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Lucile Begeal

I am Lucile. Apart from job, I go out and meet people. I love to dine out and watch movies. My hobbies are swimming and hiking. I don't like hypocrisy and mockery. I enjoy life as I believe life is beautiful.

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4 Ways to Generate More Money From Your Website

View cities and dates » Whether you are a product- or service-based business, you will most likely have a website or are in the process of creating one. While I teach entrepreneurs how to create their own DIY website, I’ve noticed that once they have mastered the steps, there is always one question that follows: How do you make money from your website once it’s up? It can seem like an obvious question. I’m going to share with you four things that you can implement on your own website (even with little traffic) to help generate more income to support your business online. 1. Becoming an affiliate for your favorite products or services (relevant to your business) is a great way to increase revenue while building a trusting relationship with your audience. Related: How Often Should You Update or Rebuild Your Website? 2. 3. It can take people some time to build trust with your business. How to Boost Traffic to Your Small-Business Website. Request More Information CLICK HERE to save more than $2,000 with PR Newswire's Small Business PR Toolkit Discounts and Special Offers.

How to Boost Traffic to Your Small-Business Website

PR 101 eNEWSLETTER - SUBSCRIBE TODAY! With simple tips and actionable advice, you'll be able to quickly and easily enhance the visibility of your product, service and brand. "PR Newswire was a critical tool in helping my client maintain revenues. Faced with declining revenues, I needed to get them out of the box. Jim Fong Diagnostics Plus Read All Testimonials September 25,2015 By Amanda Eldridge, PR Newswire What is better than one view on your website? 1) Content is King. With the search engine algorithm updates and the need for good content, it is no surprise how imperative great content is. 2) Social Integration.

Social Media is the current landscape to connect with your audience. *Too many #hashtags can have the reverse outcome and users will see this as spam instead. Need a website to get started? Request More Information Now! How to Get 1,000 Visitors to Your Next Blog Post Using an Influencer Group Post. Creating valuable content on your website through a blog post that demonstrates your expertise will help you to build your brand, drive traffic and create leads.

How to Get 1,000 Visitors to Your Next Blog Post Using an Influencer Group Post

But entrepreneurs often struggle to get enough visitors to validate the time they spend creating and promoting their content. However, if you write the right type of content and promote it the right way, you are guaranteed to get a lot more traffic. In this article, we outline what you need to do to create your Influencer Group post. Follow the steps below to get the traffic. Related: 4 Quick-and-Easy Ways to Connect With Influencers on Social Media. 17 Ways To Immediately Improve Your Website Traffic. Join us live at Entrepreneur's Accelerate Your Business event series in Chicago or Denver.

17 Ways To Immediately Improve Your Website Traffic

Secure your spot » As entrepreneurs we can often feel like the deck is stacked against us when it comes to the digital world. We don’t have the same budgets as our massive competitors, nor do we have the army of marketers that they can employ. So how can a small- or medium-sized business, against overwhelming odds, carve out its piece of the market?

The tips below will show you how. 1. Facebook is a great promotion tool whether you’re in the B2B or B2C industry. 2. Staying with Facebook, you can also give that email list of yours a second life. Related: 4 Ways to Successfully Link Build to Increase Website Traffic 3. Twitter remarketing works in almost the exact same way as Facebook remarketing. 4. Just like Facebook, you can target Twitter users on their mobile devices by uploading their emails into Twitter. 5. Twitter Cards is a great tool to drive traffic to your site. Free YouTube Views -1000 views for free (Within 5 min) 2015 ... TOTALLY FREE. NO SCAM, NO GIMMICKS.