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Coca-Cola Using AI to know it’s Consumers Moods. Coca-Cola is one of the largest beverage companies in the world.

Coca-Cola Using AI to know it’s Consumers Moods

Did you know Coca-Cola provided soft drinks for around 2 billion people every day? How AI Works for Coca-Cola. Artificial Intelligence can predict Bowel Cancer. Bowel Cancer and AI Colon cancer is a typical cancer that begins in the colon which is called as large intestine.

Artificial Intelligence can predict Bowel Cancer

Colon is the final part of the digestive tract. Bowel cancer or colon cancer that is basically affects after age 40 or more, but this is not mandatory that can happen at any age. IIT Develops AI System to Read Legal Judgments. AI system used to Perform Legal Research Researchers at Indian Institute Technology (IIT); Kharagpur already started research on AI-aided method to read legal judgments.

IIT Develops AI System to Read Legal Judgments

This is expected Artificial Intelligence will help in many ways such as, if any laws are getting violated and second thing reduce the legal costs to some extent. At IIT, Kharagpur a team of researchers shortlisted to make research and development and use a novel method to automate the reading of a legal document by using a model with Machine Learning procedure and technique. According to the Professor Mr. Saptarshi Ghosh, the mentor of this researchers’ team, he said we are trying to build an AI system which will be helped by guiding about the laws are being violated in a given situation. How AI System Model Will Work To make this model they use handcrafted equipment and features to train the machine and also used two deep neural models to deeply understand the word and sentences in a legal case judgment.

AI Could Help to Identify Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer Breast cancer is one of the common tending to spread very quickly in women and it is the second leading cause of cancer death in women after lung cancer in the world.

AI Could Help to Identify Breast Cancer

Science goes advanced day to day and now Artificial Intelligence used by screening and treatment for breast cancer. As per the American Cancer Society, there are more than 3.1 million of people suffering from bread cancer in U.S.A and this is estimated around 2, 69, 000 women receive a diagnosis of harmful breast cancer, and more than 62,000 women will receive a diagnosis of non-harmful cancer in 2020. Breast cancer is like a chronic disease that affects mostly in women across the world there more than 54,000 in the United Kingdom and they diagnosed with breast cancer every year out of those some are developed this disease in lifetime.

How to find Breast Cancer. Get your website rank on 1st page of Search Engines. Get Your Website Designed - Lucille Bennett - Medium. Best PHP Frameworks for Application Development. PHP Framework is actually a platform that allows developing customized web applications by developers.

Best PHP Frameworks for Application Development

However, it provides good structure, saving lots of time and avoiding dependencies. Without framework there are many difficulties will come for developers to build customized applications taking much time, spend more money, more resource required, more energy and patience also have. So overall, by using a PHP framework your work will be much easier and secured. How Bounce Rate Can Be Reduced Of Your Website. What is Bounce Rate Bounce rate or exit rate is basically a web analytics measure in the search engines.

How Bounce Rate Can Be Reduced Of Your Website

Any end-users visits your site leaves without taking time or viewing for sometimes then that user will contributes bounce rate to your website. Why Website URL Structure does Matter for Search Engine. What is URL?

Why Website URL Structure does Matter for Search Engine

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator it is the abbreviation word for the string this is used for web address and denotes the location of a specific webpage. A basic URL consists of three parts such as; protocol, the host name or address, the resource location A simple example of an URL that appears on the browser window like. Why Branding is Important for Startup. Why Branding is Important Branding is really critical to a business because overall impact that makes on your business.

Why Branding is Important for Startup

Branding has the power that can change how people adopt your brand. Brand Development can drive new business as well as increase brand awareness among people in the market. Effective branding, good brand identity can enhance the value of your brand and business. There are some few things help to stand out your brands include: Brand strategy and planning: Purpose, value and promise Brand identity: name, tone of voice, logo, color combination, good typography and font styling. Why Reputation Management is essential for Sales and Marketing. Reputation management is the process and effort to influence the customers about what they are thinking and how much they can trust on your brand or services you provide.

Why Reputation Management is essential for Sales and Marketing

Reputation or good will that you can get in the long run and the main fight is you need to win people’s trust that how much they can do trust on your brand or products. So, maintaining existing customers and side by side need to attract new prospects simultaneously. In this internet era most of the people provide their feedback online about any brands, products or services. People get influenced through internet very quickly however internet is the best weapon to dominate the world. Today for a good reputation of any business cannot be stressed enough you know that’s why Digital Marketing special people pay more attention to Online Reputation Management. How to Build Great Website in Melbourne.

