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Information and ideas related to library makerspaces.

MICROSOFT MAKER SPACE PROJECT - Bunhead With Duct Tape: Making Learning Stick. How to Create Easy DIY MaKeyMaKey Storage. 5 Breadboarding Quick Tips. If you have some free time over the holidays, perhaps you’re planning on finally diving into some electronics projects.

5 Breadboarding Quick Tips

If you’re new to hobby electronics, you may be unfamiliar with breadboards and how they work. Or, if you’re already a seasoned electronics enthusiast, there is always room for hiding a few more fancy tricks up your sleeve. Here are a few breadboarding quick tips that you might find useful regardless of your skill level. Make: Gift Guide 2016. A school library makerspace with Colleen Graves. This post was originally posted on the LAIP in March 2016.

A school library makerspace with Colleen Graves

It remains one of our most popular! Today we have an interview with Colleen Graves, a 2016 Library Journal Mover & Shaker, and a school librarian/maker who has brought a makerspace into her school library. Smart Toy Robot. Connected Toys. DIY Kitty Book Marker « Cute Simple Stuff. Starting a School Makerspace from Scratch. With the National Week of Making behind us, you might be ready to start a makerspace in your school -- but not know where to start.

Starting a School Makerspace from Scratch

Will purchasing a costly 3D printer and the latest robotics kit ensure learning and maker success? What are some steps to starting a successful makerspace from scratch? Step 1: Immerse Yourself in Maker Education Before you can build your own community of makers, you need to join one! Immerse yourself in makerspaces by joining a summer maker camp like Exploratorium's Tinkering Fundamentals or the virtual Camp Google for cheap and easy STEM ideas, but most importantly: make stuff! Step 2: Get Others Involved. Makerspaces in the school library environment 1yl39z1. Questions About Coloring & Makerspace.

Reader Mail Bag!

Questions About Coloring & Makerspace

I get questions ALL the time from our dear PLN & blog readers! Mostly through Twitter and sometimes through email. Let's answer this one I got this morning about my recent Zen of Coloring & Makerspace Starter Kit blog posts! Gwyenth, Congratulations on your blog award! I looked at your blog, and I am intrigued by your coloring corner post. Some really good questions, here! Dianarendinapresents - AASL 15. Skip to main content Get your brand new Wikispaces Classroom now and do "back to school" in style. guest Join | Help | Sign In dianarendinapresents Home.

dianarendinapresents - AASL 15

Eli7095. Makerspace-Playbook-Feb-2013.pdf. Resources for Creating a Makerspace. Are you ready to create your own Makerspace?

Resources for Creating a Makerspace

Would you like some help? The Makerspace Lab website is designed to provide teachers, technology directors, librarians, hacker space designer and community leaders with information on how to make a Makerspace. C31%20very%20small%20 %20Copy.

Teen Tech Week 2016

Computer Parts & Accessories, Software, Games, TVs, Cameras - Makerspace PD. Makerspace Reference Info. Wearable Electronics. Maker Materials. Maker Projects. 3-D Printer Information. Category: Strawbees - iCreate iLearn. TEDxNYED - April 28, 2012 - Jaymes Dec. Make It at the Library: Where Idaho Makers Meet. Project Overview: This is a pilot project implemented in 2012-2013.

Make It at the Library: Where Idaho Makers Meet

The project is designed to support the creation of Makerspaces in Idaho libraries and encourage the delivery of library services to digital users “where they live.” The Commission will provide the necessary materials and trainings to implement creative, STEAM-based programming for tweens and teens. The project will encourage the use of new technologies and tools to: Support access to information and services in new and collaborative ways.Keep teens and tweens engaged with the emerging trends in information access.Introduce the concept of stealth programming as a way to involve tweens and teens in informal programming. Year Three We will also be piloting the project with two school libraries this year: Centennial High School LibraryHeritage Middle School Library We received excellent applications this year which made the process of choosing the libraries particularly difficult.

February 17-19, 2015 Workshop Information Method. Creating-a-design-challenge-tip-sheet.pdf. TinkerMill - The Longmont Makerspace - TINKERMILL. Creating a School Library Makerspace: The Beginning of a Journey. Our library at Silver Creek High School in Longmont, CO is an active hub for extracurricular activities.

Creating a School Library Makerspace: The Beginning of a Journey

We host an Anime Club, monthly Poetry Slams, and Book Buddies, but I felt like we could do more. I wanted something that I could tie to student learning which would promote inquiry, giving students opportunities to solve problems and find answers to questions. My assistant and I began looking at innovative library programs and community partnerships. Many of the teacher librarians in my professional network have been expanding their libraries by adding makerspace opportunities, classroom collaboration, and even 3-D printers. I used these folks as inspiration. Makerspaces are a natural evolution for libraries. No need to reinvent the wheel. Make It @ Your Library. Design Make Share: An Outline for MAKING in the Classroom. Ready to dive into 3D printing in the classroom?

Design Make Share: An Outline for MAKING in the Classroom

Your students and colleagues will be energized by having access to the latest technology. But be careful, if you just start printing without a clear instructional plan in place, your 3D printer could become just a toy factory. Design Make Share is a method for integrating MAKING in the classroom. This method applies to 3D printers and any other type of MAKING from cardboard and scissors to laser cutters and CNC machines. Here is an instructional outline for MAKING in the classroom. PROBLEM/CHALLENGE: Students want to solve a problem, fill a need or answer a question. DESIGN: Students design, brainstorm, sketch, hypothesize a solution to the problem. Resources: Makerspaces and Hackerspaces. Makerspaces @ your library - Chesterfield County Public Schools Library Services Page - LibGuides at Chesterfield County Public Schools.

The Maker Space Difference: Amazing Inquiry, Shared Learning. Students work with the new 3-D printer.

The Maker Space Difference: Amazing Inquiry, Shared Learning

“Is it true? Do we have a 3-D printer?” When I put our new 3-D printer in the window of the school library, not only were my own maker space students interested, but the rest of the school seemed to take note. Some of you have been curious about how this new maker space project is coming along, so here’s an update. The library unofficially opened our maker space in January after receiving all kinds of goodies from a DonorsChoose fundraiser and other grants. The purchases tumbled out of boxes and students explored each item. Thingiverse nameplate The students and I decided to meet after school every Wednesday to learn all we could together. The students have programmed and raced the two Sphero Robotic Balls, even trying them under water! Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human perception.

YALSA%20Making%20Toolkit. Creating an Authentic Maker Education Rubric. While many teachers are excited about the maker movement and may even be creating projects for their classrooms, assessment can be puzzling even to veteran classroom teachers. How can teachers prove that deep, rich learning is occurring through making? How do we justify a grade to students and parents alike, especially to the student who "just isn’t good at art"? By crafting a three-part rubric that assesses process, understanding, and product, teachers can rest assured that they are covering all the bases. Part 1: Process The process of making in the classroom needs to be incorporated in the final grade.

Practical implementation of an educational makerspace - pt. 3. Make It @ Your Library. MakerSpace. EdWebet54 - Participatory Learning.