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Let The Tails Wag

At Let The Tails Wag, we rescue abandoned, injured and stray dogs in distress. It is involved in sterilizations of stray dogs for more than 7 years. Founder, Ittika Duggal feeds more than 60 stray dogs every day.

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Helpline for stray dogs in Delhi. Show your love for homeless dogs. Don't know how to adopt a dog! Know adoption process here. Support a Dog - Rescue street dogs. Join Our Mission-Stray Animal Rescue In Delhi. Vegan Life - letthetailswag. Help Street Dogs - Let The Tails Wag. Love & care for dogs define Ittika Duggal and her mission. Help Street Dogs - Let The Tails Wag. Positive Monday - Let The Tails Wag. Myth Stray Dog Adoption. Stray Dog Adoption-Second Chance for All Lovable Street Dogs. 5 Diligent Animal Shelters in Delhi (that are working 24*7)

The best Animal shelters in Delhi provide round the clock care and treatment to animals in need, attempt to find homes forever for homeless animals and reunite lost pets with their families.

5 Diligent Animal Shelters in Delhi (that are working 24*7)

These animal shelters range is well equipped with single personalized rooms with multiple cages and dedicated state-of-the-art infrastructure with facilities that might rival some hotels. The Animal Shelters in Delhi exists to offer humane shelter and special attention and care to animals and to further help in animal adoption and ownership. Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Center (Image Source: The Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Center was commenced in the year 1980. This shelter is now home to around 5000 animals and is popular as India’s largest Animal Care Center in Delhi. The prominent services offered by the center are IPD, OPD, Dental Care, ICU, OT LAB, Animal Cemetery, Training & First Aid, Horses Grooming, and Free Treatment for different conditions. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Summing Up. Canine Stories - Inspirational rescue stories of stray dogs. Donate For Stray Dogs. Everything You Need To Know About How To Rescue Stray Dogs. Most of the time, it happens that when an animal is injured or is in distress, there are chances that the animals don’t understand your intentions with them and may become aggressive or impatient.

Everything You Need To Know About How To Rescue Stray Dogs

Don’t worry. It’s nothing they have become attacking. It’s just that they are in extreme pain and are unable to raise their voice for it. Be patient and careful with the dog throughout the process. Don’t touch the dog if you think that the dog is frightened or scared. Just keep observing the behaviour and movements of the dog. If the dog is unable to move and is lying in between the way, then try diverting the traffic to the other side of the road to let the stray dog feel safe and secure. Because they are the best thing on our Planet Earth!! □□ #MondayMotivation #LetTheTailsWag #HelpStrayDog #OurStory #AdoptaDog. Story of Motherless Puppies Who Got Fostered. Hey pet lovers how do you start your Monday? Here's how at LTTW, we are dealing with Monday Blues. Some words from proud paw-parents.. #mondaymotivation. Golden Stray Dog Rescue. Story Of Let The Tails Wag. COVID 19 Warriors vs. Stray Warriors: A Pawsitive Initiative to Help Stray Dogs.

Initiatives like Let The Tails Wag (LTTW) is an NGO dedicated to feeding, sterilizing, rescuing of stray animals in distress and also helps in fostering and adoption of stray animals, especially stray dogs.

COVID 19 Warriors vs. Stray Warriors: A Pawsitive Initiative to Help Stray Dogs

LTTW is a four-wheeled rescue service for four-legged furry friends, came forward as Warriors (Saviours) of stray animals. During the prevailing difficult times, LTTW, Led by Animal Activists, like Ittika came forward to help strays in distress. Ittika Duggal single-handedly feeds over 70 stray dogs every day in and around Sector-4, R.K. Puram (SW Delhi). Apparently, the number went on increasing with every extension in lockwdown. When contacted for her comments, Ittika said, “It was hard to see street dogs scrounging for food and water. The provision of e-pass then came as a blessing in disguise for animal feeders. Apart from feeding, Ittika also started placing water bowls at various feeding areas in and around her locality, Sector-4, R.K.

One of LTTW’s supporters Ms.