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100 cose che ogni designer deve conoscere sulle persone. Tracce d'esame seconda prova - A007. 007 licenza di grafica. Graphic1. Home - WhatTheFont! 16 free e-books for designers. Article by Sam Hampton-Smith This story was originally published by Creative Bloq.

16 free e-books for designers

There has always been a healthy market for commercial books written by experts, and this isn’t likely to change any time soon; sometimes there’s just no substitute for splashing your cash and getting high-quality content in return. That said, there’s a growing movement towards free and “freemium” content on the web, and the quality of the content is often on a par with the books you’d part cash for. Obviously nobody can afford to print and distribute free books (with the exception of the excellent World Book Night movement), but in this age of tablets, smartphones, and laptops, the electronic book offers a fantastic, and very cheap, way to spread this content. So, with all that in mind, what content can you get for free in the field of graphic and web design? 1. Jarrod Drysdale is a designer/writer who focuses his articles on getting the best out of your work. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Design italiano: studio e ricerca. Guida per designer alla sezione aurea - Grafigata! Hai mai sentito parlare della sezione aurea?

Guida per designer alla sezione aurea - Grafigata!

Vuoi sapere perché è qualcosa che ogni designer dovrebbe conoscere ed utilizzare? Questo articolo vuole essere una guida completa e definitiva a uno dei più potenti strumenti di ogni buon designer. Il megastore online della grafica - photographicshop. Graphic design for Wine - A selection of contemporary wine labels. Graphic design for Wine A selection of contemporary wine labels Marzo 2015, formato 17x24 cm, 160 pagine brossura, colori, ISBN 9788862421522 Collana: GD4 - Graphic design for A cura di Raffaello Buccheri, Martina Distefano, Francesco Trovato The book is a collection of about one hundred graphic designs for wineries of various size from across the world.

Graphic design for Wine - A selection of contemporary wine labels

The graphic design approaches are equally varied, either photographic or minimal, based on line drawings or digital concepts, resulting in either artisanal or serial solutions. While this selection has no pretence of exhaustiveness, it certainly conveys a meaningful sample of the recent graphic design production in this field. Il libro raccoglie un centinaio progetti grafici per aziende vitivinicole di diverse dimensioni, provenienti da tutto il mondo.

In uscita a fine Marzo 2015. Prezzo € 19,90 € 12,00 spese di spedizione in Italia gratuite WARNING! Torna al catalogo. Resources + for designers + by designers. Graphic Design Books on GoPicasso's RebelMouse. GraphicDesign& Famous logo designs and how much did they cost? Pepsi logo price tag: $1,000,000 The new Pepsi logo was designed by the Arnell Group in 2008.

Famous logo designs and how much did they cost?

The listed prices include a complete branding package unless otherwise noted. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group logo price tag: $15,000,000 New Zealand Banking Group logo was redesigned in 2009. Accenture logo price tag: $100,000,000 The new Accenture logo was designed by Landor Associates in 2000. BBC logo price tag: $1,800,000 The BBC logo was redesigned in 1997. British Petrol (BP) logo price tag: $211,000,000 The BP logo was redesigned in 2008. Enron logo price tag: $33,000 The Enron logo was designed by the famous Paul Rand in the 1990s. Glasgow 2014 Games logo price tag: $95,000 The Glasgow 2014 Games logo was designed by Marque Agency and this price only includes the logo design. Google logo price tag: $0 The original Google logo was designed in 1998 by Sergey Brin, one of Google's founders in Gimp.

AIGA Design Archives. 15 descriptive design words you should know. Designers tend to pride themselves on being “visually oriented” — and rightly so.

15 descriptive design words you should know

That need not mean that you’re clumsy with words, however. Being able to verbally describe your work to a client throughout the feedback process is an indispensable skill. Here we’ve come up with fifteen very useful, high-level design words that any professional graphic artist should have in his or her vocabulary. Contour Picasso’s famous contour drawing of Igor Stravinsky Basically another word for outline, but with a slightly more nuanced meaning. Curvilinear Curvilinear patterns on a Gothic cathedral window Where a lay person says “curvy” or perhaps “flowy,” an artist says curvilinear — a reference to a shape bounded by curved rather than straight lines.

Flush An example of text that is flush left, ragged right. Design Database Online.

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