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Lovepreet works for a software company which is specialized in resume parsing software. This resume parser helps to parse resumes and extract information from it. Then this data can be saved into ATS/CRM for further recruitment process.

Talent Engagement- Delivering an Amazing Candidate Experience. Staying Up to Date While Selling Your ATS. Shifting Towards Intelligent Technology (Deep Learning)-An Incredible Move in Talent Acquisition. Shifting Towards Intelligent Technology (Deep Learning)-An Incredible Move in Talent Acquisition. Top 7 Job Boards of 2019. Top 5 Recruitment Software Statistics. Debunking the Myths about AI in HR - HR digital.

Debunking the Myths about AI in HR. Expert Opinion: HR Tech & ATS. LinkedIn. Harnessing the Power of HRTech Plugins in Talent Acquisition. RChilli's resume parsing - Provides Great Candidate Experience. Top 5 Job Search Statistics/Trends You Should Know. Top 5 Unique Features of Our Resume Parser. What are you looking for in a resume parser?

Top 5 Unique Features of Our Resume Parser

I am sure you want to explore the power of a parser to the fullest.When a company receives resumes, this HR Tech plugin picks up resumes from multiple sources and extracts resume information into 100+ data fields. Let me share the secret of why our parser is one of the leaders in the HR Tech industry. Here are some striking features: Multi-lingual Our resume parser supports parsing of multiple languages. Languages Supported EnglishPortuguese (Brazilian)GermanFrenchRussianCroatianChinese (Simplified)TurkishSpanishDutch28 Europass format languagesConfigurable Data Fields.

LinkedIn. RChilli to Exhibit in HR Festival Asia, Singapore. Are you attending HR Festival Asia on 8th and 9th May 2019 in Singapore?

RChilli to Exhibit in HR Festival Asia, Singapore

It is the first time that the two significant events of the world - HR Technology Conference and Exhibition (US) and HR Summit (Asia) - are coming together to create the largest gathering of HR and Tech industries. This event will offer unparalleled networking and showcase some of the region’s most innovative HR & Tech solutions.

Let’s pinpoint the main features of HR Festival- Asia. 5000+ Attendees 100+ Exhibitors 110+ Speakers 120+ Concurrent Sessions HR Festival Asia is an exciting event in which human resources and management professionals will get an opportunity to learn and understand sophisticated HR technology offerings available today. This event brings together the world's leading speakers, visionaries and thinkers as well as leading service providers under one roof to witness human resources, technology, and convergence of the new world of work. Top 4 Challenges in Building a Successful Marketplace. LinkedIn. Why Recruiters Check Candidates' Profiles on Social Media?

When I talk about social media, what do you think about?

Why Recruiters Check Candidates' Profiles on Social Media?

The Future of HR Tech Marketplace is HERE! Would you like to know the potential of the marketplace?

The Future of HR Tech Marketplace is HERE!

An upcoming trend in the HR Tech market, marketplace is a solution to many challenges. This beautiful concept is evolving and bringing the HR tech industry closer.As an end-user, you can go to this platform to avail all the services you need. It is a one-stop shop where vendors and users come together to achieve their business goals. RChilli’s Exceptional Experience at People Matters TechHR, Singapore. People Matters is known for organizing the largest HR technology event in Asia.

RChilli’s Exceptional Experience at People Matters TechHR, Singapore

The event featured 70+ speakers, 1200+ delegates and thousands of attendees. The attendees got a chance to listen to prominent speakers including Andrew Spence, Rudy Karsan, Aileen Tan, Jason Averbook, Ester Martinez and many more. Ray Wang delivered the opening keynote. He talked about employee experience and how PESTEL megatrends are impacting businesses. Discussions were held on ‘Blockchain.’ What's The Impact of AI on Job Boards? Are you in the process of adopting technology for your job board?

What's The Impact of AI on Job Boards?

Are you interested to know how AI can influence the functionality of job boards? If yes, continue reading. Why Do Job Boards Need AI? Do you know 52.17% of candidates apply for a job through job boards? That’s right! ‘Who’ Will Talk ‘What’ at HR Tech Events This Year? Let Candidates Chat with Chatbots! What’s the latest trend in the recruitment industry?

Let Candidates Chat with Chatbots!

I am going to talk about chatbots. Imagine candidates are visiting your website, talking to robots and getting all the information they need. Or what if I change your perception of hiring candidates by saying that a chatbot can share half of your responsibilities by screening candidates on your behalf? Recruiters face several challenges while hiring candidates: Poor candidate experienceMissing relevant resumesInadequate candidate information Chatbots fulfill your dream of eliminating these challenges and having a seamless recruitment process. By 2022, HR and recruiting chatbots have the potential to reduce business costs by more than $8 billion. Chatbots are not only employers’ favorite. However, they come with various benefits as well as challenges. The Changing Face of Recruitment. Technology is putting a deep impact on the complete recruitment lifecycle.

