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Lucia Clover

This post is submitted by Lucia Clover associated with SureVin one of the leading service providers of BPO, IT services, Skill Development & Training program, Digital Solutions & Marketing, Data Enrichment & Management Service, and HR Consultancy to our clients.

Voice Broadcasting Service. About Voice Broadcasting SureVin Voice Broadcasting Technology makes it easy for sales, marketing, and supports in sending out own personalized and interactive voice broadcasts.

Voice Broadcasting Service

Our cloud-based software helps you to create your IVR or voice notification, to do this, simply upload a spreadsheet with the contact numbers you wish to target, and let SureVin do the rest. You can send thousands of voice messages without touching a phone at once. You can easily create a message or upload your own message in multiple languages using our text-to-speech feature. Outbound Call Center Services, BPO Service. About Outbound Call Center Service.

Outbound Call Center Services, BPO Service

Inbound Call Centre Service, BPO Services. About Inbound Call Center Service SureVin offers fully dedicated and integrated inbound call center solutions to assist our clients in acquiring more customers, increase revenue and reduce operating expenses.

Inbound Call Centre Service, BPO Services

We are a reputed and well-established outsourcing company, which has handled operations of inbound customer service to several global organizations across a wide-range of domains for more than 15 years. Data Enrichment & Management Service. About Document Digitalization In today’s digital world, SureVin helps you in yielding tremendous benefits by converting your paper-based records to electronic documents resulting reduced physical records storage requirements, distribution of information across your organization, streamlining access and reducing records management costs. There are many pitfalls that can ruin the effectiveness of an imaging solution.

Relying on our expertise, you can redesign your current program or implement a new document conversion program with confidence of achieving your goals without capital investment and uncertain outcomes of an in-house solution. Imaging a roadmap our dedicated team of ‘Document Digitalization’ will work with you to design a document in order to achieve your short and long term objectives. Together, we design a document conversion approach in order to achieve your targeted efficiency gains.

Skill Development and Training Program. About Skill Development (NSDC Partner) SureVin set up to facilitate the development and upgrading of the skills of Students & the growing Indian workforce through skill development programs.

Skill Development and Training Program

The Skills Development Service provides a range of courses aimed at building your confidence, improving your transferable skills and increasing your employability potential. In today’s economic climate, companies think very carefully before they take on graduates and new recruits. Now that degrees are becoming the norm, it is additional skills such as communication, leadership and presentation skills which allow employers to differentiate from pools of exceptional candidates. Virtual Reality Content. About Virtual Reality Virtual Reality or VR is rapidly growing in popularity among the biggest brands in the world and with its growing demand for VR content.

Virtual Reality Content

SureVin offers end-to-end production for your next VR project whether it is going to be used as a presentation tool on your next tradeshow or as a highlight of your next marketing campaign. Case studies shows that having a Virtual Reality experience for your brand will surely increase your presence at any event and experience will continue even after the event is over. SureVin VR creates a story behind the experience and provides necessary gear to experience virtual reality. People started realizing the possibilities as soon as the technology playbacks a 360 degree video coupled with devices that accept input from the viewer, and gives them the control. While our 360 videos among the best available are for conventional playback, we believe they surely outshines when used with VR Headsets. IT Solution & Business Consulting.

About Us SureVin is one of the leading ISO 9001:2008 certified service providers of IT Solution & Business Services, Outsourcing Services , Digital Solutions & Marketing, Data Enrichment & Management Service, Skill Development & Training Program, and HR Consultancy to our clients.

IT Solution & Business Consulting

With the right balance of technical expertise and vast industry knowledge, SureVin strives to create customer satisfaction considering the nature of work with an innovative approach maintaining integrity and confidentiality of the business. Our biggest asset is an efficient staff with technical expertise alonged with amazing infrastructure, with a well-trained army of work oriented professionals that implies a perfect blend of youth led by experienced personals in the field of management and telecommunication. SureVin have a vast 15 years of experience in team-management that leads the company towards accomplishment and vibrant growth. IT Services, Digital Solutions & Business Consulting. Social Media Marketing Services. IT Services & Business Consulting.

Software Product Engineering Services & Solutions. About Software Product Engineering Businesses both technical and non-technical are faced with intense competition at times, which requires a constant launch cycle, continuous innovation, and high-quality software development, along-with enhanced time-to-market.

Software Product Engineering Services & Solutions

It is crucial that software engineering efforts are connected with a deeper understanding of business and user contexts. Web Content Development Services. About Content Development In SureVin, we specialize in performance content and we don’t produce content just for content’s sake.

Web Content Development Services

Inbound marketing is not a sprint it’s like a marathon and it has been proven with time that rushing to the finish line will cause burn out early in the game. With careful skill training program , at the right speed and agility along-with necessary actions to succeed, we deliver results like you have never seen before. Web Application Development. About WEB Design & Development At SureVin, we design your website keeping your business targeted area in mind.

Web Application Development

Our dedicated team of professionals, graphic artists and designers are well-trained and experienced in web designing. Design and layout of your website are the most integral components of your online success. Most cases you will have got only 10 seconds to impress site visitors with the design, info-graphics and professionalism, post which visitor will decide to continue browsing the website for more information or simply leave. At SureVin, you will web design solutions with an instant impact and a positive impression from the site visitor; synonymous with your web site design. Our priority is to start designing the website on the analysis of your targeted market and give a design which is most likely to appeal your customers to visit it.

PHP : Support for MySQL, Apache, and more; PHP is easy to use and quick to create advanced applications. Website Design And Web Development Company. About Web Presence SureVin helps businesses to create a powerful web presence, including different-aspects of websites, digital content,digital commerce social pages, and analytics, along-with overall web strategy.

Website Design And Web Development Company

We assists with CMS-based responsive web design and modern websites, robust blogging platforms, infrastructure and hosting, design support for campaigns, digital social media marketing, photo galleries on social profiles, and much more. We help in building and maintaining a web presence in a strategic endeavor centralized to an organization’s growth and marketing. Internet of Things.