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Lucky Group: From Metal Recycling to aluminium alloy manufacturing, the Lucky Group has been adding value to numerous metal recycling industries.

Lucky Group, Dubai Scrap Trading, Lucky Metals/Recycling, Scrap Metals North America. HOME > Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility Lucky Group greatly values its reputation for honesty, integrity, ethical behavior and high moral standards.

Lucky Group, Dubai Scrap Trading, Lucky Metals/Recycling, Scrap Metals North America

It is the Groups policy to comply with all country and territorial laws that pertain to our overall business activities. These laws include but are not limited to labor and employment, privacy, customs and taxation, international trade and environmental laws. An accident-free place to work in, increased investment in human resources and relationship managers, an active community service cell, reduced pollution practices and transparent work ethics are essential corporate elements that we are upgrading and enhancing on a regular basis.

The values enforced by Shareholders and followed, set the foundation for better business relationships. Lucky Group Environmental Policy [PDF, 174 KB] Quick Contact. Global Presence & Facilities. Lucky Group, Scrap Metals Trading, Rubber Tube Scrap Dubai, Copper Scrap Dubai. HOME >Our Mission Our Mission Our mission is to cater to the specific scrap metal needs of our customers and, at the same time, to expand our sourcing points by creating strategic alliances with our key suppliers to best create value for our clients.

Lucky Group, Scrap Metals Trading, Rubber Tube Scrap Dubai, Copper Scrap Dubai

Global Presence & Facilities. Non Ferrous Scrap. Lucky Recycling. RECYCLING IS A MUST FOR EVERY MODERN CITY. The Middle East has grown both economically and demographically in recent years having very modern cities like Dubai.


As our cities grow and move towards a brighter future, so does the population within it. Having a moderately populated country helps in improving the national income of the country as a whole. But along with such advancement comes the question of waste disposal. Landfills: Recovering Value in Scrap Metals. Billion tons of waste is generated each year ( Out of this waste, a major part includes metals.

Landfills: Recovering Value in Scrap Metals

Majority of these wastes are incinerated or dumped into landfills which could have become valuable resources for the recycling industries. How can we co-relate Metal abundance, Recycling and Price? The abundance of metals in the earth’s crust and the human’s constant exploitation of the planet to dig out the metals for his uses have made recycling an unspoken post process.

How can we co-relate Metal abundance, Recycling and Price?

The recycling and reuse industry has been playing a major part in the economy of a nation. Copper recycling in Dubai is one such example which provides employment to many people. The abundance of metallic waste makes it easier and cheaper to recycle instead of mining its ore and refining it. Extraction of raw metals vs recycling metals The extraction of metals from the soil would be followed by refining through several steps until a usable alloy or desired purity of the metal is achieved.

ALUMINIUM - A MAGICAL METAL AND ITS MOST STRIKING FEATURES. Aluminium is a silvery-white metal that is abundantly present in earth’s crust.


Its attributes and utilities make it one of the most useful materials known to man. Aluminium is tremendously versatile which has broad range of properties, chemical & mechanical compositions. An Aluminium alloy is an alloy in which Aluminium is the predominant metal. The alloying elements used most frequently by aluminium alloy manufacturers are magnesium, copper, silicon, zinc and manganese. Lucky Alloys. Lucky Recycling. Aluminum Alloy Manufacturers In Dubai, Ferrous/Aluminum Scrap Dubai, Lucky Alloys.

HOME > Alloy Manufacturing Alloy Manufacturing Lucky Group's aluminum alloy manufacturer in Jebel Ali has their key interests in secondary aluminum and semi-primary alloy manufacturing.

Aluminum Alloy Manufacturers In Dubai, Ferrous/Aluminum Scrap Dubai, Lucky Alloys

While the entity may have begun operations as a dealer in quality ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, it has branched off to include a diverse range of business segments, which includes alloy manufacturing. Copper Recycling In Dubai, Scrap Yards, Copper/Aluminum/Ferrous Scrap Dubai, Lucky Recycling. HOME > Scrap Recycling Scrap Recycling The Group has always been an environmentally active and conscious body.

Copper Recycling In Dubai, Scrap Yards, Copper/Aluminum/Ferrous Scrap Dubai, Lucky Recycling

The organizational policies, practices and processes are all streamlined to be ecologically beneficial specializing in metal recycling. WHY WE NEED A STATE OF THE ART RECYCLING FACILITY? Oftentimes, we just throw things away into the recycling bins without knowing its value and quality.


We as consumers play a critical role in our societies. Actually, the confusion is that most of us does not know the value of recycling and what items are recyclable? We all have to understand how much the recycling practice is beneficial for the overall environment and for our economies. We are living in a connected society. The technology is there, and it is ever evolving. Trends in aluminum recycling, sustainability and tips. Aluminum is one of the most commonly used metals in households as well as in industrial sector.

Trends in aluminum recycling, sustainability and tips

Aluminum is very light, malleable, durable and resistant to corrosion. Lucky Recycling. Lucky Group - Scrap Metals & Copper Recycling Metal Trading Company in Dubai. COPPER: ONE OF THE MOST IN-DEMAND METAL. Future of Circular Economy Post Covid-19. The Coronavirus pandemic has brought economic activities across the globe to a grinding halt. Policies are being streamlined to recover from the economical crisis in the aftermath of COVID-19. In these circumstances, the circular economy has immense potential to accelerate due to its budget friendly practices. A circular economy is an economic system that aims at reduction of waste and saving natural resources.

