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Patient Care Begins with Patient-Provider Communication. Patient-provider communication is crucial and has always been a cornerstone of clinical care, especially in times of the pandemic.

Patient Care Begins with Patient-Provider Communication

It is the improved patient outcomes that are linked to stronger doctor-patient relationships. As the relevance of the patient-doctor interaction grows, it is critical to comprehend the factors that influence this relationship and its significance. Interpersonal Communication In Healthcare Interpersonal communication in healthcare is the ability of a healthcare provider to listen and understand a patient’s concerns and attend to them. The aspect of decision making through engagement and sharing experiences is also a great process that aid in successful doctor-patient communication.

Higher Level of patient satisfaction.Understanding more on the patient’s condition by doctors.Improved life quality of patient.Improved adherence to treatments.Boosts patient’s confidence.Anxiety and depression are reduced. 1 Assists patients to feel calm 2 Patients feel more involved. Effective Patient Education Improving Telehealth Implementation. Patient health education is essential, especially when it comes to chronic disease treatment.

Effective Patient Education Improving Telehealth Implementation

Patients receive vital disease-related knowledge via educational support, which empowers them to participate in their health. However, the majority of individuals with chronic illnesses are unable to obtain enough education. As a result, the patient’s ability to self-manage is hampered, and the disease progresses negatively. Due to various reasons, such as time, location, and expense, traditional education through face-to-face contact with a healthcare professional has become less viable and convenient. we will look at the importance of patient education in healthcare and how it has influenced patients’ overall health.

Significance of Patient Health Education. Ensuring Digital Compliance with Web Accessibility Services. The pandemic pushed everyone, including people with special needs and disabilities, to embrace new digital behaviors for multiple purposes and expedited e-dependence.

Ensuring Digital Compliance with Web Accessibility Services

Hence, business owners need to focus on creating accessible websites for all. There are a few businesses that observe due diligence for digital accessibility. A report says that only 1% of websites meet the accessibility standards. At the same time, there are 7 million people with visual disabilities in the USA. In this scenario, business owners should opt for an inclusive approach to elevate the digital experience for everyone with the help of web accessibility. How to Install PostgreSQL and PostGIS in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Though there are PostgreSQL Operators to fully manage PostgreSQL High Availability (HA) installations in Kubernetes (K8S), sometimes you don’t need HA.

How to Install PostgreSQL and PostGIS in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

For many small applications, you just need a single instance of PostgreSQL with daily backup. For these cases, simple K8S deployment with persistent volume and once in 24 hours backup with K8S CronJob is fine. I will show you how to run a single instance of PostgreSQL with daily backups in this post. The Role of Mobile App Analytics To Build Successful Apps. When it comes to mobile applications, monitoring user data for every business owner is really necessary to gain a competitive edge and observe a consistent growth trajectory.

The Role of Mobile App Analytics To Build Successful Apps

Many businesses are already practicing it to boost their user engagement and traffic. However, with a whopping 7.10 billion smartphone users and 8.9 million mobile apps across the globe, getting a hold of your mobile app analytics becomes a tough job. But not to worry, this blog shall cover all the major aspects of these analytics, how they work, their advantages, and why they’re necessary for your app retention and engagement. Significance of iOS 15 Health Data App Features for Sharing Health Records. The iOS 15 launch has introduced a new feature called the health data app that lets providers share data through electronic medical records.

Significance of iOS 15 Health Data App Features for Sharing Health Records

The iOS 15 update allows patients who are using the data sharing option on their health apps enabling doctors to remotely monitor their data including heart rates and time utilized in exercising. This new feature allows providers to keep track of the patient metrics that are relevant to the health of the patient without involving any extra steps for manually sharing the information. While this is truly a useful upgrade to share health information via healthcare apps, necessary safety protocols need to be in place considering the level of personal and sensitive data being shared. Mobile App Development Process - Step 4 Development. This blog series highlights the most important step of your mobile app development process after creating the design and prototype – ‘Development’.

Mobile App Development Process - Step 4 Development

Our professionals have compiled a list of standards to be taken care of while building your application. You’ll also come across different app development methodologies that would help you establish a highly responsive final product. Furthermore, you can go through our checklist of key app development elements that should not be neglected at any cost. Indeed, we’ll help you select the best technology stack and guide you along the best coding practices to boost your app-building process.

But first, let’s understand what mobile app development exactly means and what’s in it for you. Kotlin vs. Java - What to Choose in 2022 to Build Android Apps Faster? Indeed, developing Android apps helps you engage with your target audience better and gives your business the needed agility to create a niche in today’s competitive market.

Kotlin vs. Java - What to Choose in 2022 to Build Android Apps Faster?

But picking up the right programming language to support this agility is not an easy task. Convenient Access to Care Bridging the Gap with Automated Scheduling. It was seen that a broad range of vulnerable populations didn’t have access to high-quality public health care.

