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Question Mark - Love. Fantasma: Free Love review – astonishing South African fusion collective. Last year, musician Spoek Mathambo and film-maker Lebo Rasethaba explored the myriad forms of South African music in the feature-length documentary The Future Sounds of Mzansi.

Fantasma: Free Love review – astonishing South African fusion collective

Now Mathambo is taking his own music in genuinely astonishing directions with Fantasma, a collective including producer DJ Spoko, associated with Pretoria’s “bacardi house” scene and the DJ Mujava hit Township Funk; guitarist André Geldenhuys; multi-instrumentalist Bhekisenzo Cele; and drummer Michael Buchanan. Together they’ve plundered a breathtaking variety of styles. Higher Power, for example, fuses elements of hip-hop, electronica, southern soul and psych-rock; while Peaking marries vintage synths to hi-life guitars and breakbeats. While each track is boldly experimental, Free Love never feels like an academic exercise – it’s playful, infectious Afro-pop, in love with music in all its forms. Download DJ Gioumanne’s Afro Cosmic Club Volume 2. 1963 - The Third Castle Lager Jazz Festival.

ElectricJive. ... The African Cypher Official Trailer #1 (2012) - Dance Documentary HD. The Chimurenga Chronic. The Forest and the Zoo* (Aryan Kaganof with Johnny Mbizo Dyani) * Johnny Dyani Interview: 22-23 December 1985 I was 19 years old when I left South Africa to avoid being conscripted into the apartheid army.

The Chimurenga Chronic

My great passion was music and I had for a number of years been the head reviewer of the New Albums page of Scope magazine. It was only once outside of South Africa however, that I encountered for the first time the music of the jazz exiles, most notably, the Blue Notes. Blue Notes For Mongezi remains, for me, the most excoriating musical document ever produced by South African musicians. Bembeya Jazz - Petit Sekou. 1979. K’naan, on Censoring Himself For Success.


Reviving the Radio Tanzania Archives. From The Archive: Radio Tanzania. *All photos by Jonathan Kalan In a non-descript, shabby building on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam lies the headquarters of the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation.

From The Archive: Radio Tanzania

Not much to look at, the TBC building is home to a number of radio stations, a TV center, and various run-down offices. Akwaaba Music's sounds. From The Vaults: 1970s Zambian Fuzz from Amanaz. LA MUSIQUE MALIENNE. FOUR out of print volumes of the amazing Musicaphon Anthology of the Music of Mali.


If it's too hot to sleep where you are (it is in NYC) this is my prescription. Better than your dreams? L'Ensemble Instrumental du Mali. Soundtravels's sounds. Jagwa Music - Mwana wa Kitwana. Jagwa Music @ Roskilde Festival 2011. Locations of the m/othership - an audio visual anti lecture. Oro. Group Inerane: "Tehiteyman" by alteredzones. The only way to play guitar. BreakThru Radio. Dec 1, 2011| By: DJ Meredith The Afrobeat Show BEATS.

BreakThru Radio

DRUMS. Philip Tabane And His Malombo Jazzman-The Indigenous Afro-Jazz Sounds. Giving you true notes since 247,000 BC. Franck Biyong's sounds. Lagos Disco Inferno Out Now! Available as Gatefold Double LP and on CD in an unbreakable digipack with booklet.

Lagos Disco Inferno Out Now!

The current issue of Vice Magazine lists Lagos Disco Inferno as Best Album Of The Month! Check out this other great review we got from Dusted, or my personal favorite, this one over here at Pop Matters writen by David Maine. Buy a copy at your local record store or order one online at Academy LP mailorder, Dusty Groove or Honest Jon's in Europe. Amazon has them as well and also offers digital downloads how I have just learned. Heres the track list, click onto the highlighted tracks an check out some sound clips: V/A- The Eyo Beats: 60 Africa 70 (Domino Sound 31 *Cassette) Yet another finely compiled cassette of crackly African gold brought to you by the good folks at Domino Sound.

V/A- The Eyo Beats: 60 Africa 70 (Domino Sound 31 *Cassette)

The Okayafrica Mixtape Series: AFRICA IN YOUR EARBUDS #1. When we re-launched Okayafrica this March (or launched for reals, really), we asked some of our favorite peeps if they would curate a playlist or mixtape of their favorite African or African-inspired music to share with the rest of the music-loving world. To christen the series – Africa In Your Earbuds – world traveling DJ, producer, writer, and Dutty Artz crew member Chief Boima (who is currently somewhere in Liberia wrapping his head around urbanism, globalization and, as some in our office would hope, daggering in Freetown not far from ancestral hometown) sent us this 40+ minutes of excellent African sounds. We’ve been bumping it non-stop. It also is stands as the first installment of the new Ghetto Palms Redux column over at our good friends The Fader, written by Okayplayer’s own Eddie Stats. Here’s what Eddie has to say about Boima’s choices – and we’re not saying it ourselves, cuz it couldn’t be said better: For more on Boima, check here .

Lulu, “Alhamdulillah” M.I., “Blaze” (f. Galaxy Around Olodumare, An Ilé Oxumaré Compilation. Podcast - DJ 4TH WURLD presents...The Shrine! What Egypt’s revolution tells us about the nature of social media. And this is how it started on January 25th !! "Updated : With Video" This is how it began on January 25th when the police forces attack the protesters at Tahrir square at night after midnight and this is why I am so scared now !!

And this is how it started on January 25th !! "Updated : With Video"

The military police has attacked the protesters who were having a sit at Tahrir square and at the cabinet HQ at Kasr Al Aini street. Protesters have been chased and eye witnesses are saying that teasers and whips were used, activists have been detained. No one is allowed to enter there , journalists were not allowed to cover what is going on. There are reports that masked men with machine guns were seen with the military police , I think they were brought to scare the protesters. A Fractal Gallery. Salif Keita. *** VOODOOFUNK ***