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Welcome to oliver + s. A few months ago I mentioned that we were working on a basic T-shirt pattern, since we’ve never done one and so many of you have asked for it.

Welcome to oliver + s

When the spring patterns came out last month, quite a few of you wondered where it was. Well, as we were working on the kids’ T-shirt we started thinking that it might be nice to have a women’s T-shirt as well. Which made us think that a men’s T-shirt might also be a good idea. And before we knew it we had a whole family of T-shirt patterns: women, men, big kids, and small kids. So here they are: four new digital T-Shirt patterns. These are the basic T-shirts you reach for, day in and day out. The kids get even more options for their T-shirt pattern.

If you’ve never sewn with knits before, this is a great pattern to get you started. And if you’re wondering about where to buy knit fabrics, which are notoriously difficult to find in many fabric stores, we have lots of good resources for you! P.S. Crafts, sewing, recipes, photo tips, and more!: Full Apron Tutorial. Everyone has a cute apron, right?

crafts, sewing, recipes, photo tips, and more!: Full Apron Tutorial

Well, not my mom, and it was her birthday. Split Hemz. Apron Tutorial « patchwork crafts, quilt patterns for beginners, tutorials, free patterns. Cooking can be fun…but cooking with little kids can be funner!

Apron Tutorial « patchwork crafts, quilt patterns for beginners, tutorials, free patterns

This apron is just the right size for the little helper in your kitchen. Need it bigger? No problem, make a few adjustments to the fabric you are starting with. Free sewing projects, free learn to sew articles, charitable sewing, my sewing room , bridal and more. Apron. 50 Free Apron Patterns You Can Make.

Home / Crafts / 50+ Free Apron Patterns You Can Make [Updated 2012] Here’s a treat for Tipnut readers, three free booklets packed full of apron patterns!

50 Free Apron Patterns You Can Make

I’ve scanned, re-typed and organized over 50 vintage goodies from my personal collection and organized them into separate eBooks for you to download (they are in pdf format). Please Note: The files are quite large so they may take a few seconds to load. Before getting started, if you’re looking for current designs that I’ve collected from around the web, you’ll find them moved to this page.

Creating a Cute Apron with Leftover Fabric. After the two wingchairs I found at the side of the road sale were slip covered in antique ticking I found that I still had tons of fabric left. There were a few areas on the fabric that no matter how hard I tried to remove the rust spots, they never completely faded away. I thought about how I could use these pieces of fabric.

An apron seemed like a good choice because in all honesty, I am a bit clumsy when cooking. It never fails that I splatter something on myself when whipping up something in the kitchen. Which is why I always wear an apron. I like bib aprons and made this apron a bit more feminine with some bust seaming and a bit of gathering. I used decorative stitching to attach the tape. {Hand Towel} Apron. I thought with all my home renovations projects (found here and here), you might be ready for something different!

{Hand Towel} Apron

I mean, my blog is supposed to be a little of everything :) So, a sewing post is in order. Country Cottage Apron Instructions. Well gosh, this picture came out blurry.

Country Cottage Apron Instructions

Sorry. Anyway, you get the picture. Retro Ric Rac Apron. I have a deep and abiding love for Ric Rac.

Retro Ric Rac Apron

If you were to peek into my stash, which I do not recommend, you would think I was saving up for a global Ric Rac shortage. Other people, they buy a pack of gum or TicTac’s every time they go to the store. Nope, not me. Reversible scalloped apron tutorial « Warehouse Fabrics Inc Blog. Krista Apron – think liz. Quilt in a Day / Free Pattern. Free patterns. Green Pinwheels. Free Quilt Patterns. Big Print Wall Hanging. NELL_pattern_NM.pdf (application/pdf Object) FBEL_pattern-JF-HP.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Tuscan Wildflower Free Pattern: Robert Kaufman Fabric Company. Fast Flowers Twin-Bed Quilt. Download this Project Designer: Holly Holderman of LakeHouse Dry Goods Machine quilter: Darla Padilla To order a kit of similar fabrics (backing and batting not included) for $108.95 in the U.S.

Fast Flowers Twin-Bed Quilt

(additional shipping charges may apply to international orders), contact LakeHouse Dry Goods at 973-856-8841 or Free Patterns for Quilting - Indulge Your Love of Quilting! Spin-quilt.pdf (application/pdf Object) Free-pattern.pdf (application/pdf Object) Free Quilt Pattern: It’s a Wrap. Quiltmaker is offering a free quilt pattern called It’s a Wrap for a limited time.

Free Quilt Pattern: It’s a Wrap

It features gift-wrapped packages with name tags that can be personalized for your family or friends! The newest issue of Quiltmaker (Sept/Oct, No. 135) features a finished quilt from this pattern by a reader, Anne Anderson from Pierre, South Dakota. Anne’s quilt looks great in reds, greens and golds (see page 9 of the magazine). Another idea: make them into birthday presents! I can just imagine this quilt in little girl colors of pink and purple for a special birthday treat. Or think even further out of the box: if you were to give your children or grandchildren lifelong “gifts,” what would they be? Strip Disco Free Pattern: Robert Kaufman Fabric Company. Holly Blog: 216...My Favorite Things...A FREE Quilt Pattern!

Hi again everyone, Fall Quilt Market has come & gone, it all happened so quickly.

Holly Blog: 216...My Favorite Things...A FREE Quilt Pattern!

I got to see lots my favorite people...Beth Hayes from McCall's, the Fat Quarter Shop brigade (minus Kimberly, who was home awaiting her latest), and Gina & Melinda from Fresh Picked Fabrics, to name just a few. By the end of the first day of market, it was obvious that I was fighting something, and spent the next 5 days in and out of bed. So oops, no booth pictures. SouleMama. Yay! The Pool Shirt is done.