Convenient Access to Care Bridging the Gap with Automated Scheduling

Addressing the health equity issue has been a challenge for many governments across the world. It’s an issue that has become more visible thanks to the pandemic. It has changed the way we look at healthcare services today. UI Changes with Android 12 Update: What’s Changed? Google unveiled Android 12, the most expressive OS featuring personalization, enhanced privacy, security, location, and other appealing features that transform the user experience.

UI Changes with Android 12 Update: What’s Changed?

It is available for Google’s own Pixel devices right now. It has made the phone better in terms of usability, functionality, accessibility, stability, and performance. With over 100 new user-centric functions and usability tweaks, Android 12 has upgraded the entire user interface (UI) with a more comfortable, dynamic, and personal operating system. You can find the list of prominent features from our previous blog – Android 12, Its New Features, And APIs and explore meaningful UI/UX changes for your phone. Today, we will discuss how this significant OS would bring a change to your smartphone UI, what is new, what’s changed, how the latest update of Google would affect your mobile applications UI, etc. Predictive Analytics in Healthcare Ensuring Seamless Rides for Patients. Be it a ride home from appointments or visiting a doctor, delayed arrivals aren’t preferable.

The population living in underserved and rural areas, unfortunately, face a lot of wait time when it comes to transportation they can depend on. This can affect the health and well-being of people and impede the entire patient experience. The barriers to transportation directly correlate to challenges in healthcare accessibility. These barriers pave the path for delayed and missed appointments and medication requirements in care delivery services. Technology Advancements Ensuring Hassle-free Last Mile Delivery. The ultimate step of supply chain operations that regulates a product’s journey from a storehouse to the doorstep or any other preferred location of the end-consumer is known as last-mile delivery. This last step of the delivery process is crucial and can lead to quick and efficient shipping if managed well.

From $39.57 billion in 2020, the global last-mile delivery market size is projected to reach $66 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 8.9% during 2021-2026. These statistics are enough to state that it has become imperative for business professionals to take full advantage of last-mile delivery technology to create a niche in this growing market. The Latest Last-mile Technology Trends From delegating the workforce to mark delivery products to automating the entire process manually, the last-mile dispatch landscape is seeing major technological breakthroughs in this current digital age. Role of Teledermatology in Improving Patient Satisfaction. The impact of healthcare in the realm of virtual clinics via digital advancements, dermatological services has been observed to have the least virtual accessibility in digitized clinics. Teledermatology, a subspecialty category utilizes interactive and real-time sessions with patients in regards to skin-related concerns through audio-visual telecommunication services.

Android 12, Its New Features, And APIs. Android 12 is live now! Its source code is available to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) Git repositories. Usually, Google uploads source code after releasing its stable build for Android devices. But this time, breaking the release tradition, Google has rolled out the Android 12 build after releasing the source code. And it’s available for the Pixel series. Google has released the Android 12 source code under the Apache License Version 2.0.

Digital Health Tools For Small Physician Practices in the Modern World. Healthcare professionals are recognizing the growth in online healthcare services to improve their reach. Digital health tools such as AI and IoT devices have changed the landscape of online healthcare significantly, and small physician practices need to adopt these tools as well. In this article, we’ll be discussing the trends and practices in telehealth for small physicians practices and healthcare professionals.

Staying One Step Ahead of Viral Healthcare According to Deloitte, a major part of the healthcare industry will be moved online by 2024. At least a quarter of most well-being services would shift to online modes within the next two decades. Hospital admission costs can be reduced due to remote patient monitoring, and patient satisfaction and recovery rates can significantly improve since the logistics no longer create a problem, or increase costs.

Why Use an Effective Corporate Carpooling App? Android 11 and Android 10: What’s Changed? Android is by far the most popular operating system (OS), with 2.5 billion active users across the globe. Its origin dates back to 2008, with the arrival of Android 1.0 that didn’t have a codename. Mobile App Development Process – Step 3 Mobile App Design. This blog series defines every design aspect of your mobile app development process and gives you a glimpse into the entire app designing process. You’ll get detailed insights into UI/UX design approach, why it’s important, and how businesses can implement it the right way. Apple’s Latest Announcement for Developers: Apps Supporting Account Creation Must Offer Account Deletion. Today, Apple has come up with an important announcement for app developers. The announcement states that the apps on the Apple App Store that allow account creation for its users should also enable them with the account deletion from within the app.

5G Health: Transforming Patient Care Technology in 2021. 5G internet use can go beyond our mobile phones and computers. Cloud Computing Service: A Way Forward to Digital Transformation. In today’s digital age, leveraging cloud technology has become the need of the hour. Care Coordination: Transforming Healthcare Delivery For Patients. The healthcare system is complicated. Creating COVID Vaccine Equity to Enhance Community Care Coordination. Elevate Guest Experiences with Event Transportation Management Solution. Effective event transportation management is the key to hosting successful events. It involves managing procurement, fleet operations, routing and dispatch operations, and staff and driver requirements. Enterprise IT Security to Manage Digital Threats And Risks.

