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Yo La Tengo - Dreaming. Playlista – Switzerland Calling Sun Ra! LoveVolv Sun Radio… SUN RA MUSIC CHANNEL (OFFICIAL) Sun Ra and Don Cherry Live - Summer Solstice 1989 Battery Park NYC by SunRaDCherrySolstice1989. Sun Ra - Chopin, Prelude in A Major. The Night of the Purple Moon - Sun Ra,Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Infinity Orchestra. Pin by Sun Ra Arkive on Sun Ra Arkive Original Pins. Rosamour: . Adventure-Equation .: Sun Ra - The... - yumeh. Mining the Audio Motherlode, Volume 118. Give the Drummer Some'sFavorite Downloads from the MP3 Blogosphere Remember the legendary NYC record emporium SoHo Music Gallery?

Mining the Audio Motherlode, Volume 118

Located at the corner of Wooster and Grand, for a while it was next-door neighbor to a kosher sushi restaurant called Shalom Japan. (I kid you not.) The list of ex-record clerks at SoHo Music Gallery could fill a music who's who. Jesus, who didn't work there? During one particular visit to the store in 1987, I remember stumbling upon a box of records containing many dozens of copies of a single album—John Cage Meets Sun Ra. I lived with the nagging lament of that missed opportunity until last year when I stumbled on a page at the magnificent UbuWeb that, miraculously, has MP3s of John Cage Meets Sun Ra. Sponsored by Coney Island's Sideshows by the Seashore, John Cage and Sun Ra were presented as a double bill almost exactly 25 years ago—June 8, 1986. Holy grail, Batman... Search results for: 'sun ra' Search results for: 'sun ra' The Star Gazers. Dreaming (Sun Ra Cover) by Computer Magic.

Sun Ra And His Arkestra - Make Up - Rare El Saturn LP (1984) Purple Night - Sun Ra [FULL ALBUM] [HQ] Amiri Baraka & Sun Ra. Sun Ra - The All of Everything. Sun Ra Montreux 1976 (II): Take The A Train. Star (Dub) (Europe 1989) Sun Ra feat. Don Cherry - Single. Sun Ra - Disco 3000. Sun Ra - Discipline 27-II (Full Album) Sun Ra Arkestra - Collection [130 Albums] (1956-2012. Artist: Sun Ra ArkestraTitle Of Album: CollectionYear Of Release: 1957-2012Label: El Saturn Records, Impulse!

Sun Ra Arkestra - Collection [130 Albums] (1956-2012

, MPS Records, ESP-Disk, Black Saint, A&M, LeoGenre: Jazz, Free Jazz, Experimental, Avant-Garde JazzQuality: mp3Bitrate: VBR, 160-320 kbpsTotal Time: 119 albumsTotal Size: 18,8 GbWWW: offsite Sun Ra (born Herman Poole Blount, legal name Le Sony'r Ra; May 22, 1914 – May 30, 1993) was a prolific jazz composer, bandleader, piano and synthesizer player, poet and philosopher known for his "cosmic philosophy," musical compositions and performances. He was born in Birmingham, Alabama. He is a 1979 inductee of the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame. Marshall by Brian Harnetty. The Star Faced One. Irwin: Playlist from May 29, 2013. <-- Previous playlist | Back to Irwin Chusid playlists | Next playlist -->| May 29, 2013: The Good Doctor joins Irwin for a Sun Ra Belated Birthday Broadcast Listen to this show: Pop‑up player!

Irwin: Playlist from May 29, 2013

| Add or read comments. Sun Ra and The Blues Project Do Batman and Robin (MP3s. Blues with Sun Ra "Sun Ra (Piano), Ronnie Boykins (Bass), Abdallah Konate (Tenor Sax) by abdallahdamdam. Freedon & Sound, vol. 1: Sun Ra by Radiola Urbana. Sun Ra Mashup (Angels And Demons/Space Aura) vanferro by vanferro. Sun Ra 70's Style Mix - Jah Ra by Dr Wax Radio. SUN RA MAYDAY SELECTION DJ FLY by djphly. Search Everything. Sun Ra Yamaha DX-7 Synthesizer & John Gilmore Tenor Saxophone November 30, 1985 by Hinds Brothers. Sun-Ra-Arkestra 1981-04-04 Disk 2 by Sun Ra 1981-04-04 II. Sun Ra 1981-04-04 II’s stream.

Mike Huckaby - Sun Ra edits by Ableton. Sun Ra SUNY-Binghamton 1987-12-06 by Sun Ra SUNY 12.06.87. Sun Ra Arrival Day Tribute by Charles Blass. On May 16, 2011 Charles Blass broadcast another of his wonderful Sun Ra Arrival Day tributes.

