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Dictamus - Dictate & Send. Dropbox. Evernote. Cloud seminar delegates 8 November 2012.xls. Shared notebook: Cloud taster seminar. Dropbox. Dropbox: What you need to know. Collaboration and client portals are all the rage and the Dropbox online storage service is proving to be a popular choice.

Dropbox: What you need to know

Among the service's 50m users are increasing numbers of UK accountancy firms, judging from contributions to a recent Any Answers debate on the pros and cons of Dropbox. The thread was sparked by a question from jaybee661. Having started practising from home, jaybee wanted a way to make the same files accessible from the firm’s new office: “Is something like Dropbox the answer so I can ‘see’ the files (and, more importantly, make changes to them) wherever I am?” Nearly 70 comments were posted in response. This article sifts through the evidence presented to throw more light on one of the internet’s most successful recent phenomena. As one of more than a dozen AccountingWEB members who came forward to discuss their experiences with Dropbox, Hansa descrbed it as a “very useful cloud service for synchronising non-confidential data”. Continued... » Register now. GoToMeeting™ United Kingdom. – Free Screen Sharing and Online Meetings.

Free Skype internet calls and cheap calls to phones online. Catch up in a hangout - Google+ Envoyez des alertes téléphoniques à vos amis Quel que soit l'appareil qu'ils utilisent à ce moment précis, vos amis recevront votre invitation à un appel vidéo.

Catch up in a hangout - Google+

S'ils ne sont pas devant leur ordinateur, leur téléphone sonnera pour leur permettre de vous rejoindre en toute simplicité. Vous pouvez même inviter d'autres personnes à participer à un appel vidéo à partir d'un appareil mobile. Ajoutez des applications et des effets amusants Ne vous privez pas d'un moment de détente mémorable pendant un appel vidéo, grâce aux effets sonores et visuels disponibles. Hangouts_On_Air_Technical_Guide.pdf. Cow-orking in the UK. It’s now three months since our UK business went legit so to speak and moved into a physical office in Milton Keynes, about 30 minutes north of London.

Cow-orking in the UK

Among other things, I’m pleased to report that I wasted zero time in executing against our strategic growth strategy, starting with branding up our own version of the famous Milton Keynes Concrete Cow. I digress. Apart from a short-lived rental agreement on a cupboard in London that Xero co-founder Hamish Edwards used in 2008, our UK business ran virtually for the best part of three and a half years.

Today, twelve weeks in to our new home, I have to say that I hardly recognise our UK business. Not least in the sense that our staff numbers have doubled from eight to sixteen since we moved in. Firstly, I should note that as an overseas subsidiary business, we benefitted greatly by not having to locally house a number of core Xero functions like finance, dev and operations. When I joined Xero three years ago there were five of us in the UK.

Virtual Cabinet Portal - secure cloud document management & distribution for the accountant, insurer, ifa & more. DocSAFE- Secure online office for sharing and storing large files. Electronic Signature Solution - Online Digital Signatures. Yammer. Project management software, online collaboration: Basecamp. Online Gantt Chart.