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Union council of minister in 2019 ? Harappa/Indus civilization (2500BC-1750BC) Haryanka Dynasty - The Role of Bimibisara,Ajatsatru and Udayin. Chandragupta 1 : ( 319-334 ) AD / The First ruler. Fundamental of computer : Hardcopy, softcopy, input unit & output unit ? Fist generation of computer definition and Short notes? Evolution of computer are six types of computers : Definition, types & instructions.

Generation of computers definition. Generation of computers definition The term "generation" Was used to distinguish varying hardware technologies but now it has been extended to include both hardware and software.

generation of computers definition

Classification of computer based on size. Classification of computer based on size Computers are mainly classified into three types 1.

classification of computer based on size

Analog computer 2. Digital computer 3. Hybrid computerclassification of computer based on size 1. Analog computers These are the computers based on size that measure the physical quantities like pressure,temperature,land and converts them to numeric values. 2. These are the computers that discrete data is directly counting the numbers, letters,digits,symbols etc. Rio olympics 2016 games. Rio olympics 2016 games • India ranked 67th in the medals tally with a total of 2 medals (1 Silver and 1 Bronze). • The rio olympics 2016 games were inaugurated by the acting President of Brazil.

rio olympics 2016 games

August 05, 2016. • The 2016 Olympic programme featured 42 sports disciplines with 306 events. • India's flag bearer in the opening ceremony in rio olympics 2016 games on Aug. 5, 2016 Abhinav Bindra. • In rio olympics 2016 games , India's 123 athletes participated in 15 sports and won two medals. • rio olympics 2016 games in india's shutler Pusarla V. FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifier India vs Qatar. • India take on the 2022 second FIFA World Cup qualifier match on Tuesday. • India lost on their first match against Oman after taking earlier lead in the match. • Asian champion Qatar defeated by Afghanistan in their first qualified match. • After Five day the heartbreaking defeated against by Oman, India will be facing on Asian Champions Qatar in their second match of second round in The FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifier. • The first match, Sunil Chhetri and Co suffered loss the match against by Oman Guwahati on 5 September .

FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifier India vs Qatar

Tally Accounting definition : Basic Fundamental in Accounting. Microsoft Office word 2019 : New various Version Ms word. Current affairs quiz 2019 : One line question answer quiz. ISRO Lost Chandrayaan-2 Lander Vikram Contact /latest news. ISRO Lost Chandrayaan-2 Lander Vikram Contact :- The ISRO has lost contact with Chandrayaan-2's lander Vikram and rover pragyan housed inside it on September 7,2019.Earlier in the day, ground station lost contact with the lander during it's powered descents to the lunar surface minutes before the planned touch-down.

ISRO Lost Chandrayaan-2 Lander Vikram Contact /latest news

Major highlight :- Miss India 2019. Samudragupta the ruler of Gupta period 335-380 AD? Samudragupta : 335-380 AD• Samudra Gupta Was the greatest kingdom of Gupta period. • The most details and authentic records of his region is preserved in the prayaag prasasti/allahabad pillar inscription, composed by his court poet Harisena. • According to Prayaga Prasati he was a great conquer. • Samudra Gupta is military companies justice description of him Malaya island in the Napoleon by V.

Samudragupta the ruler of Gupta period 335-380 AD?

A Smith.• Titles:Kaviraj I.e king poets (prayaga prasati ) param Bhagavati ( Nalanda copper plate) , Ashamedha -Parakrama I. Definition, internet access & internet protocol. Definition of Internet :- Internet is a network computer network which has a global presence.

Definition, internet access & internet protocol

It connects million of computers. The internet is influencing our lives remarkably. This influence is going to increase with time. Ancient history of India Buddhist Era. The Buddhist Era During the presence time of Lord Gautam Buddha, sixteen phenomenal powers (Mahajanpadas) existed in the seventh and mid 6th many years BC.

Ancient history of India Buddhist Era

Among the more noteworthy republics were the Sakyas of Kapilavastu and the Licchavis of Vaishali. Other than the republics, there were monarchical states, among which the critical ones were Kaushambi (Vatsa), Magadha, Kosala and Avanti. Most Important date and day in January Month ? Create e-mail account - Free sign in gmail account. E-mail :- The e-mail stands for electronic mail.

Create e-mail account - Free sign in gmail account

It is an electronic way of sending and receiving digital messages. Create e-mail account can consist of text, picture, audio, video, and some other files. Ray Timilson discovered @ sign , so he is considered the invetor of e-mail. Registering for e-mail service :- Second generation of computer 1956-65. Chandragupta II 'Vikramaditya The king of Gupta period 380-414 AD? Chandragupta II 'Vikramaditya': 380-414 AD • According to Devi Chandragupta (Vishakhadatta).

Chandragupta II 'Vikramaditya The king of Gupta period 380-414 AD?

Samudragupta wa succeeded by Ram Gupta. It seems Ramgupta ruled for a very short period He was the only Gupta ruler to issue copper coins. • Ramagupta, a coward and impotent king agreed to surrender his queen Baaders to Saka invader. But the prince Chandragupta II, the younge brother of the king, resolved to go to the enemy's camp in the guise of the quee with a view to kill the hated enemy Chandragupta II succeeded in killing the Saka ruler. • Chandragupta II also succeeded in killing Ramgupta, and not only seized his kingdom but also married his widow Dhruvadevi.• Chandragupta Il extended the limits of empire by matrimonial alliances (with the Nagas and Vakatakas) and conquests (Western India). Third generation of computer ? Computer software and hardware. Hardware :- All the electronic components and physical components which can be seen and touch is called Hardware. Example : keyboard, monitor, mouse and the system units.

Additional Computer software and hardware components can be added to your system are the modem, printer, scanner, etc. Software :- A set of program which run in the computers and can not be seen and touch this is called software. Computer software and hardware set of commands ( instructions) which are arranged logically to perform a specific task is called software. Microsoft Excel definition : spread sheet & data management. Microsoft Excel definition :- Microsoft excel is a powerful spread program. This unit introduces excel as a spread sheet, which comprises grid of rows and columns.