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Feng-GUI - Attention Analysis for Websites and Advertisements. Big Brother is watching... your website. Comment apprécier le rendu visuel d’un site web?

Big Brother is watching... your website

Une question encore largement ouverte au regard du nombre de solutions proposées sur le net et pour laquelle Feng-GUI, une société de Rehovot essaye d’apporter sa contribution. Le meilleur produit au monde ne se vendrait pas dans un étui peu attrayant et combien de produits quelconques ne nous attirent que par la qualité de leur emballage? Ce problème, vieux comme le monde, se pose aussi sur Internet: les chartes graphiques, les créas, l’identité visuelle… autant de mots pour définir simplement qu’un site se doit d’être beau et bien pensé pour être efficace. Alors, que vient apporter Feng-GUI ? L’automatisation! Eye-quant propose ce service déjà depuis longtemps, avec une video très pédagogique. Mais ce n’est pas tout! Quelle est l’enjeu de tout ça? Commenter cet article commentaire(s) jusqu’à présent. Weekly Freebies: 15 Impressive CSS and PSD Navigation Menus. 3D Gallery with CSS3 and jQuery.

Today, we want to share an experimental 3D gallery with you that uses CSS 3D transforms.

3D Gallery with CSS3 and jQuery

View demo Download source With 3D transforms, we can make simple elements more interesting by setting them into three dimensional space. Together with CSS transitions, these elements can be moved in 3D space and create a realistic effect. Today, we want to share an experimental 3D gallery with you that uses CSS 3D transforms. The main idea is to create a circular gallery where we have an image in the center and two on the sides. Please note that this will only work in browsers that support CSS 3D transforms.

How it works The following HTML structure is used for the gallery: And this is how the gallery is initialized: Options The following options are available: I hope you enjoy it! 50+ Creative Examples of Websites Designed With HTML5. The web is constantly evolving.

50+ Creative Examples of Websites Designed With HTML5

New and creative websites are being created every day, pushing the limitations of HTML in every direction. HTML4 has been around for nearly a decade and now its time to move forward. To give authors more flexibility and interoperability, HTML5 is proposed as the next major revision of HTML. It works on just about every platform, is compatible with older browsers, and handles errors gracefully. You can create powerful, easy-to-maintain, future-proof web pages. In this presentation, you’ll find a variety of highly-creative, beautiful and most importantly inspirational designs that are coded in HTML5. The main purpose here is to stimulate your creativity and to inspire your imagination to create awesome designs because your website represents you and your brand. You may be interested in the following modern trends related articles as well.

Please feel free to join us and you are always welcome to share your thoughts that our readers may like. What is HTML5. 50 Creative and Effective Minimalist Print Ads. Simple things are often more difficult to create as they require much more brain power to generate as compared to the most intricate stuff.

50 Creative and Effective Minimalist Print Ads

In addition to this, it always impresses you when something absolutely simple is capable of expressing more than you would imagine. The universal idea of advertising is to get a message across in a straightforward and efficient way regarding a product or service; frequently the most excellent way to do this is to strip things down to the bare essentials. This gives rise to the concept of minimalist ads. This post assembles a collection of 50 minimal printed advertisements, sensational examples where less is most definitely more. Creative and Effective Minimalist Print Ads Fabercastell True colours: Shark Greenpeace: Ordinary Bulbs are Killing the Environment LA Bicycle: Folding Bike Subaru Impreza STI: Scars Hut Weber: Hitler vs. K-Lynn Lingerie: Panties Bank Forum, Commerzbank: Chaos Veet: Soap Pringles Rice Infusions: Sushi Lego: Periscope Pilot: Mummy.