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What Happens If My Checked Bag Gets Lost. Cheap Flights to New York City. Book Cheap Airline Tickets| Flight Tickets Online. Book Cheap Flight to Rome | Reservation Online. Flying to Rome will allow you to experience a city that once served as the seat of government for one of the most powerful empires in history. Gain knowledge about 2,000-year-old temples, columns from antiquity, ruins, and piazzas with cobblestone streets. Rome is a city break destination like no other, so be sure to book cheap flights here anyway while they're still available. The Eternal City is home to breathtaking structures and monuments, incredible works of art, charming small-town atmosphere, leisurely pace of life, and cuisine of the highest caliber.

Take a stroll around the Colosseum or the Roman Forum to get a sense of the previous empire, or hire a Vespa and travel to the seat of the Papacy. When the Pope is in Rome, he has a Papal Audience every Wednesday in St. If you want to take advantage of Rome's lovely, scorching summers, book your cheap flights during the summer. Places to Visit in Rome Rome's culture and lifestyle.