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Slideshare Channels. Current Features the of NewsCloud Facebook Application - Open Source Newscloud. hNews 0.1. This document represents a draft microformat specification.

hNews 0.1

Although drafts are somewhat mature in the development process, the stability of this document cannot be guaranteed, and implementers should be prepared to keep abreast of future developments and changes. Watch this wiki page, or follow discussions on the #microformats Freenode IRC channel to stay up-to-date. hNews is a microformat for news content. hNews extends hAtom, introducing a number of fields that more completely describe a journalistic work. hNews also introduces another data format, rel-principles, a format that describes the journalistic principles upheld by the journalist or news organization that has published the news item. hNews will be one of several open standards.

Draft Specification Editor/Author Jonathan Malek (Associated Press) Contributors Stuart Myles (Associated Press) Martin Moore (Media Standards Trust) Mark Ng (Media Standards Trust) Todd B. Copyright Public Domain Contribution Requirement. Patents Introduction. Media monitoring & public relations TV search solution - SnapStream Enterprise. Watch Free Documentaries Online. People Powered Magazines. Google Launches Blog Finder for Any Topic. Google has quietly launched a new feature: search for blogs on any topic.

Google Launches Blog Finder for Any Topic

The company announced the new type of search in a weekly round-up of search updates last week, and respected SEO blogger Bill Slawski argues that the launch may be related to a new Google patent. This has the potential to be a wildly useful service. How many of you have had professional or personal reasons to seek a list of the top blogs on a new topic? I know I, and many people I talk to, find themselves in such need frequently. How do you access the new search? How to Search Google for Blogs by Topic The Google Blogsearch service has for a long time surfaced a small number of blogs related to any search query, above the list of results from a search of blog posts, or entries. Do a search on the general web search interface, I searched for ceramics blogs, semantic web blogs, cloud blogs, social media blogs and more.

How Good Are the Search Results? What would I do with these search results? New Site Aims to Connect Reporters and Publicists.


Top 25 Social Media Keyword Search Tools and Engines. Want to find out who is talking about what in your niche or industry?

Top 25 Social Media Keyword Search Tools and Engines

There are many search engines that allow you to search one or multiple sources of information to see real time results. Check out these popular (and free) blog, forum, and social media search engines. Blogs 1. Technorati Technorati lets you search blogs and posts by topic using the search bar. 2. PostRank allows you to search for blogs on particular topics, as well as see the top blogs in each category based on reader engagement through comments and social sharing. 3. Find CommentLuv enabled blog posts (like this one) on any topic you choose using this search engine. Forum 4. Board Reader allows you to search particular topics that are being discussed on message boards and forums.

Twitter 5. The advanced Twitter search is probably one of the best social media searches actually on the social media site itself. 6. 7. 8. Facebook 9. 10. 11. Video 12. 13. 14. MetaTube doesn’t look like much, appearance-wise, from the homepage.