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Welcome to Here and There in West Virginia! A place where mountaineers are always free!

Spiders.pdf. View Message. Places of West Virginia. National Register of Historic Places listings in West Virginia. EarthCam - Webcam Network. View Message. People of West Virginia. List of people from West Virginia. The Preamble to the Constitution. Shortened List Of People From West Virginia. West Virginia DNR - Wild Cookin' Recipes. Cranberry Ground Round Grind the two parts venison to one part bacon and onion.

West Virginia DNR - Wild Cookin' Recipes

Mix by hand and run everything back through grinder. Make patties, grill or fry. Heavenly Baked Fish Arrange skinless fish fillets (single layer) in a buttered baking dish. Deer Stroganoff Brown meat in dutch oven. Deer Barbeque Coat deer steaks with barbeque seasoning. Panfish Goujolette Slice each skinless fillet lengthwise into 3/4-inch wide strips. Beer Battered Crappie Mix Old Bay with flour. Italian Trout Pour beer over fish. Roast Goose Sprinkle goose inside and out with salt and pepper.

Baked Wild Turkey Prepare turkey, salt and pepper lightly. Venison and Bleu Cheese Crumble the bleu cheese. Fillets in Lemon Butter In 12x8x2-in. dish arrange fillets with thickest areas to outside edges of dish. Dove Stew Puncture dove breasts several times and soak in buttermilk overnight. White Squirrel Gravy. View Message. Symbols of West Virginia. State Symbols of West Virginia. Snakesofwv05. Snakes of West Virginia. Overview: Overview: There are 2 families of snakes found in West Virginia.

Snakes of West Virginia

Twenty-two types of snakes are currently recognized, comprising a total of 20 species. Only two of these snakes, the Timber Rattlesnake and Northern Copperhead, are venomous and considered dangerous to humans. Their main prey consists of rodents and small mammals, which they subdue using hemotoxic venom. They are members of the Pit Viper family, for they possess heat-sensitive pits that allow them to locate warm-blooded animals. State Symbols. Edible_Wild_Plants. Herbs-a-CulinaryGuide. SpringWildflowers. MidsummerWildflowers. WVFerns. PoisonousPlants. Poison_Ivy. View Message. Folk Music of West Virginia. Appalachian Folk Music. Appalachian Folk Music Background and History The Appalachian Mountains extend 1,500 miles from Maine to Georgia.

Appalachian Folk Music

They pass through 18 states and encompass the Green Mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont, the Berkshires of Connecticut, New York's Catskills, the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, and the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. The region known as the Southern Highlands, or Upland South, covers most of West Virginia and parts of Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Maryland, the Carolinas, and Virginia. In colonial times, this area was known as the "Back Country. " Appalachian folk music developed its characteristic sounds over several centuries of immigration, movement, and settlement.

It wasn't until 1750 that the Cumberland Gap was discovered, which led to the fertile bluegrass country of Kentucky. In 1763, the French gave up their American land rights to the British, and this led to greater expansion into and throughout the Appalachians. Mountain life was hard. Instrumentation. John Denver - Country Roads (with lyrics) Anthem of West Virginia USA. Virginia Reel Demonstration. The Olwells: "Possum up a 'simmon tree" Spotlight On Music In Appalachia - Junior Appalachian Musicians - Blind Pig & The Acorn. Virtual violin Online : bach gavotte. Virtual Acoustic Guitar Online : Test Guitar.

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Add Comment. ScaleLesson. View Message. Folk Art of West Virginia. Folk Art Facts - WV Folk Art. Warren kimble. View Message. Storytelling of West Virginia. Tall Tales from West Virginia's Top 'Liars' WVMR Allegheny Mountain Radio Home. Tall Tales at Americanfolklore. John Henry and The Railroad. Ballad of John Henry's Hammer.