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Product Design Studio Berlin. Docks is a modular furniture system, which can be combined in various ways to create different office islands.

Product Design Studio Berlin

As communal furniture docks can be both a meeting place and interface, as well as a retreat for relaxation and concentration. The modules can be put together in such a way as to provide acoustic and visual privacy or open-plan meeting areas. The elements are designed to match the dimensions of ophelis furniture, so that shelves and cabinets can seamlessly connect and integrate. Docks are a connective and transitional element between various zones in the office.

Dimensions: depth 90 cm, length varies Material: aluminum, oak veneer, HPL, upholstery With Till Grosch for ophelis, 2013. Hello Monday. Odd Web Things. Home - Nine Lion Design - The Design Portfolio of Chikezie Ejiasi. The Beauty of a Hand Made Book (Chris Crisman’s New Promo) It’s easy nowadays to get your own book printed.

The Beauty of a Hand Made Book (Chris Crisman’s New Promo)

There are a number of decent “print on demand” online services like those provided by Blurb and LuLu. Many of which are fairly inexpensive and even provides color management and templates galore to choose from. A little tweaking and off you send your files. What you get back is fairly decent too. But with that said, there’s still nothing like creating your own hand crafted book. Chris Crisman’s latest hand-made mini book is an excellent example of just what I mean.

R J Scott on Behance. R J Scott on Behance. DB Works. 40 ejemplos de portafolios de creativos altamente originales. 1.

40 ejemplos de portafolios de creativos altamente originales

Tyler Smith Tyler Smith’s website is awesome starting from the refreshable header. Minimal, well-aligned and responsive design. 2. Filip Slovacek Beautiful minimal website which really focuses on presenting designer’s work. 3. Big headlines, strong layout and awesome typography. 4. Took a notice of this design while searching for good icons (that’s right, Jeremy SallÈe also creates wonderful icons). 5. Excellent color scheme and use of typography. 6. Bold headlines and beautiful grid of monochrome work thumbnails. 7. Clean design with clear message thanks to the typography. 8. Portfolio focusing fully on showing off work. 9. Simple grid-based layout with work in center. 10. Website might seem scattered at the first glance but I find it engaging and creative. 11.

Danilo Marinaccio uses bold headlines and pleasant colors and the overall effect is great. 12. It might look a bit clumsy at the beginning but there’s something appealing in this website. 40 ejemplos de portafolios de creativos altamente originales. Creative Opera Design Blog: Creative Advice and Inspiration for Graphic Designers and Web Designers. On 03.21.09, In Inspiration, Popular, by Manda It seems like most design resumes are too hot (so over-the-top creative that they are hard to read) or too cold (boring old Microsoft Word); this batch is just right.

Creative Opera Design Blog: Creative Advice and Inspiration for Graphic Designers and Web Designers

Bonus resume tips have been included at the end of the post! Being creative is second nature to most designers. And, since we are normally constricted by the requests of clients, the chance to design your own online portfolio usually gives way to a cutting-edge design that pushes the limits of the everyday norm. This is the fun part. Take note from these professionals (and students). Hopefully you were able to learn a little something from these examples, and pick up some inspiration for your own resumes. - personal portfolio of Alexey Chenishov. Unouplus. London Web Designer / Web Developer - Peter Pearson. Diseño Gráfico & Creación Multimedios.