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Vintage Style Audrey Hepburn Style Dresses UK, Ophelia Dress. Vintage Style Dresses UK, Ophelia Dress, Audrey Hepburn Style Dresses. Vintage Style Dresses UK, Ophelia Dress, Audrey Hepburn Style Dresses. Vintage Petticoat, Skirts & Petticoats, Vintage Fashion. Vintage Style Dresses UK, Ophelia Dress, Audrey Hepburn Style Dresses. Vintage Style Dresses UK. Floral Tea Dress. 1950's Style Vintage Petticoat Black - Little Wings Factory. Lovely addition. As a size 8-10 and 5"2, this fitted lovely. I did however feel slightly to 'prom dress' for the party I attended, and this alongside it being slightly itchy for myself, meant I didn't wear it. However it did make the dress look beautiful, and I would certainly order another to add to another dress for an occasion. Absolutely fab! This is absolutely super under any vintage style dress and is just long enough that the end peeks out. Looks gorgeous and really makes the dress! Great petticoat I ordered this to go underneath a dress I had also ordered from Little Wings.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 13 | Next. Vintage Style Dresses UK. Ophelia Dress. When young women are choosing a special dress for a party or their prom night, they often want to choose something unique and different from what everyone else will be wearing. Choosing a vintage outfit is a great way of selecting a dress that will be flattering and timeless, but will also stand out from the crowd. The Ophelia dress can be worn by any age, but is exceptionally flattering when worn by young women and can be dressed up or down, whatever the occasion. The Ophelia dress was named after the Shakespearean character Ophelia in the play Hamlet and it became famous in the 1950s when designers used it as inspiration for their fashion ranges. An Ophelia dress is designed and shaped to highlight a woman’s figure and it became even more stunning when combined with one of the many colourful and frilly petticoats that were increasing in popularity at the time.

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Choose from astunning range of sophisticated and elegant bins, beautifully made tissue boxes, jewellery and watch boxes,coffee table boxes, bed trays, desk sets and photo frames. To add some luxury and sophistication to a home office or for the perfect corporate gift, a Luxury Desk Accessories is a stylish way to keep paperwork organised. iWoodesign has the ultimate selection of luxury gifts to spoil that special someone, or perhaps just to treat yourself. The Internet is the ideal place to find a vintage style Ophelia dress by Louise Thomas. Articles by Louise Thomas Writer An Ophelia dress is one of the vintage dress styles that was popular in the 50s and was made famous by several Hollywood stars.

The timeless style of the dress still makes it popular amongst girls when they go out and want to wear some vintage style fashion. This style of dress is hard to come by however as only a few manufacturers in modern times venture to produce them. Most of the vintage style dresses you find in shops are either handmade or commercially manufactured to meet the high demands made by selective customers. Sizing is a problem with many vintage dresses as they are smaller compared to modern dress sizes. For example, the 70s Medium (M) is smaller than the Extra Small (XS) of today. Vintage dresses can be bought from places such as second-hand clothing shops run by charities, garage sales, consignment shops, flea markets, car boot sales, estate sales, antique markets, textile and collectible fairs, vintage fashion and vintage fashion shops.

Dainty and Delicate Vintage Dresses From Little Wings Factory. Swing Dresses with Sweetheart Necklines and Vintage Petticoats Are All available at Little Wings.., Business - weSRCH. Little Wings Factory is a family run business made up of a close-knit team of people who believe in the power of fashion, and that homeware products should be able to purchase easily, so rendering life at home simpler and more beautiful. The products available from this online store range from bed sets to gloves, scarves, handbags, dresses and even a range of vintage petticoat.

