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Los lugares más exóticos de México - Album on Imgur. EstiloDF » Déjate encantar por la belleza de un ¡bosque que destella! Déjate encantar por la belleza de un ¡bosque que destella!

EstiloDF » Déjate encantar por la belleza de un ¡bosque que destella!

Malú Zárate Martes 10 de febrero de 2015. » 6 lugares donde llueve “370 días al año” 101 Lugares increíbles - Compartimos lugares increíbles si nos sigues en nuestro Twitter y en Facebook Que nadie se asuste, que no hay ningún error en el título.

» 6 lugares donde llueve “370 días al año” 101 Lugares increíbles -

Cuando publicaba el post sobre la isla de Yakushima en Japón (que también integra éste post), presentábamos el lugar como el sitio donde “llueve 35 días al mes”, una frase que los propios locales utilizan a menudo para bromear al referirse al régimen de lluvias de la isla. Bled Island in Slovenia. Bled is a town and a municipality in Slovenia, and like most European towns, is a popular tourist destination for its scenic beauty.

Bled Island in Slovenia

The town is particularly popular for the glacial Lake Bled. The lake is situated in a picturesque environment, surrounded by mountains of the Julian Alps and lush green forests. In the middle of the lake is Slovenia’s only natural island. Photos du journal - Revista Conozca Más. Los 24 Lugares Abandonados Más Espectaculares Del Mundo. 40 Incredible Secret Places Most Travelers Don't Know About. The Last One Blew Me Away... Photos du journal. Facebook. 21 lugares que no creerás que existen.

No hay mejor forma de darnos cuenta de todo lo que nos falta por vivir que viajar.

21 lugares que no creerás que existen

22 Animals You Didn't Know Exist. We learn all about the common animals when we’re young: dogs, cats, cows, horses, elephants, and on and on.

22 Animals You Didn't Know Exist

But there are dozens of animals out there that you don’t know about. Not only do you not know about them, but they’re incredibly unique and some are even incredibly adorable. Just take #19 for example. I want one, no matter how illegal that may be. In no particular order, here are 22 of the most unknown animals that we thought you would be interested in. 1. Imgur 2. 3. 4. 5. Sopitas. The House in the Island of Elliðaey. If there ever is an ultimate holiday getaway location, it has to be the island of Elliðaey near Vestmannaeyjar, a small archipelago off the south coast of Iceland, and the enchanting little house on it.

The House in the Island of Elliðaey

Elliðaey is the third largest island in Iceland having an area of 0.45 square km in area. It is believed to have formed in an eruption about 5-6 thousand years. The island is accessible via a rope on its lower east side and by a boat from the mainland. Qiandao Lake: The Thousand Island Lake and Ancient Submerged Cities. Qiandao Lake or the Thousand Island Lake is located in Zhejiang, China, about 150 kilometers from the city of Hangzhou.

Qiandao Lake: The Thousand Island Lake and Ancient Submerged Cities

It is an artificial lake formed after the completion of the Xin'an River hydroelectric station. In 1959, in order to build the Xin'anjiang Reservoir the valley was flooded with water resulting in a lake or reservoir 573 square km in area and with a storage capacity of 17.8 cubic km. Photos du journal. Photos du journal.


Museo Mina Las Dos Estrellas. Castelmazzano. 562069_866886196412_1735407724_n. Facebook. Facebook. Dangerous Roads of the World, Part 2. The ultimate zombie defense fortress. Methinks this isn't as good as it looks.

The ultimate zombie defense fortress

It would suck to walk in and find 1k zombies waiting for you. And since it is at Radford University, there are going to be a lot of people on campus so you'd have to make your way to the building through the throngs of the undead. When you get there, it is likely that the people that live there are going to either be holed up and none to happy to see someone pulling a large number of undead after them or it will already be filled with undead. Clearing out a building that 16 floors (14 up, 2 underground) will not be very fun. You'll need a solid team that can quickly clear the place and secure it. The Ultimate Anti-Zombie Strongholds – FOR SALE  0 Comments So the rumor is that the zombie apocalypse may have arrived.

The Ultimate Anti-Zombie Strongholds – FOR SALE 

Sure, the Centers for Disease Control denies it, but what does the CDC know? Just to be on the safe side, put together a list of prime zombie-defense real estate capable of putting those with an unquenchable thirst for human flesh at a distance from you and your family. (You can see many more pictures of these strongholds and others at © Velassaru (Maldives) - Special rates! Location Located on the eponymous coral island in Southern Male Atoll, the Velassaru Maldives opened in March 2009 after undertaking an extensive renovation program.

© Velassaru (Maldives) - Special rates!

Boasting a magnificent lagoon and a pristine sandy beach, this quiet resort is the idyllic hideaway for sports loving guests and romantic couples. The boat transfer from the airport of Male lasts about 20 minutes. Rooms. Plitvice Lakes National Park. Logo of Plitvice Lakes National Park Map of Plitvice Lakes National Park View of the lakes on a satellite image Plitvice Lakes National Park (Croatian: Nacionalni park Plitvička jezera, colloquial Plitvice, pronounced [plîtʋitse]) is the oldest national park in Southeast Europe and the largest national park in Croatia.[2]