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Football fans and Political protests

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28 football fans killed in ‘deliberate massacre’: Ultras. At least 22 football fans were killed Sunday after police attempted to disperse fans whilst entering the Air Force Stadium in Cairo.

28 football fans killed in ‘deliberate massacre’: Ultras

Security forces deployed at the Air Defence Stadium dispersed Zamalek fans before Enppi match on Sunday, at least 22 were killed. (Photo courtesy of UWK fan group official Facebook page) Soccer Deaths Raise Stakes for Egypt's General-Turned-President Al Sisi  The death of at least 40 militant, highly politicized, and street battle-hardened Egyptian soccer fans in clashes with security forces raises the stakes for general-turned-president Abdel Fattah Al Sisi's efforts to suppress political dissent.

Soccer Deaths Raise Stakes for Egypt's General-Turned-President Al Sisi 

The incident is one of the worst in Egyptian sporting history and the latest in a number of mass killings involving security forces since Mr. Al Sisi overthrew of Mohammed Morsi, Egypt's first and only democratically elected president, in a military coup in 2013. At least 19 dead after police fire on Egyptian football supporters. Ribbon of Saint George. The pattern is thought to symbolise fire and gunpowder.

Ribbon of Saint George

It is also thought to be derived from the colours of the original Russian imperial coat of arms (black eagle on a golden background). The Ribbon of St George or St. George's Ribbon (Russian: Георгиевская ленточка, G'yeorgiyevskaya l'yentochka) constitutes one of the most recognised and respected symbols of military valour in modern Russia. How Al Ahly's football fans defended Egypt's revolution. Al Ahly is the most successful football team in African history.

How Al Ahly's football fans defended Egypt's revolution

The Cairo club has won the African Champions League a record six times and 35 Egyptian league titles. One supporter described them to me as an "Egyptian treasure". When I asked what the club means, another fan replied with the simple one word answer: "life". Across the world, football brings hope to people living hard lives in hard times. Boys on Film: Communism & Football. By Dave Bowler The ugly sister of 1930s fascism was communism.

Boys on Film: Communism & Football

Venezuelans on streets again as protest leader awaits trial. Venezuelans have taken to the streets for the second time in ten days in opposing marches for and against the Maduro administration.

Venezuelans on streets again as protest leader awaits trial

The government has asked women to rally around the presidential palace, while the opposition has called on supporters to protest against the country's mounting street crime and to demand the disarmament of violent pro-government groups. What began two weeks ago in the western state of Táchira as a student-led street movement demanding that the government address safety concerns on a university campus following the assault of a student soon spread to other cities. In the capital, Caracas, the street marches were spearheaded by opposition leader Leopoldo López, who called for protests to continue until the president, Nicolás Maduro stepped down from power. López currently awaits trial in a military jail.

Since the protests began, 10 people have died, 137 have been injured and 104 arrested, according to government figures. Why is Ukraine in turmoil? 22 February 2014Last updated at 13:34 ET Ukraine is in turmoil after its bloodiest week in decades.

Why is Ukraine in turmoil?

Days of deadly clashes between anti-government protesters and police have culminated in parliament voting to oust President Viktor Yanukovych. Although he has denounced the act as a coup d'etat, the capital Kiev and his presidential administration are out of his hands. For three months, anti-government protesters were involved in a stand-off with the authorities that oscillated between calm and violence. On 18 February, the violence escalated dramatically, with policemen being shot, and riot police moving in to clear the peaceful protest camp on Independence Square. Bayern Munich embrace anti-Nazi history after 80 years of silence. The Maccabi Munich pitch which bears Kurt Landauer's name.

The first match was played in April 2010. Photograph: Alexandra Beier/Bongarts/Getty Images Bayern Munich have around 12 million fans in Germany, a number that is dwarfed only by those who dislike the club with equal passion. And Bayern would not have it any other way. They actively play on a heightened sense of Bavarian-ness, on a confidence that verges on arrogance and describe themselves as "a family" to create an "us and them" dynamic. Boys on Film: Communism & Football. Catch up. Ukrainian Ultras and the Unorthodox Revolution. By David McArdle and Manuel Veth - The revolutionary fervour sweeping Ukraine in the form of anti-government protests has in recent weeks gained sharp momentum throughout the country’s football supporter community.

Ukrainian Ultras and the Unorthodox Revolution

Events in Egypt and in Turkey provided a reminder of how football supporters can offer a convenient base for organising mass political protests. What is curious about Ukraine’s case, however, is the defensive role these football supporters are playing. Rather than protesting per se they purport to be apolitical, merely protecting those who wish to express their dissent. In Ukraine, much like the aforementioned examples, it appears that a diverse selection of fanatical and extreme football fans, hereon referred to as ‘Ultras’, has formed a temporary alliance, transcending geographical complexities and fierce club rivalries, to the significant detriment of the incumbent regime. Murky Turkish football politics mesh with massive corruption scandal. James M.

Murky Turkish football politics mesh with massive corruption scandal

Dorsey By James M. Dorsey Always murky, Turkish football politics have become even murkier as a politics-laden match-fixing scandal meshes with a corruption investigation that targets Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his closest associates.