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Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Ivan Luckie on Instagram: “#sweetfifteen #xv #quinceañera #tulum” Ivan Luckie on Instagram: “Time to sleep folks! Tomorrow a 3 day #hinduwedding #hindubride #hinduweddingphotographer” Ivan Luckie on Instagram: “No words but thank you God for put beautiful-soul people in my life” Essential Tips For Amateur Wedding Photography. Every person celebrates their wedding day as a special day. Make all the arrangements to celebrate that day in a grand way, in order to treasure memories of this day for lifetime.

The best way to store the memories of this day was excellent photography by professionals, so that every moment of that day can be captured and cherished later. To search the right person there are some tips, which will make that work easier. Select the best one Select the best person for your special day to capture the moments. Provides friendly environment The camera person makes the environment very friendly so that the couple can comfortably give the shots before the camera. Photographer's Experience Well, your wedding photographer would provide an important service on your wedding and 99% of service based activities are mastered by practicing. Final touch After taking all the moments he will give the final touch to the moments with some of the advanced technologies of this era.

Make Your Wedding Day More Special And Unique. Marriages are made in heaven, so every person celebrates this day in a very special way so that the memories of this day can be cherished for the life time. To store memories photography is one of the best ways to do so. Now a day couples wants their memories to be more unique one and trying the underwater trash the dress photography. In this type of photography they have to clicks the photos under water. About the photography The meaning of “Trash the dress” is mainly known to the "fearless bridal" or also it is known as "rock the frock". It is one of the styles of wedding photography in which the elegant clothing of the bride and groom totally contrasts with the environment where the photos will be clicked. The photos are mainly clicked with the style of glamour and fashion photography.

Unique shots This type of wedding photography was one of the unique as it was under water. Privilege Aluxes Isla Mujeres wedding Photography | Jenny+Ryan. Privilege Aluxes Isla Mujeres wedding Photography | Jenny+Ryan Privilege Aluxes y one of the best locations in Isla Mujeres to get married, starting from the beach with a touch of romantics huts on the ocean shore and finishing in the minimalist hotel style and not to forget to mention the amazing food this hotel have, applause to the chef!!! I loved Jenny enthusiasm, energy and joy! She were a very nice bride as well as their family. We spend a great time together on the wedding day and also for a day after trash the dress which end up on great photos!

Privilege Aluxes is the first hotel I worked on in Isla Mujeres, I love it and will love for ever so grateful!! Privilege Aluxes Isla Mujeres wedding Photography « Excellence Playa Mujeres Cancun wedding Photography | Emily+AndrewBarcelo Maya Beach Riviera Maya wedding Photography | Jody+Jason » Privilege Aluxes Isla Mujeres wedding Photograp © 2015 Playa del Carmen wedding Photographer. Best underwater and beach trash the dress photography. Best underwater and beach trash the dress photography Trash the dress, also called fearless bridal or rock the frock, It’s a tendency or complement of the wedding photography , It contrasts the elegant outfit of a wedding dress in a not elegant place. this session takes place on the beach, city streets, abandoned buildings but for a different approach It takes place underwater in the ocean, rivers and also Pools, in certain locations in sinkholes called Cenotes .

This session may effectively ruin the dress in the process by getting it wet, dirty, or, in extreme circumstances, tearing or destroying the garment, unbelievable in some underwater session the right name must be “Wash the dress”, I bet you imagine why. Underwater trash the dress photographer. Isla Mujeres wedding photographer. Wedding Photographer. Some Tips To Memorize Your Special Day In A Special Way. Very couples need to memorize their special day for life long for this Wedding photography plays a vital role. To get the best shots of your special day only professional can help you. Professional wedding photographer knows how to capture the best shots of your wedding day. There are few tips to select and create the best wedding photography that you can live with the memory and cherish throughout your new life. Problem solving and friendly Good wedding photographers were very friendly in nature. They always create friendly environment for the couples. They always try their best to make your day go very smoothly.

Very professional Professional photographers were very technical before the main day they talk to the couple as he wants to know what the couples want. Licensed The most important factor was before giving all the responsibility firstly check whether the photographer was having legal studio or not. Wedding day was one of the major milestones of every one’s life. Mexico Like this: Wedding Photography. Best Wedding Photography. Professional photographer. How Photographer Make The Day Special And Beautiful. Wedding photography is one the most important decisions taken by the couples during the marriage.

Because the memories of this day will be cherished for life time if the pictures will not come good then the special day will vanish with no beautiful memories. So to hire a professional wedding photographer is a wise decision for this special day. About the photographers As they are professional they know every thin about creating the perfect images of your special day and capturing the special moments. It can increase the cost of your special day budget as selecting an album for photographs and printing them will cost a bit more but preserves the memory for life time. Friendly environment These photographers visit the couples before the marriage as to make friendly environment during the special day.

Editing After taking the photos or over of the event they pick out the best photos. Mexico Like this: Like Loading... Special photographer makes the special day more special. Wedding photography is a type of photography which was done during weddings. It was an art which is changing on tremendously in the past twenty years. In past days it was just a piece of memory kept for future generation but now days it had change. Today photography had changed its vision it was not just a piece of memory but a memory of a special day to cherish for the whole time. During the past days photographers mainly use a black box to take a picture. They just stand behind that mystical box and take the pictures. But today everything has changed a photographer should be able to offer something new every time which was not seen before. Professional photographers who are chosen for this day should be really friendly with wedding couples.

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico Like this: Like Loading... Dream wedding plan with A Professional wedding Photographer. Wedding day is the most special day for a couple. To make that day more special the professional photographers help you out. You can preserve the memorable moments of your wedding day by hiring a professional wedding photographer. And can cherish those special moments ever after. A well experienced wedding photographer understands how to capture pictures so that he can obtain successful results for the wedding in any situation.

Also for a professional photographer it is most important for the photographer to achieve the beautiful results as it is for you. An expertise photographer does its best to create the perfect images of your special day and capture all the important moments. The photographer needs to know what exactly you want, what style of photography and which posed photographs you require so that you will love the pictures. Experienced photographers charge their rates based on different factors. Make Your Dream Wedding Special Through The Eyes Of Lens. In every person’s life wedding celebration is something in which you have to be perfect in everything perfectly for that special day, involving the wedding photography. Wedding photography plays a very important part in every couple’s wedding day. It is one of the most important things to capture the memorable moment as you will have the memories to look at someday.

Those photographs will allow you to remember the time when you and your soul mate are united as a best couple. Firstly you have to make sure to hire professionals who have a lot of experiences in handling that event, so that they have the tools and other required equipments needed to make the best photographs as you want. The next thing you have to make sure about the level of service that you need.

The third thing is to consider your budget for photography. The last and important thing was editing and packaging. We provide all the services above and give you the best of our service. Like this: Like Loading... Professional wedding photographer. Best Professional Wedding Photographer Luckie Photography – Professional Wedding Photographer Luckie Photography always helps to make your wedding a memorable one by capturing some lovely pictures by professional way that consist of love, promise, memory, and joy.

Lu Kruz - uma mais linda que a outra……parabéns lindo trabalho! © 2015 Playa del Carmen wedding Photographer.