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Louis Detitto

Louis DeTitto have Thirty-Four years of Law Enforcement experience.Louis DeTitto retired from the Philadelphia Police Department after Twenty- Four years.For the last ten years,Louis DeTitto is a Special Agent/Commander, with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office.

Louis DeTitto – Protect And Serve. Unfortunately, protecting civil liberties in the United States means confronting a set of unique problems that are inherent in the US Constitution.

Louis DeTitto – Protect And Serve

The laws governing the right to bear arms in the United States is one of the most widely debated topics in the public and political sphere. Perhaps no other single topic divides the nation so sharply. There are, of course, those who point out that the Constitution, the document which provides us with the foundations for our freedom, sanctions the possession of firearms. This is undoubtedly true. However, in accepting the Second Amendment, we must also face the negative aspects that come along with it – gun crime – and it is with regard to this anomaly that law enforcement specialists such as Louis C DeTitto, a protector of the people if there ever was one, play such a vital role in the nation’s wellbeing. Louis C DeTitto – Dangerous Duties. Louis DeTitto is a leader in Security and Special Forces.

Louis C DeTitto – Dangerous Duties

He has taken on many dynamic roles within his profession, and consequently has a host of important and often dangerous duties he is dedicated to perform to the utmost of his ability. He is the Regional Agent In Charge of the Philadelphia Gun Violence Task Force, where he coordinates agents at area gun shows to crack down on illegal gun transfers and sales. He is also the Special Operations Unit Commander for the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office.

As Commander, Louis DeTitto is in charge of 25 highly-trained SWAT Agents (whom he also trained) and the coordinator of the state-wide, “High Risk Entry” warrant services, which decides whether or not the Agency is able to execute a warrant for an individual who is violating laws of the Child Predator Unit, the Bureau of Narcotics, or of Criminal Investigations. People change jobs for various reasons. Louis C DeTitto – Prosecution Of Illegal Firearms. Louis DeTitto on Vimeo amply illustrates his contention that, “The force in Philly focuses largely on gun shows.

Louis C DeTitto – Prosecution Of Illegal Firearms

The overall mission of the GTVF is to get illegal guns and violent criminals off the streets of Philadelphia, and the majority of arrests made are from “straw purchases” (the illegal transfer of a gun). Louis DeTitto, Frontline of Gun Crime. What does it mean to be in charge of such a dynamic and important task force in the fourth-ranked most violent city in the US?

Louis DeTitto, Frontline of Gun Crime

According to Louis DeTitto, continuous learning is the key to professionalism. He has been the Regional Agent-In-Charge (Commander) of the GTVF for the past ten years. Prior to that, he was a member of the police force for 24 years before he was appointed to his current position. He points out that the GVTF also works in concert with local agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) Department.

These relationships have netted over two hundred arrests from June 2015 to June 1, 2016. Louis DeTitto- Special Operation Require Special Leadership. Special operations form a very integral part of the American law enforcement field.

Louis DeTitto- Special Operation Require Special Leadership

Whilst every field and every department contributes a huge amount to making the streets safer for American citizens, departments like special operations units come with an even higher level of risk. We rely on such units and teams to take on criminality often at the source of operations, which naturally pose more of a threat and danger due to criminals wanting to protect their base. For this reason, leading such teams in the correct manner is of crucial importance, to lower the risk of loss of life, and make sure cases can be cracked open with efficiency and effectiveness. Louis C Detitto- Fighting Gun Crime at the Source. People will never entirely agree on the best methods needed to fight America’s gun crime problems.

Louis C Detitto- Fighting Gun Crime at the Source

For a Western nation, the US has still an embarrassingly high amount of gun crimes for a population that proclaim to be so civilized Gun ownership laws are often contested, but remain an integral part of the countries constitution. Law enforcement officers mus constantly think of novel ways to tackle such problems, to try and reduce the staggering rates off shooting we see across the country, especially in rough neighborhoods in large urban metropolises. Find out about experienced law enforcement officer Louis DeTitto Video on Vimeo.