Their easily navigated and characterised website makes shopping for vintage style items fun, and is really simple. Just head to their site at and you will encounter a shopping experience that is both exciting and memorable. On this site, you can choose from a wide array of vintage style items, such as a red tartan quilt set, brown faux fur mittens, pink faux fur scarf, purple satin dress, red Ophelia Dress, fifties dresses and even a set of three floral vintage style suitcases. About Us We are one of the leading companies in providing vintage clothing in their original forms. Contact Us. Dainty and Delicate Vintage Dresses From Little Wings Factory. In their everyday life, many people will often think about what is would be like to be dressed in vintage style dresses UK and what a difference this would make to their wardrobe. The long gowns and accessories that ladies wore in the past are seen as elegant and offering us a look that is beautiful and feminine.

On the other hand, you might go for some of the swing dresses with sweetheart necklines that are reminiscent of the 1950s. Such dresses as these are sure to help you to escape from the mundane existence of your regular routine and help to bring a little bit of fun to your weekend. To make your weekend a little bit more fun and lively, you could order one of Fifties dresses from Little Wings Factory as an outfit for your fifties themed party.

There are also accessories available at Little Wings Factory that are both unique and offer a sense of old world charm with their traditional design. Comments. Choose A Beautiful Floral Tea Dress Online At Little Wings Factory in Wilmslow SK9 on Freeads Classifieds - Wholesale Products classifieds. Don’t Hesitate to Order All Types of Vintage Clothing Online.pdf - DocDroid. Don’t Hesitate to Order All Types of Vintage Clothing Online. Many women nowadays like to keep a wardrobe that is stocked full with many items that they can use to make themselves look good on any occasion with items such as vintage petticoats, Ophelia dresses and a stunning Floral Tea Dress. The joy of keeping it stocked with many different styles and fashions is that each piece can be mixed and matched to make a unique style statement that enables her to stand out from the crowd.

One of the most effective ways that a woman can showcase her unique style is to shop for vintage fifties dressesuk as the styles of yesteryear offer us many beautiful fashion options that work as well on the contemporary woman of today as they did in the past. Vintage fashion has an ongoing charm that many of today's fashions simply cannot compete with - although a lot of fashion nowadays is influenced by fashions of the past in many ways. Update Your Wardrobe to Stand Out from the Crowd. Why Should You Choose A Vintage Audrey Hepburn Dress for Your Next Party? - Swing Dress.

Bring Back the Flair. Nothing can compare with the feeling that you get when you wear a dress that is stylish, fashionable and well made - it definitely gives you a certain edge in the style stakes and can help you to receive acknowledgement and praise from your friends too. But, how do you discover whether a style is in fashion and whether it will suit you? These are not trivial questions, but questions that are important as they will not only affect your daily routine but the answers to them can give you confidence too.

After all, everyone knows that the first impression is the best. It is therefore really important that you dress well every day, and make sure you truly understand the practiced art of dressing well if you want to make a good and lasting impression on everyone you meet. There are many occasions that demand a certain amount of attention paid to your dress when you decide on what to wear - such as a party of a formal gathering of friends. Dress in a Vintage Style and Stand Out From The Crowd with Little Wings Factory. Choose A Fifties Dress to Sport the Retro Look of Yestery... One of the most famous dresses designed in the 50s was the tea dress - a dress that was worn on informal occasions at home by women. These dresses were designed in light fabrics and unstructured lines, and they were famous throughout the 19th century.

A tea dress was usually designed to rest at knee length or lower, and they had an exclusive look especially those with flower patterns. Floral tea dresses were made popular by Hollywood stars of yesteryears in the movies, and one can easily replicate the magic of these ladies by choosing floral tea dresses. One should be careful though a floral tea dress can make a woman look smaller then her height and might not be the most flattering length one could choose.

The fifties dresses for women had a rare elegance that you will not find in the contemporary style women dresses of today. The classic looks of the fifties dresses also make them the preferred dress choice for proms, as they make girls look like princesses. The Best Place to Buy Vintage Style Prom Dresses in the UK - swing dress. If you are planning to look amazing at your prom, then you would be well advised to choose a vintage style dress from a store that stocks a wide variety of them. The main reason you should choose a vintage dress for your prom is that they look different and will give you an exclusive look. A vintage prom dress can be chosen from the styles of the 40s and 50s as fashion at this time made swing dresses highly popular, and the fashion of this era has continued to cast its magic spell throughout the rest of the century. The best place to buy vintage style prom dresses is from an online store that has been specially established for this purpose.