The Changing Face of Recruitment

Adopting HR technology is a must for organizations to shorten their recruitment process and get quality candidates. Automation is the buzzword these days and taking help of technology will ensure a simplified recruitment process. LinkedIn. Big Data for HR. Innovation in HR. Managment/HR. Management/HR. HR Analytics. HR blogs. Core HR. Tip for your Marketing Industry. B2B Lead Generation. Sales and Marketing Tips. Email Marketing. Top 4 Ways How AI Enhances the Recruiting Funnel. AI.

Top 4 Ways How AI Enhances the Recruiting Funnel

Data. Automation. These are the buzzing words in the recruitment industry. There is a complete transformation in the recruitment process with AI coming up with innovations every day. To find the right fit, recruiters should use the right tools and solutions to simplify recruitment. It is a structure created with well-framed steps to attract and hire the right people. Strategies to Improve Your Funnel In every step of the recruiting funnel, you interact with candidates and engage them to identify and hire the right fit. Top 5 Tools for Social Media Recruiting. What’s your take on social recruiting?

Top 5 Tools for Social Media Recruiting

It is a trend commonly used by recruiters to hire the best fit. The popularity of social media makes it the first choice of recruiters while looking for potential candidates. It is an excellent platform to know the candidates before you interview them. However, social recruiting needs strategies and a proper plan in place. What are the impacts of AI on recruiting industry? - A2Z of Resume management. - Quora.

An organization uses numerous third-party candidate sourcing tools. AI has played a vital role in reshaping the concept of recruitment. With the new technological innovations, it is easy to automate boring and monotonous tasks of the recruitment process. It provides detailed information to decision makers which helps to reduce operational cost immediately. AI’s effect on the employer experience: Recruiting has become more dynamic day by day. Why is Marketplace in HRTech on the Rise? Marketplace in HRTech is a growing concept. We all are curious to read about it, know more about how it works, what are its benefits and why it is becoming the need of the hour.

It is an excellent platform which offers solutions to many problems at once. To enhance the business, an end-user needs many tools and apps for a seamless flow of work. Searching for different vendors for these features is tiring. Testing these apps from various parties is confusing. ‘The marketplace for HR tech – which includes software products, tools, and related services – is over $400 billion,’ says Josh Bersin.

It's Never Too Late to Win Back Your Lost Customers! Are you an ATS or a Job Board? Are you worried about getting your lost customers back? If yes, this article is for you. I am jumping straight to the point because I believe every recruitment management system must use the best solution to attract and retain its customers. Artificial intelligence and automation are the buzzwords. They act as a game changer in the HR Tech industry. How Can Artificial Intelligence Help with Resume Screening? - Sales and Talent. Screening resumes and finding the best among them is considered one of the most tedious tasks in the recruitment process.

It has been a manual process for decades. Now AI has challenged this traditional approach and automate the process with much higher accuracy. With AI it is possible to screen thousands of resumes of salespeople and other pros in a few seconds. As per the global survey, 63% of talent professionals believe that AI has changed the way of recruiting done in their organization. AI, Job boards and Job Seeking Experience. Looking for a new job is a big task for the job seekers. They need to make a perfect resume, log on to various job boards, and build contacts to know about more job opportunities. This whole process of applying for a job makes a candidate anxious. As a job board, your primary responsibility is to provide an excellent job seeking experience to the candidates. Candidates will come and apply for a job on your job board only if they find it easy to do so. With the help of technology, resume submission can be made easier.

Artificial intelligence is a booming concept. According to Tractica, AI Software revenue will reach $59.8 billion worldwide by 2025. LinkedIn. Yourstory. 3 Ways How Employer Branding Helps to Attract and Retain Top Talent. Do you want to win the talent war? Do you think that your company’s reputation can help in attracting the right talent? LinkedIn. Yearly Review of Job Boards 2018. Top 9 HRTech Events of 2019. It’s the year-end.

Top case studies for the technology world

RChilli and the Year 2018. 6 Best Applicant Tracking Systems of 2018. Using an Applicant Tracking System is the first step in having a seamless recruitment process. Your recruitment strategy will be successful if you have an efficient ATS in place. 4 Key Factors for Building a Successful Marketplace. Top 3 Case Studies Showing AI Power in Simplifying Recruitment. I remember that a decade ago, we considered recruitment to be an industry which could rise only with the help of humans. HR managers and human resource department were solely responsible for hiring candidates.

However, I have seen this trend changing over the last few years with artificial intelligence planting its roots in the recruitment system.