Louis DeTitto is one such man at the front line of such a battle, in his position as the Commander-in-Chief of the Gun Violence task force (GVTF) for the Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Office. It is estimated that these relationships have netted over two hundred arrests from June 2015 to June 1, 2016- so something is working. Louis DeTitto- Everyday is a Lesson in the Police Force. Law enforcement is an ever-evolving and dynamic field to work in.

Louis DeTitto- Everyday is a Lesson in the Police Force

There will always be criminality- what changes is the methods they use to carry out their operations, and the way law enforcement institutions choose to combat these issues. For this reason, everyday working in law enforcement, be it as an officer, DAE investigator, SWAT agent or homicide police, everyday is part of the learning curve, where new skills and experiences are required. To beat criminality, and implement a rigorous and righteous justice system, all those working in the field must adapt with the times and changing evolution of the field. For Louis DeTitto, experienced Philadelphia police officer turned Commander, experience has been key to his distinguished career. Louis C Detitto- High Risk Entry Teams Leading the Line Against Criminality. The acronym SWAT has been immortalized in American film over the last two decades, culminating most recently in the Colin Farrell classic S.W.A.T in 2003.

Louis C Detitto- High Risk Entry Teams Leading the Line Against Criminality

The special forces have long been admired throughout society not only for their portrayal in films such as this, but due to the appreciation people have for the dangerous and difficult work they do. Louis DeTitto- Leadership in Law and Enforcement for Safer Streets. As it is in every important industry, leadership in law enforcement holds they key for people being able to do their work effectively and carry out their objectives and goals.

Louis DeTitto- Leadership in Law and Enforcement for Safer Streets

Having strong leaders helps organizations keep the streets safer through good police work, and implement effective strategic operations to reduce the crime rates across the country. One man who has become renowned for his leadership skills in the industry of late is Philadelphia’s own Louis DeTitto. For Louis DeTitto, the Requirements of Police Officers can be dictated by good leaders, who won’t overwhelm their subordinates with too demanding tasks. Good leaders in law enforcement rule with discipline but understanding. In an industry that is always underfunded, and under scrutiny from the public eye, supporting officers and teams is vital for a leader to be able to get the best out of them. Louis C Detitto - Rewarding Work in Public Service and Keeping Citizens Safe. America has a proud tradition of public service, and it is celebrated and endorsed by people of all backgrounds.

Louis C Detitto - Rewarding Work in Public Service and Keeping Citizens Safe

Children are told of the rewarding riches of public service from a young age, and it leads many into careers that help progress the nation and serve society and the state. There are a huge range of things American’s can do to serve the nation, even in the private sector, and they can be rewarding and fulfilling careers. Louis DeTitto- Tackling Gun Crime from the Source. America has an interesting relationship with guns. Each year more and more resources are pumped into tackling gun crime through special units and task forces, and trying to keep them off the streets. However, due to America’s insistence on protecting the rights of people to have bear arms, this can seem like a thankless task and uphill battle for many working in law enforcement at times.

Louis C Detitto - A Look Behind the Scenes at the Men Keeping America Safer from Gun Violence. America’s gun violence record is not something that the country has ever been particularly proud of. Whist we avidly stick to our constitutional rights of the Second Amendment which allows American’s to be gun owners, this loose gun law means we also have to face the consequences of criminality that accompanies such freedoms. The truth is, without the hard work and leadership of some of law enforcement finest officers and professionals, the country would be an extremely unsafe place to be.

Louis DeTitto- Always Learning the Key to Professionalism and a Good Career. Any good professional who has been able to craft an honorable and satisfying career will testify to the notion that continuous learning and improvement is the key to success. Being able to take positives and new skills and experiences from every role one takes in life can be extremely important in taking the next step in their careers. For Louis DeTitto, experienced law enforcement veteran, every position he has held has helped him to become a better leader, and in turn more effective at keeping the streets safe for American citizens.

