back into use. Decorating the living room with fresh patterns inspired by the advent of spring with lots of light colours and designer space thrown in, is something that everyone looks forward to.

With winter being mostly monochrome, the vibrancy of spring with its soft hues and colours makes every room seem very pretty and lively like a breath of fresh clean air. Some things which help make spring decoration a pleasure are: The presence of large windows with wide window sills to put the newly growing potted plants on,Use of the white colour in plenty to make the rooms look bright and cheerful, Accessories chosen need to be very colourful and vibrant to set off a perfect contrast against the white or light coloured backdrop,Floral patterns should be used wherever possible so that blossoms and blooms continue from the outdoor to the indoors.

Strategies For Promotion And Advertising In Construction Industry - Azimuth Builders. A Diamond in the Rough: How to Keep Quality Tenants in Your Condo Property Rental. Types of Construction Permits: Building, Occupancy & Development. Improving Your Condo Building’s Energy with Solar Power. Discover Your Building’s Intelligence for a More Efficient Condominium. Build Career with Consulting Opportunities - AspenCareCalgary. Porcelain Tiles As Flooring Option—Its Pros And Cons. A Complete Guide To Refinished Engineered Hardwood. Hardwood flooring are popular both for its aesthetics and for its practical characteristics of durability, hassle free maintenance etc. But the whole process of buying and installing hardwood floor tiles can be a costly process. But engineered hardwood not only has the traditional appeal and beauty of hardwood floors, it also designed to provide enhanced stability complete with design innovation.

Safety Tips for Accident-Free Construction Jobsites. Hospice Care Calgary- Essential Support for Hospice care in Calgary. Advocacy and Personal Support in the Hospital – Hospice Care A serious medical emergency may cause an extended hospital stay which is often overwhelming for both the individual facing the illness and for family and friends. This time can feel like an emotional roller coaster, encompassing hope and despair, as well as the stress involved in trying to get information from hospice or hospital staff and doctors, who may not always be available to answer questions.

In many cases, there are challenging decisions faced by the individual and his or her family members. A Calgary based Aspen Care has extensive expertise in providing comfort, support and conversation for individuals and families during hospital stays. How To Effectively Restore A Carpet From Water Damage. Get Companion for Personal Care in Calgary. Some Facts To Know When Opting For Bamboo Flooring. Palliative Care Calgary - Essential Life Care Support for Last Days of Life. New Exterior Wall construction Techniques in Commercial Design.

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Hardwood Flooring, Fitted For Every Part Of The Home. Flooring Ideas For Modern Bathrooms. How to Choose the Best Pneumatic Elevator. What Are The Different Home Elevator Drive Systems? Advantages of Cable Borne Operators With Regards To Passenger Safety. Elevator Installers—The People Who Make Highrise-Living Possible. Things One Must Consider While Installing Hand-Scraped Hardwood Flooring Surfaces - Best Home Improvement and Decorating Ideas - Home Decor Expert. How can elevators help the aged and the disabled? Factors to be considered for choosing a residential elevator. Best tips to buy rugs for your home. What are the Most Popular Types of Elevators? Useful tips to make renovating Historic houses simple. How to Reduce the Cost of Elevator Installation? Elevator for the handicapped-advantages and things to consider - vTecki.

Wheelchair lifts a boon to disabled and aged. Ensuring safety in the home elevators to avoid accidents and breakdowns. How SEOs and Web Developers will be Working Together in 2015?