There are other avenues from where one can obtain these vintage dresses, and these include second-hand clothing shops run by charity organizations, antique markets, flea markets, textile fairs, estate sales, classic clothing auctions, garage sales and several other such places. Vintage Swing Dresses. Shop an Audrey Hepburn or Ophelia Dress online with Little Wings Factory. The Vintage Swing Dresses of the 50s Are Still a Hit On t... The Vintage Swing Dresses of the 50s Are Still a Hit On the Dance Floors It is a no surprise that 50s dresses still reign supreme in women's fashion today. Two of the top vintage style dresses that look good on dance floors are the swing dresses and petticoats, and, of course, you can also combine them as they will look amazing when they are combined in vibrant colors.

A swing dress began its career in the dance halls of the 40s when girls started doing the lindy hop with dashing young men, and the dress gave them the opportunity to flash some leg, which worked as a great temptation for men hovering around. Swing dresses are fitted at the waist, and then they start flaring onward to come to rest at the knee. The flaring in the dress means that it starts to swing when the girls set the dance floor on fire. Lots of swirling and flashing of legs are the order of the evening. Since they look so great on dance floors, they are still in great demand today. An Ophelia Dress Worn with a Petticoat is sure to set off a Girl’s Figure. Add the Inimitable Audrey Hepburn Style to Your Wardrobe with Little Wings Factory. A Vintage Style Bridesmaid Dress With Its Hour Glass Shape Will Set You Apart From the Rest. Vintage style dresses UK. Vintage Style Dresses UK to Add More Variety to Your Wardrobe | Vintage Style Prom Dresses UK.

If you are interested in fashion at all, then you will know that vintage style dresses hold a unique elegance that it is hard to find in modern day outfits. You will probably also have realised that today’s fashion has its roots back in the fashion of yesteryears and takes inspiration from many styles and designs found in the 1940s and 1950s. Many popular vintage style fashions are inspired by the clothing and accessories worn by such icons of fashion as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, and can be spotted on many ladies at weddings, proms, and other social occasions. There are many different dresses available from Little Wings Factory vintage style dresses UK such as swing dresses, Ophelia dresses, vintage style bridesmaid dresses, and an assortment of petticoats to enhance the style of your chosen vintage style dress.

Audrey Hepburn made her debut on Broadway as Gigi in 1951 and never really left the spotlight then until her death in 1993. United Kingdom Like this: Like Loading... Best-selling Ophelia dress. Floral tea dress. Best-selling Ophelia dress. A Fifties Swing Dress Is A Potent Way to Outdo Others at A Party. Vintage Clothes Online. Vintage style dresses in UK.

View our Ophelia dress collection by littlewingsfactory. Vintage Clothes Online from Little Wings Factory. Vintage Clothes Online | Floral Tea Dress | Buy Vintage Style Clothing Accessories. Shop Petticoat Online. UK-41-none-93-all-cities-3700 date published: 22 Sep 2015 valid until: 22 Sep 2016 Our women’s vintage style petticoats are available for sale at the best prices around. These petticoats come in a great variety of styles and colours and are available online. For more details visit at Images You may also view these ads: DesiFirangi Online bikini shopping store in India Buy Bikini online at low prices in India at . Buy Indian Wedding Sarees Buy Indian Wedding Sarees, Salwar Kameez, Salwar Suits, Bridal Wedding Lehengas, Latest Designer Lehenga Sarees online at Panash India. Copyright © 2009 - 2015

The Best Online Shopping Place For Quality Vintage Style Prom Dresses. Vintage Clothes Online | Floral Tea Dress | Buy Vintage Style Clothing Accessories. Vintage Clothes Online.