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Does investment in paid search brand campaigns deliver incremental revenue? For this month’s post I thought I’d share a practical example of how you can use testing to validate the impact of your paid search campaigns.

Does investment in paid search brand campaigns deliver incremental revenue?

This is aimed at client-side digital marketing teams and agency staff who are learning the paid search ropes and might not fully understand the interaction between SEO and PPC. Creative Testing For the Advanced Search Marketer, Part 1. In a search landscape where millions of keywords define intent, generating the most compelling creative can prove to be a daunting task.

Creative Testing For the Advanced Search Marketer, Part 1

Understanding your audience and formulating a message might be easy, but packaging up that message within the narrow limits of a 130 character creative can be a challenge. For paid search programs both big and small, creative optimization remains one of the single most impactful strategies for increasing traffic, lowering costs and acquiring more revenue. To optimize creative, search marketers rely on testing. Continuously generating, analyzing and iterating on new creative delivers incremental improvements in keyword-to-creative relevancy. Furthermore, testing helps marketers discover more compelling creative messaging to increase visitor engagement with the conversion funnel after the click.

But more importantly, compelling creative promotes higher conversion rates and more revenue. Select An Appropriate Test Limit Opportunity Cost Test Keyword Tokens. 10 Great Adwords Options For Boosting Conversions. We all know that Adwords is the most used system in the world to drive paid traffic to websites.

10 Great Adwords Options For Boosting Conversions

The Adwords system is an extensive system with a lot of complex options to optimize campaigns and increase conversions. Advanced PPC managers should already know all of these features, but beginners and intermediate level Adwords users can definitely get some new inspiration and ideas from this list to boost up performance. In this article, I will highlight 10 features that I love and frequently use. 1. Adwords Keyword Tool The Keyword Tool is a great starting point when starting a new Adwords campaign. 2.

PPC Optimization Process. Brand Ad Cannibalism: A Tale Of Two Tests. Should companies pay for ads on their brand name? There are plenty of good reasons to do so regardless of the ROI, but those keenly interested in ROI and vexed by the concept of paying for traffic on their trademarks still ask the question. We’ve done some research on this topic that we’ll share below. We focused on trying to answer a couple of specific questions: Guide: Google AdWords 'See All Keywords' Feature. I'd like to discuss one of Pay Per Click's most underused tools, the "See All Keywords" feature from Google AdWords.

This feature was previously known as the "Search Query Report" in older versions of the Google AdWords interface, and does exactly as its name suggests... shows advertisers all queries that have triggered their ads. Relevancy is, without a doubt, the most important element of all online marketing. I can't stress this enough. Getting one's marketing message in front of a select group of individuals whom actually welcome it, and at a time and place that is acceptable by them, is absolutely key to any successful online marketing strategy. Also key, is getting that high quality exposure at the best possible price. Today, I'd like to discuss one of Pay Per Click's most underused tools, the "See All Keywords" feature from Google AdWords.

Untitled. Google's display network can bring you tremendous amounts of clicks and conversions if used correctly.


If it is not used correctly, you can quickly spend mass amounts of money and have nothing to show for it. A couple of years ago, I wrote an article on how to manage the display network so you can spend most of your money on sites that are bringing in quality traffic. This is a quick graphic of the workflow that I still use today. The Discovery Campaign is one of your lower daily budgets, and its goal is to find good placements where you want to spend more money.The Placements Campaign is one of your higher budgets as it only contains sites that are helping you reach your overall goals.

6 Actionable Ways to Use PPC and SEO Data to Improve Overall Results and Focus. SEO is better!

6 Actionable Ways to Use PPC and SEO Data to Improve Overall Results and Focus

No, PPC is better! Yes, for many years there has been the debate around SEO (search engine optimization) vs. Time Management Tips For In-House Search Engine Marketing. If there’s one complaint that is universal for in-house search marketing managers, it’s that there just isn’t enough time or resources to get everything done.

Time Management Tips For In-House Search Engine Marketing

And usually, this complaint is valid; rare is the case of over staffing for search marketing. Often, one person may handle SEO as well as paid search and hey, for fun, they do the social media too. A feeling of being overwhelmed will certainly befall any search marketer at some point in their career, so here are some tips to accept the things you can’t change and focus on what’s important for search marketing success. First Things First: Make Money Spending your time focused on tasks that will directly drive revenue for the organization is job one. 5 Filters Everybody Should Use In Their AdWords Account. It's the dream. To be able to log into AdWords and instantly find the changes you need to make. Well that's the trick that long-time paid search managers have been using to allow them to keep an eye on so much material so easily. If you save the filters below in your own accounts (at keyword level) I guarantee you'll save time and always know what needs attention in your PPC campaigns.

Filter 1: Great But Expensive. Use Symbols in PPC Ads for an 89% Boost in Conversions. This is a guest post by Chad Summerhill, author of the blog PPC Prospector, provider of free PPC tools and PPC tutorials, and in-house AdWords Specialist at Moving Solutions, Inc.