Sun Ra Arrival Day Tribute by Charles Blass

This one clocks in at over 5 hours of great radio. Please enjoy as we celebrate the 97th anniversary of Sun Ra's arrival on Planet Earth. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3. Sun Ra Arrival: Sun Radio Omniversity 2011 Arkive & Playlist. Sun Ra - Springtime Again. LOST TONES: The Unheard Sun Ra, Part One. Welcome to LOST TONES, a series featuring tracks from hyper-rare recordings that aren’t available anywhere else on the web. These treasures are courtesy of George Scala, who runs the invaluable Free Jazz Research site. He’s generously shared them from his amazing archive so they can be enjoyed by more than just collectors. Scroll down for the tunes.

The Eternal Myth Revealed, Vol. 1 - Sun Ra. Andrew Tibbs And The Dozier Boys-In A Traveling Mood. Sound Colour Vibration - Sun Ra Mix II Face The Music. Sun Ra and His Intergalactic Research Arkestra - It's After The End Of The World. Lanquidity - Sun Ra [FULL ALBUM] [HQ] Sun Ra & His Arkestra. Sun Ra - piano, organ, synthesizerMarshall Allen - alto saxophone, fluteDanny Davis - alto saxophone, flute, clarinetLarry Northington - alto saxophoneJohn Gilmore - tenor saxophoneDanny Ray Thompson - baritone saxophone, flute Pat Patrick - baritone saxophoneElmo Omoe - bass clarinetJames Jackson - bassoon, percussionAkh Tal Ebah - trumpet, percussionKwame Hadi - trumpetDick Griffin - tromboneCharles Stephens - tromboneHakim Jami - tubaAlzo Wright - celloRonnie Boykins - bassShahib Odun - congasAralamon Hazoume - balafonHarry Richards - percussionLex Humphries - drumsAye Aton - drumsJune Tyson - vocalsCheryl Banks - vocalsJudith Holton - vocalsRuth Wright - vocals One of the most enigmatic personas in jazz history ("You can call me Mr.

Sun Ra & His Arkestra

Following a percussive free jazz fanfare, in which the great trombonist Dick Griffin joins the fray with some inspired blasts of his own, the whole band drops out as June Tyson sings the "Astro Black" against a sparse bass pulse from Ronnie Boykins. Sun Ra - Love in Outer Space. Sun Ra - Watusi. Sun Ra - It Is Forbidden! (live) Sonny Greenwich "SunSong" Sun Ra - Sun Song CD Album. TREADING INTO THE GARDEN OF EDEN. March 27, 2012 – 4:30 am Before the journey to Egypt.


Click on the panels for a better view or to download artwork. SUN RA’S INTERGALACTIC RESEARCH ARKESTRA The Netherlands 1971 [No label, 3CD]Live at Technische Hogeschool, Nieuwe Aula, Delft, The Netherlands, November 11, 1971. From a 2001 VPRO radio broadcast. A very good recording. He was going “there”. But first, there was one gig to play in The Netherlands. As with music by free jazz improvisers, song titles are sometimes hard to come by.

Sun Ra Santa Cruz 1987. Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz, California. 5/10/87.

Sun Ra Santa Cruz 1987

Broadcast over KUSP-FM. 93 min. Not the complete show. Excellent sound. (Rebroadcast on WKCR Sun Ra memorial show, 6/8/93) 1st set:unidentified improvisation (incl. ESP-DISK PROMO VIDEO #5 - ESP-4069. Sun Ra Research Buster Smith Oakland, Ca. November 1, 1991. Sun Ra Research Medicine for a Nightmare Sun Ra June Tyson Michael Ray 11 1 91. Sun Ra. » LOST TONES: The Unheard Sun Ra, Part Two destination: OUT. Welcome to LOST TONES, a series featuring tracks from hyper-rare recordings that aren’t available anywhere else on the web.

» LOST TONES: The Unheard Sun Ra, Part Two destination: OUT

These treasures are courtesy of George Scala, who runs the invaluable Free Jazz Research site. He’s generously shared them from his amazing archive so they can be enjoyed by more than just collectors. Scroll down for the tunes. SUN RA’S LOST DECADEBefore the great bandleader, composer, and pianist Sun Ra returned to his home planet of Saturn, he left behind a sprawling amount of music here on earth. He led the Arkestra, his big band, for almost 40 years and released over a hundred records, most on his own Saturn label. But one period still remains largely unmapped and under-appreciated: The 1980s. Check out Part One of the series for our initial selection of these rarities. THE ROSE HUE MANSIONS OF THE SUN Sun RaVoice of the Eternal TomorrowSaturn : 1980.

COSMIC RAYS. This is intended to be a repository of Contributions from kind readers.


Please feel free to share links to any unpublished or out-of-print Sun Ra related music, video, pictures, or print material. Any input that you share which fosters a better understanding of Sun Ra and his Arkestra is welcome and encouraged. Please click on Ra below to add your contribution or comment to the current Solar Flares. Hi all,Here is another gift that I-) sent me some time ago. As with the Showboat Lounge show (now in Cosmic Rays), I did my best to divide it into the appropriate tracks. As with any of these audience recordings, I have to be somewhat curious about the accuracy of the date - this recording includes 'Love in Outer Space' which is not listed in Campbell/Trent as being played on this date.