Louis DeTitto- Tackling Big Crime with Special Units. We as a nation are indebted to our law enforcement units, working tirelessly to keep the streets safe for Americans to raise families and pursue the American dream. From deterring any criminal activity, to actively pursuing those who may endanger ours or our loved ones’ lives, police units have a difficult but honorable task. When it comes to more specialized crimes, and trying to catch the bigger fish responsible for more heinous criminal behavior, specialized task forces are often called upon to tackle the issue. These special trained units have a particular set of skills that allows them to carry out focused operations with efficiency and effectiveness, and require constant training to make sure they stay on top of the game.

Find out about law enforcement leader Louis DeTitto Document here. Louis DeTitto- Aiming to Keep the Streets Clear of Guns. It almost goes without saying that America has a gun problem. For many decades the country has suffered gun crime figures incomparably high compared to other Western developed nations. Louis DeTitto- An Experienced Head in Law Enforcement. Working in law enforcement, whichever field one chooses, can be an extremely rewarding and challenging career. For those training and leading people in every department it is extremely important that they experience in the field and can use this to help others learn. Louis DeTitto, Document on Slideshare. Louis DeTitto Does The Dangerous Jobs To Keep Americans Safe.

Louis DeTitto and the Requirements of Police Officers. People change jobs for various reasons. Money is, of course, a significant motivation, the desire for a change of scenery another. Boredom is also a frequently-cited example, as is the wish to explore the boundaries of one’s own ambitions. Indeed, it seems to becoming rarer to stay in the same job or career for more than a decade or so. And if you do remain in your field, there is a definite need to stay enthused, to give oneself increasingly difficult challenges, and to seek out opportunities to evolve and grow. Louis C DeTitto and Continuous Learning the Key to Professionalism. Louis C DeTitto, LinkedIn. Louis DeTitto - What Does it Mean to Train SWAT Team Members? SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) officers are members of highly trained paramilitary units that tackle situations beyond the capability of conventional police forces. First created in the 1960s, SWAT teams use specialized or military equipment and tactics in the United States and are culled from police force volunteers.

They specialize in weapons training, teamwork, and strategy, and major cities especially rely on them to handle “high risk” situations. As part of his job as Special Operations Unit Commander for the Philadelphia Attorney General’s Office, Louis C. DeTitto trained all twenty­five Special Ops agents attached to that office. Louis C. DeTitto is Surpassing the Requirements of Law Enforcement Officers. Louis DeTitto is a superior law enforcer, which is what occurs after 34 years as a police officer at the Philadelphia Police Department. He is now currently employed by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office. Louis DeTitto is Keeping People Safe 24/7. Louis C. DeTitto explaining the Practicalities of a Career in Law Enforcement. Louis DeTitto has a Special Calling for Law Enforcement.

Louis C. DeTitto is Keeping the Streets of Philadelphia Safe. Louis DeTitto has been in law enforcement for over 30 years, which has granted him a high level of expertise. Louis DeTitto Leadership, Stability and Service... - Louis C Detitto - Quora. Working in law enforcement is one of the most respected roles in America. Being a police officer in any country is a high profile position that shows a dedication to public service and helping contribute to a civil community. In a country like America, that has relaxed gun laws compared to most Western nations, this job becomes even more dangerous and difficult. Louis Detitto — Louis DeTitto,A Career in Law Enforcement and... Louis Detitto — Louis DeTitto is A Leader in Security and Special... Louis DeTitto,Continuous Learning the Key to Pr... - Louis C Detitto - Quora.

Louis DeTitto Doing the Dangerous Jobs to Keep Americans Safe. Louis Detitto: Louis DeTitto – Requirements of Police Officers. Louis C Detitto – Protector of the People - Louis C Detitto - Quora. Louis Detitto — Louis DeTitto – A Special Calling. Louis C Detitto – Police Forces Even in Ancient Times – louiscdetitto. Louis Detitto: Louis DeTitto – Keeping Philadelphia Safe.