Melbourne’s street art scene is one of the most vibrant as well as beautiful and important in the world.

How to Build Great Website in Melbourne

In this article we will talk about Website Development all of them need to build website in Melbourne because a lot of them cater to in-house markets and audiences. Why need a Website for your Business Now these days everyone get computer savvy and get in touch with small businesses to large enterprises. Social Media Campaigns help to Generate More Leads. Social media platforms are the most and popular powerful tools for marketing these days.

You have noticed people on Social Media started expressing their own views and ideas along with giving feedback on the different social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest so on. These opinions and feedbacks are certainly giving more weight age and also render strong messages along with influence the users as well. Role of Social Media to Generate Leads Social media platforms can be proof as gold mine for you because you can find more leads these days. UXD Media uses our presence on different social media platform sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to generate leads, that is what I am going to propagate as we practice. Email Marketing is a great choice for Returns on Investment. Why Email Marketing? A lot of business house ignore this method and think this trick is already old and leave.

But Email marketing is an essential tool for business. Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing by using electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or lead generating messages to end-users. Email marketing is a part of Digital Marketing that is use to bring specific target audience and generate genuine leads for your business.

Why Email Marketing is a great ROI The reason is simple that everyone has almost email ids they have now these days. Best Email Marketing Practices There are some unique email marketing practices want to share with you one by one below. Are you looking for a Python Development Company for your project? UXD Media is a Best Python Development Company in India offers wide range services in web application development, Python Development, PHP, Code-Igniter and Laravel, Data Exchange and Support System, Enhancement and Development. We are very innovative and deliver out of the box our quality development services cater an array of requirements of our esteemed clients across the globe. What we provide: Python DevelopmentPython Web based Application DevelopmentIntegrating existing application into with PythonSoftware and Application Development by using Python-based frameworks such as Django, PyramidMigration of PHP, Java, ASP.Net to Python Why you choose us Experienced and certified developersAuthorization source code10+ years of experience in Application DevelopmentGet real time & fast delivery.100% trusted Python Development CompanyAffordable pricing.Best client support.

Like this: Like Loading... When to do redesign your website. Do you know? A well and user friendly designed website is a very powerful marketing tool for your business. 2019 is almost going to be end and what is your plan for 2020? Most of the business men don’t attend towards their website they think website does not matter in business. But now these days when customer listen or seen your brands anywhere they are trying to search in the search engines first. There are some certain moments find out when you should redesign your website please have a look below: Why Startup Companies Need Good Website. The answer is very simple, if you are a startup definitely needs a good user friendly and SEO friendly website that helps to drives your target customers and increases the brand visibility.

As you know this generation is going on computer era. Everyone keep updating them social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Tiwtter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram to name a few. Top UI/UX Design Agency in USA, India and Australia: Ideas to Bespoke Application to Business Solution with a Single Website. Ecommerce Development Services - Lucille Bennett - Medium. Top 5 Enterprise Application Development Companies in 2020. Intellectsoft. Enterprise Architecture and Application Development Process. Enterprise Application Development Company. Define Enterprise Application Strategy. Why should you keep updated your ecommerce site. Python Application Development Company. Ecommerce Website Development in USA. Custom Modules.

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Guaranteed Result from Your Website - Blogs. Why Information Architecture Does Matter. Python Development Company in India. Free Proposal with SEO Audit Report. Top UI/UX Design Agency in USA, India and Australia: Delivering Absolute Mobile App Innovation from Entrepreneurs till Businesses. Provide World Class Website in Affordable Price - Lucille Bennett - Medium. Mobile app Support and Maintenance Services in USA, Australia and India. A roadmap to make career-in-artificial intelligence. Video Marketing Gives Quick Rank to Your Website. Good Design Website is Equal to Good Market Value and Consumer Trust. Digital Marketing Agency USA, New York. Next Level Enterprise Solution for Online Ecommerce Store Development. Website Maintenance Services Company & Packages in USA, New York, Chicago, Kansas. Internet Marketing for Healthcare Startups. Mobile Apps Development New York, Android App Development Company, iOS App Development Company - UXD Media NY.

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Step by step how to do a Usability Testing.