Corrections/impressions/enlightened input are always welcome and warmly received! Sun Ra's Intergalactic Research Arkestra live in Netherlands Nov. 11, 1971. Sun Ra's Intergalactic Research Arkestra, 1971.11.11, Delft (Netherlands) Technische Hogeschool, Nieuwe Aula Delft, Netherlands 11.

Sun Ra's Intergalactic Research Arkestra live in Netherlands Nov. 11, 1971 The Bridge. Sun Ra's '70s: From Solo Piano To Disco : A Blog Supreme. Hide captionFrom solo piano to languid big band, straight-up disco to full-on bananas "disco," Sun Ra had a wide 1970s output. House of Traps/Courtesy of the artist From solo piano to languid big band, straight-up disco to full-on bananas "disco," Sun Ra had a wide 1970s output. Just a little more than 97 years ago, Sun Ra arrived on our planet. While here, he became probably the single most recorded jazz musician of all time. With more than 1,000 tunes to his credit, a "Take Five" is perhaps the height of folly.

In order to take the subject down to a more manageable level, and to shine a light on a period of Sun Ra's career that is typically less celebrated, we're focusing on the third decade of the Arkestra's existence, and selected five tunes from the 1970s. This rich assortment of sounds and tones provides further evidence, if any was still needed, that the 1970s hold jazz treasures that go well beyond Weather Report. Giorgio Gaslini Plays Sun Ra. HAPPY ARRIVAL DAY, SUN RA. The Australian radio program The Night Air hepped me to "The Other Worlds of Sun Ra," their documentary about Sun Ra, the jazzman from outer space, and truly one of the most innovative, and bizarre, figures in 20th century music.

The show is in celebration of his birthday, or, as Ra would call it, his "arrival day," the day he arrived on planet Earth from Saturn, a planet noted for it's progressive jazz scene. We first wrote about Sonny here but if you're new to the unique universe of Sun Ra, the radio doc, on-line for a month, is a highly recommended overview. And if you find yourself craving more: "Message To The Earth-Man" "...from the Sun-Man," from "The Singles" collection; this crazed vocal number was someone's idea of a possible hit single? Sun Ra - Music Video Short - D - Dark Forces. Sun Ra Discography. **************************************************************************************This post is definitely going to be one of my favorite post I have done on Blax-Jive. Sun Ra is simply genius. His life is beyond music and deeper than what you may hear. I'm proud to make this post and I hope everyone take advantages of the selected biographies I will have listed.

I am only going to post a summary of Sun Ra, but its much deeper than what I am posting. Sun Ra (May 22, 1914 to May 30, 1993) was an innovative and individual jazz composer, bandleader and piano and synthesizer player, who came to be known as much for preaching his bizarre cosmic philosophy as for his phenomenal musical compositions and performances. Born Herman "Sonny" Blount in Birmingham, Alabama, he abandoned his birth name and took on the name of Sun Ra (Ra being the name of the ancient Egyptian god of the Sun) and headed a band with an ever-changing ensemble known as the "Arkestra" (or sometimes "Solar Arkestra").

. Adventure-Equation . Paradis Afrique (A Tribute To Sun Ra) by BUGMusic. SunraRocket.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object) SUN RA Rocket 9 The Bridge RARE ORIG JAZZ 45 SATURN. Sun Ra - The Antique Blacks (1978) Sun Ra - The Nubians of Plutonia (1959) My favorite music captures my fantasies and taps into mind worlds created by my subconscious, filling in the details on experiences never fully lived. Sun Ra, being one of my favorite locksmiths, has kindly opened many of these perceptual doors for me. The Nubians of Plutonia, like many of Ra's works, is extremely percussive for jazz, bringing unsubtle, yet deceptively nimble rhythms to the forefront. Notice the bells and hard-hitting toms in Watusa - also notice the similarity to Brubeck's Take Five except in 6/8 rather than the notorious, infamous 5/8. Africa is a great example of a real transporter of a track. I don't know if it's possible to listen to this song without dissociating from reality and having Ra's thoughts plastered all over your retinas.

The discord of Aiethopia and Africa, in contrast with the upbeat progressive big band sound of Plutonian Nights, shows Ra's all encompassing genius, as all of these songs unquestionably bear his mark. Attuned to the vibrations of the Outer Cosmic Worlds. Night of the purple moon. Sun Ra "Rebellion" Sun Ra - Yucatan (Saturn version) (Atlantis album) 1969. Sun ra - India (first electric keyboard in jazz?)

Song no.1-Sun Ra. The Cosmic Rays "Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lies"1960 Saturn 401. Sun Ra - Sunset On The Night On The River Nile (Eddy & Dus Kontrapunkt & KP2 Mix) PYRAMIDS SOLO SUN RA. Sun Ra Arkestra — Egypt Strut. Sun Ra - Springtime Again. Sun Ra & Don Cherry - Untitled duet.