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Introduction. What is Arduino?


Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. GitHut - Programming Languages and GitHub. Computer Science Field Guide - Computer Science Field Guide. App Inventor. Get Started Follow these simple steps to build your first app.

App Inventor

Tutorials. Greenfoot. SQLZOO. Learn SQL using: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, and PostgreSQL.


Reference: how to... How to read the data from a database. 2 CREATE and DROP How to create tables, indexes, views and other things. SQL Fiddle. Computer Science Unplugged. Teaching Tree. Stack Overflow. All Sites. Stack Overflow Stack Overflow Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers Server Fault Server Fault Q&A for system and network administrators Super User Super User.

All Sites

Fisher-Price's Cute New Toy Aims to Teach Preschoolers the Basics of Computer Programming. This article was updated on Jan. 6, 2015, at 1:08 p.m.

Fisher-Price's Cute New Toy Aims to Teach Preschoolers the Basics of Computer Programming

ET. Bill Gates was 13 when he started to code. Elon Musk was 12 and Mark Zuckerberg was 10. Compared to today’s growing crop of software-savvy kids, they learned coding pretty late. Nowadays, when it comes to learning the ABCs of coding, you can’t start too young. MadCode: Escola de Programação e Robótica para Crianças e Adolescentes, de 05 a 17 anos de idade. Learn Web Development with Rails: Michael Hartl's Ruby on Rails Tutorial. Learn Python The Hard Way. With the help of this book, you will do the incredibly simple things that all programmers do to learn a programming language: Go through each exercise.Type in each sample exactly.Make it run.

Learn Python The Hard Way

That's it. This will be very difficult at first, but stick with it. If you go through this book, and do each exercise for one or two hours a night, you will have a good foundation for moving onto another book about Python to continue your studies. 15 programming languages you need to know in 2015. If you're a programmer, these are good times.

15 programming languages you need to know in 2015

Jobs in the segment are projected to grow 8% over the next seven years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 15+ Ways of Teaching Every Student to Code (Even Without a Computer) According to, 90 percent of parents in the U.S. want their children to learn computer science—it will be crucial for many jobs in the near future—but only 40 percent of schools teach it.

15+ Ways of Teaching Every Student to Code (Even Without a Computer)

Critics claim that it is mainly the more affluent schools that offer computer science courses, thus denying those who attend poorer schools the chance to learn necessary skills. A focus on STEM is not enough: also reports that while 70 percent of new STEM jobs are in computing, only 7 percent of STEM graduates are in computer science. It is imperative that savvy schools begin to focus some STEM resources on computer science and programming. In my opinion, parents of every student in every school at every level should demand that all students be taught how to code. Logic in Media Queries. Just in case you have brain farts about this constantly like I do.

Logic in Media Queries

If That's what media queries are: logical if statements. "If" these things are true about the browser, use the CSS inside. And. NodeSchool. Technical Recruiting. Programming problems and Competitions. The Best Websites to Learn How to Write Code. The best tutorials and websites where you can learn how to write code in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python and all the other popular programming languages.

The Best Websites to Learn How to Write Code

The Learn to Code movement has picked up momentum worldwide and that is actually a good thing as even basic programming skills can have a major impact. If you can teach yourself how to write code, you gain a competitive edge over your peers, you can think more algorithmically and thus can tackle problems more efficiently. Don’t just download the latest app, help redesign it. W3Schools Online Web Tutorials. Plants Know They Are Being Eaten. Vegetarians and vegans pay heed, new research shows plants know when they’re being eaten. And they don’t like it. That plants possess an intelligence is not new knowledge, but according to Modern Farmer, a new study from the University of Missouri shows plants can sense when they are being eaten and send out defense mechanisms to try and stop it from happening.

The study was carried out on thale cress or Arabidopsis as it’s known scientifically – that is closely related to broccoli, kale, mustard greens and other siblings of the brassica family and popular for science experiments. It’s commonly used in experiments because it was the first plant to have its genome sequenced, and scientists are intimately familiar with how it works. Plants Respond to Leaf Vibrations Caused by Insects’ Chewing, MU Study Finds from MU News Bureau on Vimeo.

Related: Infographic: Will the Future of Farming Depend on Robots? The results? JavaRush - learning Java programming online. Computer Programming for all ages! Apprendre à coder ! -Blog de Toxicode. Programming tools for kids. Learn to Code. It Depends — A dependency management app. How often have you had a software deploy that broke something else you didn’t know depended on the system being upgraded?

Or took a server down that you didn’t realize another system was using? Or had a production issue and realized that literally the only person who knew anything about that system was out on vacation? Remembering dependency chains, especially if they are a few steps removed, is no easy task. We saw that as a problem worth solving, so we made It Depends, a dependency management app. Programming online resourses. Get a College-Level Computer Science Education with These Free Courses. apprenons l'informatique... à l'école et ailleurs ! SuperWP - Curso de WordPress. Transforming Thinkers Into Creators. Khan Academy. Anybody can learn. Sign up.

Koding. Codebox - Powerful, Collaborative Online/Offline Cloud IDE. A system for developing breakthrough solutions in the form factor of services. CoderDojo.

University Consortium. Web design training: the top 20 online resources. Web design can be daunting. Just the sheer amount of new techniques and acronyms appearing every day can make it seem scary and confusing, even if you're a professional web designer, let alone a beginner. But don't worry - help is at hand in the form of easy-to-understand web design training resources on the web.

There are many approaches to web design training - some paid, some free; some interactive, some not; some based on text, others on video. Weekly Web Design Class. Free HTML Class (Weekly) Instructor: Jennifer Kyrnin Sign Up Now HTML is the language of the web, and by learning to write HTML, you will learn how to write web pages. This class will teach you how to read and write HTML4 and HTML5—the latest version of the HTML specification. Learn to code, design and ship web apps. Interaction Design Foundation. A First Vim Tutorial. I've started using vim again. I thought I would post some of my vim notes. I generally use vim 50% in the terminal, and now 50% as Cream (UPDATE: After learning more Vim commands I switched from Cream to regular Gvim).