Use Symbols in PPC Ads for an 89% Boost in Conversions

( and MicroData & Retail Products: Not Ready For Primetime? If you are in the search engine business, the functionality in the Microdata specification sponsored by Google, Yahoo and Bing is a very attractive way to theoretically improve search results.

MicroData & Retail Products: Not Ready For Primetime?

Enterprise search engines are well-versed with named entity extraction tools and techniques, which is how this information has been generated in the past decade. The major search engines are essentially telling content providers that if they name all their entities in their content, they can do a better job of extracting meaning from them to help improve search results. This is a win-win proposition, right? Maybe! Other similar initiatives known as the Semantic Web and RDFa have not made much inroads in the mindshare of business owners yet. Adwords Conversion Funnels & Attribution Models: Can They Work Together? First click.

Adwords Conversion Funnels & Attribution Models: Can They Work Together?

Last click. Linear. Reverse decay. 3 Simple Alternatives To Attribution Modeling For Search Marketers. In the recent articles Why Search Marketers Are The Future Media Planners and How to Maximize SEM Efforts with Search Retargeting, we discussed how search marketers are ideally positioned to own a larger portion of the total media budget because the skills needed to buy display media are becoming more and more quantitative, just like SEM.

3 Simple Alternatives To Attribution Modeling For Search Marketers

Techniques like site retargeting and search retargeting are often the starting point for a search marketer to break into this space as they are the most familiar, and the common metrics used in search (CTR, CPA, CPC) are valid for this type of display too. However, the smart search marketer will soon start to ask questions about the interplay between search and display and see that a more holistic approach offers greater insight. 5 Steps to Improve your AdWords Account in 5 Minutes. Your AdWords account isn't delivering, but you don't have time to sit down and tackle the problem. Sound familiar? Follow this 5 step guide to optimize your AdWords account and improve PPC performance in just 5 minutes. Step 1: Define Your PPC Objectives Sounds obvious, but take time to define exactly what you need to achieve with your pay per click campaigns.

Do you have a respectable volume of conversions and an enviable conversion rate, but a lack of traffic? How to Get Search Volume Data Straight into Excel [Mozcon Debrief] The author's posts are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz. A few weeks ago I attended (and had the honour of speaking at) Mozcon. PPC and SEO Work Better Together. What’s In a Good PPC Report? Whether you’re an in-house or agency PPC professional, chances are you’ll need to provide regular reports on campaign performance.

There is usually a lot of talk on SEM news sites and forums about the type of data available from the PPC engines; the metrics seem nearly endless. Stats are available on CTR, CPC, conversion rate, conversion rate by position, data by network (display vs. search vs. retargeting vs. social PPC, etc.), Google Analytics or other web analytics data...

The list goes on. What PPC Practitioners Should Know About Robots.txt Files. Advanced Negative Strategies For Improved Paid Search Performance: Part II. As discussed last month, negative keywords are an extremely important part of any top performing paid search program. Negative keywords help marketers both avoid non-converting impressions as well as shape traffic for better converting results. Announcing the AdWords Performance Grader: A Fast & Free PPC Audit. Today we're announcing the release of our new AdWords Performance Grader, a free tool that grades your AdWords account performance by analyzing several key performance indicators (including Quality Score, Account Activity, Click-Through Rate, and Impression Share) and comparing your results against those of other AdWords advertisers with similar monthly budgets.

It's like a free, instant PPC audit. 3 Google Tools That Can Help Boost AdWords Campaign Performance. My Top 10 Insights From 10 Years In Search. I recently reached my nine year anniversary in the search industry, which means I’m now on my tenth year in SEM. I started buying keywords on Overture with a company I wasn’t even doing marketing for, which got me into some early e-commerce activity, and then to the agency world.

It definitely feels like a marriage…there have been some good times, some bad times. Some amazing times, and some really down in the dumps times. Mobile Analytics: Tracking Click-to-Call Mobile Ad Campaigns. SNM-Acquisio-Advanced-PPC-Bidding-Strategies.pdf (application/pdf Object) The One Metric You Need To Optimize Across Paid & Organic Search. The importance of a combining SEO and SEM to optimize online performance is not a new idea. 7 Reasons Why Nixing Branded Keywords Is Not The Fix For CPC Inflation. “If your friend jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” While this classic parenting question is cliché, it makes a good point.

Google Instant Preview: A Game-Changer For Landing Pages. Last month, Google turned on Instant Previews for Ads. Now, a little magnifying glass appears next to each search ad, which the user can click on to see a preview of the landing page for the ad. Why Google AdWords Quality Score Is Your Friend. How To Stay A Step Ahead Of Your Hungriest PPC Competitors. Put optimization ideas to the test—run AdWords Campaign Experiments in your Opportunities tab. How To & When To Use Google Ad Extensions: Phone & Local Extensions. 5 Easy Landing Page Tests. Quality Score Tracking Tool: An Interview With TenScores Founder Chris Thunder. DuckDuckGo. Search Marketing Tips For Yandex, Russia’s Top Search Engine. Does Your Local Mobile Search Strategy Suck?