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Origami Masks and Tessellations by Joel Cooper. Paper artist Joel Cooper folds these astounding masks and tessellations from single pieces of paper.

Origami Masks and Tessellations by Joel Cooper

Given the right conditions I might be expected to fold a piece of paper in half, and on a good day even into fourths, but I simply can’t fathom the patience and understanding required to transform paper into three-dimensional objects like this. You can see more of his work here and some of the pieces seen here are available on Etsy. Awesome Paper Sculptures. Posted on September 28, 2011 by saya Let us enjoy the beautiful scenery of Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal and American cities now, with these fantastic paper sculptures created by Christina Lihan.

Awesome Paper Sculptures

Each piece is hand assembled in detailed layers, being rather rich with the layer and a stereoscopic feeling. To finish these sculptures, about up to 300lb of coldpress watercolor paper was used, which indicates the designer’s really hard work. But obviously Christina Lihan’s efforts have not been wasted, coz all the sculptures seem so great. Well done. Designer: Christina Lihan. IDLINGS, SNAPS AND OUT-TAKES. While the fashion shows were on in October I decided to keep myself busy with something other than shoots and ideas.


My friend China is a director and writer and we go and see a lot of movies together and talk alot about the processes, so I thought I would try my hand at filmaking, not to any ends, it really was just an exercise in creativity, I don’t think I have a great novel or movie in me, but I get a lot of pleasure from just doing ‘stuff’. Best to start small, I would write a short story, 15 mins. My approach to ideas is as i’m sure, shared by a lot of people. I brainstorm words and simple concepts, write them down and as they evolve I usually hit a wall.

If I try and force the idea it never works, I can get very het up and frustrated, so I sleep on it. For about a week I woke up with snippits of plot and jotted them down. The story is centred around two characters, a boy and a girl. 1. Nia May’s Papercuts exhibition at Sweets Workshop. Paper and the Blade is a beautiful papercut exhibition by Perth-based artist, Nia May.

Nia May’s Papercuts exhibition at Sweets Workshop

With more than 40 intricate designs, the show creates a two-dimensional world of foxes, teapots, skeletons, birds and little girls lost. In her words, May makes them ‘by using a sharp knife while drinking lots of tea. And my house is often filled with confetti’. The show is on until October 5 at Sweets Workshop in Summer Hill. Paper wigs {in black & white} Paper-Cut-Project is an Atlanta studio overflowing with paper craft talent.

paper wigs {in black & white}

These wigs are just some of the 20 paper pieces they created for Kate Spade’s Lillian Bassman collection window displays. Both the wigs and collection are inspired by the famous 1961 Bassman photograph, “A Touch of Dew” featuring windswept model Lisa Fonssagrives behind the wheel of a convertible. Such chic, modern and strong paper design with a true sense of motion, I wouldn’t mind having one to display as art. Those ponytails. Oy. (spotted on strictlypaper; photograms via paper-cut-project and 1stdibs) Su Blackwell’s Book Sculptures. Post'it War. Origami Beetle by Shuki Kato. Spotted this amazing paper beetle designed and folded by Shuki Kato.

Origami Beetle by Shuki Kato

It’s folded from a single 22″ square of tracing paper and has a nearly 10″ wingspan. Check out the rest of his impeccable folding work here. Maria Ikonomopoulou. It’s been a whirlwind week for the Anthology team, and we’re excited to head into the weekend and enjoy a little late summer sun.

Maria Ikonomopoulou

Lately I’ve been drawn to artists with an almost superhuman ability to craft meticulous, intricate designs—be it out of paper, pen, or thread. Maria Ikonomopoulou is another talent to add to the list; it’s hard to believe, but these are actually photographic prints into which Maria has cut detailed abstract patterns. The combination of image and pattern is mesmerizing, as is her lace-like letter curtain below. A nice, healthy dose of beauty to lead you into the holiday weekend.

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!