How Optimizing Mobile App Performance Improves User Experiences? Enriching Patient Care Experience by Shifting Access to Care Priorities. Private Pay Transportation Ensuring Immense Insurance Transformation for NEMT Services. Updated CPT Codes Elevating Remote Patient Monitoring Systems in 2021. Key Solutions to Effectively Combat Enterprise Mobility Challenges. How Healthcare Experience Design Transforms Patient Experience Through Human-centered Innovation? Medicare Transportation Services Upgrading Transit Opportunities to its Beneficiaries. Mobile App Development Process - Step 1 Ideation & Product Discovery. A Complete Guide to HIPAA Compliant App. Prescription Delivery Services Transforming Rx Management in 2021.

Health Transportation Services Assisting Providers with NEMT Enhancing Transportation Provisions. Approaching App Redesign: A Simple Guide for Maximizing Your App Merit. How to Mitigate Protected Health Information Risks. Mobile App Development For 2021 And Beyond. A Strategic Approach to Telehealth Diabetes Care Management Program. Top 34 Techniques to Get 100,000 Downloads for your App. All About Apple iOS 15 Update – Overview and Features. Expanding Care Delivery Services with Telehealth Access for Senior Care. Jquery Datatable Ajax Tutorial With Example Project. Definitive Impact of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services on Care Delivery. Nurturing Health Systems with Medication Adherence Technology. Enhancing Patient Experience Through Design Thinking. How to Hire Mobile App Developers for Your Company. Mobile Health Screening Facilitates Mobile Testing for Vulnerable Communities. A Guide to Bus Routing Software Planning Tours in 2021.

Minimizing Insurance Cost for NEMT Services. Minimizing Insurance Cost for NEMT Services. Telehealth Paving the Way for Digital Mental Health. Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) Improving Health Data Interoperability. Why Should Companies Use the Golang Programming Language? Telehealth Propelling Chronic Care Management in 2021. Digital Mental Health Tools Are Revolutionizing Mental Health Care. Intelligent Transportation System - Best Option for Smart Cities. Hire Offshore Developers For A Comprehensive Development Solution. HL7 Integration Services: An Immersive Health Protocol for Quality Care Delivery. Kitkat vs Lollipop: Which Android Version is Better? - Mobisoft Infotech. Digital Product Engineering Services Accelerating Business Growth.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services Enhancing Access to Home Health Care. Improving Patient Data Security and Interoperability with EHR Integration. How to Reduce Employee Transportation Costs Efficiently? Why ReactJS for Enterprise Application Development is Better. Definitive Impact of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services on Care Delivery. Employee Transport Management System Improving Employee Transportation. Flutter vs. React Native vs. Xamarin: Which One to Choose for Cross-platform App Development? Why Route Optimization App for Android and iOS is Need of the Hour?

iOS Development with Swift: Apple’s Programming Language of the Future. Kotlin for Android Development for Your Next Application Venture. Safe Traveling for Frontline Workers via Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services Amidst COVID-19. Simplifying NEMT Claims and Medicaid Billing through Transportation Management Software. Patient Monitoring Systems Enabling Efficient Self-Service Reporting Management. Why Online Grocery Businesses Need Delivery Management Software? How Electronic Proof of Delivery Enhances Your Logistics Operations? Documenting Risk Adjustment Profiles for Better Value-based Healthcare.

How to publish an Android App on Google Play Store? - Mobisoft Infotech. All About Apple iOS 14 Update - Overview and Features. Wearable Technology: The Coming Revolution in Digital Health. Accelerating COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution through NEMT Services. Why Optimizing Telehealth Services is Important for the Healthcare Sector? The Future of Logistics and Supply Chain Management with AR and VR. How Does Instacart Work? Let’s Take a Deep Dive - Mobisoft Infotech. Healthcare Startups: Barriers and Facilitators of Growth. How to Optimize Customer Returns Management with the Right Technology? Emerging E-commerce Market for Pet Drugs Online. Wearable Devices With mHealth Apps: Integration and Implementation. Delivery Done smarter: How Mobile Creates Efficiencies from Order to Delivery. How 5G is Going to Transform Mobile Application Development.

Mobile Communications: Transforming Supply Chain Management Solution on the Go. Automated Warehousing System Augmenting Warehouse Operations for Your Business. Virtual Healthcare Technology: A Disruption In Medical And IT Industry. Revolution In Healthcare Industry With Telemedicine Software Development. Delivery Management Software Improving Last-mile Deliveries in 2021. A Holistic Approach to Value-Based Care for Chronic Kidney and End-Stage Renal Disease. Last-mile Delivery Services Streamlining Delivery Process. Transitioning to Value-Based Care: Reimagining Care Delivery by Primary Care Providers.

Last-mile Delivery Services and Possible Transportation Scenarios Post COVID-19.