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Save the Endangered Globe. Country Information Page. World History - Free History Video Lectures. Maps - World and regional statistics, national data, maps, rankings – World Data Atlas. 10 Fantastic mapping websites! The days of foldable paper maps are numbered but the world wide web is opening up the potential of maps by offering an amazing variety of cool websites that teachers should take the time to explore.

10 Fantastic mapping websites!

Below are ten great mapping sites for you to use in the classroom. History Pin is an online collection of photographs, videos, audio files, and text that have been shared by people from around the world. Their tag line is "a global community collaborating around history. " Users can post their documents or search a map to find things in their area or search by collection, channel, and project. One of my favorite features is their tours and collections section which contains documents all centered around specific topics or events.History Pin is a great resource for educators as well as anyone who loves history. 2- Overlap Maps Mapping History contains hundreds animated and interactive maps from key events in the history's of the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Africa. World Regional Geography. Click here to find your own personal syllabus Current Event Assignments: click here to find links to the latest news articles that you must read in order to answer the required assignment Map Resources: search this link to find copies of the maps and map names handed out in class as well as electronic resources for located map features and websites that allow you to quiz yourself online!

World Regional Geography

Lecture Topics: Click here to review the most current lectures as well as find out loads more information about everything we discuss in class. Practice Questions: keep up to date with answers to the questions about information you are expected to know for the exams Rowntree Student Companion Website: This is a great resource, it contains chapter reviews, online practice questions, quizzes, online field trips and many more exciting options.

Rabpdf. History of Nations. FINALReport2006GeogLitsurvey. Walk through the Continents - Print Maps Large and Small - Free. Print free maps large or small; from 1 page to almost 7 feet across; PC or Mac.

Walk through the Continents - Print Maps Large and Small - Free

For classroom and student use. MegaMaps requires Adobe Flash. Free online software—no downloading or installation. Print out maps in a variety of sizes, from a single sheet of paper to a map almost 7 feet across, using an ordinary printer. You can print single page maps, or maps 2 pages by 2 pages, 3 pages by 3 pages, etc. up to 8 pages by 8 pages (64 sheets of paper; over six feet across!). Walk Through The Continents Trace car trips; where grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins live; the Oregon Trail and the Cumberland Gap; Huck Finn's journey; the Rocky Mountains, the Appalachians, the Mississippi River, the Columbia River and the Colorado, label states… There are any number of ways to use these maps. . • Print out a multi-page map of the US or the world, and have groups of students assemble it together, like a puzzle. By coloring and writing on the map, students make it “their own”. David Rumsey Historical Map Collection. Rabbit-proof-fence.

Strange Geographies Trivia, Quizzes, and Brain Teasers. National Geographic. 15 places with fun and engaging social studies games. National Archives Games The British National Archives website has a nice selection of history themed games that you won't likely find elsewhere.

15 places with fun and engaging social studies games

One game is based on trench warfare while another centers around turning off your lights during a German air raid. What was it like to gather food during war? There's a game for that too. History Hunt This engaging game from the St. Albans Museum challenges the player to find items that were stolen from the museum by the Norse god Loki.

Washington Crossing the Delaware This simple game from the New Jersey State website challenges the player to guide George Washington across the icy Delaware River. BBC History Games This selection of games comes from the BBC and focuses on British History. Mission U.S. Mr. National Geographic's Geography Games National Geographic has over 120 games based around geography, history, science and nature. H.I.P. iCivics This highly recommended website has a terrific collection of games based on law and the U.S.