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Woodworking Projects for Beginners. Jacob's Ladder. A Mad Scientist laboratory is not complete without a Jacob's Ladder.

Jacob's Ladder

If you have always wanted one as a prop for Halloween or just to display, then this instructable will show you how to build one. It is very simple to make and you only need two components to make it happen. Please vote for me for the Halloween Decorations contest. If you wanted to know why the arc ends up going vertical instead of staying at the same spot, here's an explanation from Wikipedia. "When high voltage is applied to the gap, a spark forms across the bottom of the wires where they are nearest each other, rapidly changing to an electric arc. This Instructable involves the use of High Voltage and if you are not careful, you will be seriously injured or killed! Make sure to keep it away from everyone that views it by placing it in a clear housing or placing it in an area where it can be viewed and NOT touched.

Avec LED

Tesla Coil Projects. High Voltage. Most of us are quite fascinated by lighting storms...first you see a big flash, then you hear a tremendous BOOM!

High Voltage

Sometimes you wish you could make your own sparks...well you can! With these Instructables you can make loud snapping sparks, arcs, plasma globes, impressive Jacobs' ladders, and you could even modulate an arc to play music! Want to start making your own sparks 'n' arcs? Then check out some of these great DIY high voltage Instructables! This instructable will show you how to make one of those cool lightning globes with about $5.00 worth of parts.WARNING Just like my Monitor Hack instructable, this makes use of some very high voltage.... In this Instructable you will learn how to make a High Voltage High Frequency power supply in 5 minutes and for less than $20.All you need is a compact fluorescent light (CFL) and a flyback transforme... This classic climbing arc completes any mad scientist's dungeon.

Are you tired of those old black speakers that only just make sounds? MaKey MaKey: An Invention Kit for Everyone (Official Site) Make A Water Leyden Jar. Here is another type of high voltage capacitors - a Salt Water Leyden Jar!

Make A Water Leyden Jar

Don't know what a leyden jar is? No worries! Read here on Wikipedia! The water leyden jar is easier to make than a normal leyden jar because putting foil tape perfectly on the inside of the container can be very difficult. If the foil tape job is messy, it can cause a lot of corona discharge, therefor draining its charge very quickly. Make your own Lightning Globe! Here's a list of supplies I used: 1.

Make your own Lightning Globe!

Large, clear light bulbNot just any light bulb will work. It must be one that has been gas filled. Typically, anything 60 watts or higher should work. Lower wattage bulbs typically have a vaccuum. 60 watt and higher usually have an argon nitrogen mix, which lights up nicely! I found a 5 inch 60 watt bulb for about $2.49 at the hardware store. The Much Larger Board of Many Ping-Pong Balls. Firstly - I sell (or try to sell :-) ) kits.

The Much Larger Board of Many Ping-Pong Balls

Unfortunately, I am a Brit (not actually unfortunate, just impractical). This means shipping abroad is expensive. Very expensive. This means that for this, I cannot sell the wood parts, or anything that is not the electronics. If you buy a kit you get all the network cables, PCBs, ICs, Components, and LEDs. Secondly - The stand and frame are the only things that were manufactured by hand. Thirdly - Ah the joys of copyright. Machine de Wimshurst. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Machine de Wimshurst

Machine de Wimshurst La machine de Wimshurst est une machine électrostatique inventée en 1882 par l'anglais James Wimshurst. Electrostatic Machines. Electrostatic machines are electromechanical devices that produce "static electricity", or electricity at continuous (DC) high voltage.

Electrostatic Machines

They were fundamental in the early studies about electricity, started in the XVII century, in the form of "friction machines", and their development culminated at the end of the XIX century with the development of powerful "influence machines". Today, some specialized uses for them continue to exist, but they are mostly seen as demonstration devices in physics laboratories, with much of their history forgotten. I started experimenting with these machines by 1973, building a first series of machines. With this I learned a lot about electricity, and I still think that all people interested in electricity or electronics shall try these machines to get a real feel of the subject. At least, high voltage static electricity is something that you can see and feel. Está também disponível uma seção em português.

"Ignis ubique latet, naturam amplectitur omnem" Machine de Wimshurst. Article paru dans le Bulletin de Liaison des Professeurs de Sciences et de Technologie n 3, septembre 1975, publi par le CRDP de Strasbourg , et rdit dans le BULLETIN DE L'UNION DES PHYSICIENS No 696, juillet, aot, septembre 1987, page 881.

Machine de Wimshurst

Mises jour en italique. Affichage optimis pour 600 x 800. - [ Prudence ] - [ Construction ] - [ Expriences ] - [ Liens ] - [ Photos, dont celles de M.O.F. 2000 ] Mise jour : 18/06/2001. Les expriences d'lectrostatique sont certainement parmi les plus spectaculaires et les plus attrayantes des cours de Physique. Elles veillent toujours l'intrt, souvent l'enthousiasme de l'auditoire. Certaines expriences sont parfaitement comprhensibles par de jeunes lves : attractions - rpulsions, isolants - conducteurs. Les applications industrielles de l'lectrostatique se dveloppent : peinture lectrostatique - photocopie par xrographie piges fumes - dpoussirage, etc.

Pourquoi la machine de Wimshurst ? Sa construction ne ncessite aucun ajustement prcis.