The circular economy is set to grow exponentially after the pandemic as diverse tools for stimulating the economy will be developed. The prime objective of circular economy is eliminating waste and promoting recycling with its regenerative approach. Industries and businesses too shall be hit by the disrupted economy. Trends in aluminum recycling, sustainability and tips. WHY WE NEED A STATE OF THE ART RECYCLING FACILITY? Recycling Efforts - One step forward to help Individuals, Businesses, and the Environment.

Countries should adopt best recycling practices to reduce their carbon footprints and landfills. You might have heard about the term “Bartering”. It is a simple method of exchanging goods and services. It is an effective option to streamline recycling process for a holistic waste management. Barter system was the main method of transaction in ancient times. However, the concept of monetary transactions and different methods of trading’s evolved but still the barter system can be observed like street hawkers giving metals utensils in exchange for old clothes or plastic, housewares or exchange of newspapers. Many NGO’s are serving community through working on projects where they give back to the society locally green fresh good in exchange of collecting waste scrap items from them like aluminium cans, newspaper, cardboard, glass or electronic waste and selling it to local scrap dealer.

From Consumer Goods to Industrial Production - THE MYRIAD USES OF ALUMINIUM. From a leader’s chair to a comfortable garden seating chair; the Aluminum is found everywhere. Aluminum is one of the most common metals used in our daily lives either in the form of the chair that we sit on, furniture we use, or the bed that we sleep on- all are widely used with aluminum components for a strong framework. Window frames and doors are made of aluminum. Additionally, our cookware, housewares, and home decor accessories are also made up of aluminium. The wide utilization of aluminium in our household objects vouches for the versatile use and the importance of this metal.

One of the most prominent uses of aluminium is in the form of utensils. Aluminum foil can be used in many different ways. Have an old car that nobody wants? Recycling Mantra - Contributes towards sustainability and ensures optimum usage of resources. So you ended up keeping and maintaining that old car over the years, but now with the new emission norms, it can no longer be driven. That old beauty which you have used down the years has now turned into a beast of burden that nobody wants to buy.

A lot of car lovers get stuck up in such situations where they simply cannot get rid of a vehicle. This can happen over time because they get too outdated or because their maintenance costs increase to a level that they become too expensive to own. Quick upcycling STEPS! To give a new life to your scrap metals Contributing for more than four decades, Lucky Group’s stands as one of the pioneers in the scrap metal industry. A family-owned business that procures, segregates, processes, packages and supplies scrap metals to national and international end-users as raw materials for their industrial consumption.

As a responsible recycler, Lucky Recycling does its part to help maintain a strong & healthy recycling system at its workplace where its expertise and best practices are used to process and shape the valuable materials into something reusable. Are you looking for an effective Waste Management system in hotels for enhancing Recycling? The hospitality industry is a major contributor to a country's economy. Used Automobile Parts. Using 3Rs for an efficient and sustainable waste management technique - Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Scrap Metals Identification. LUCKY RECYCLING PARTICIPATES IN EMIRATES ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP’S ANNUAL CAN COLLECTION CAMPAIGN. Scrap Business Ethics. The world of metal recycling depends on scrap metal businesses to locate, collect and process various metals for further consumption by manufacturing facilities.

By operating a scrap metal business, a business owner can make a positive impact on the environment by diverting waste from landfills thus contributing to the economy and environment. Like any other organization, scrap businesses also require rules and regulations but additionally it is also important to have business ethics. By virtue of ethics, these are a set of principles in which the company operates based on integrity, honesty and loyalty.

The primary function of the scrap metal business is to procure scrap metals and while dealing with the scrap materials, the metal scrap yards in Dubai should ensure that the source of the material should be reliable and legal. Air quality & its link to Covid-19. For healthy homes & work environments, it is crucial to improve its air quality especially where the whole world is in a health crisis due to COVID-19 and taking maximum precautions. Improving wellness while staying at home or at work during this disruptive situation is the most relevant discussions everywhere. Safety Precautions in Waste Management and Recycling. GOOD NEWS FOR BEGINNERS STUDENT’S KNOWLEDGE OF SCRAP METALS RECYCLING. Contribution of recycling towards UN SDGs. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, embraced by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint for prosperity and growth for people and the planet, now and into the future.

At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries - developed and developing making the world a global village. Trash to Treasure. We have heard the old saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. These days when we all are on the environmental radar and aim towards being more nature conscious. Recycling. RECYCLING CULTURE AT WORK PLACES. Are Rare Earth Metals Important to Recycle? In today’s world, automobiles and electronics seem to be a very crucial part of one’s life. With the advent of technological progression, one has become more and more reliable to these consumer goods.

Why should we recycle electronics? The whole world is now taking steps towards plastic recycling, so much that this has now become a buzzword. However, we are still quite resistant when it comes to recycling electronics items. Educate viewers about waste recycling through global media. According to some researchers, it is argued that humans tend to remember visuals seen on a screen rather than the words read in a text.

Have you ever wondered why is the case? Because visual media helps retain concepts and ideas. Research suggests that people learn more easily when the information is presented in a visual form. Household scrap metals. Recycling Awareness at Schools.