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Ebooks from independent authors and publishers — bestsellers first. How to find free Kindle books. Companies with their own Kindle competitors, such as Barnes & Noble, Sony, and Apple, make a big deal of the fact that their e-book readers are compatible with the ePub file format.

How to find free Kindle books

That means, unlike the , that the Apple iPad (through various apps, including iBooks), Sony Reader, and Barnes & Noble Nook can be used to read tens of thousands of free books from Google and a variety of other sources. Just choose a title, download the ePub version, and transfer it to the compatible reader of your choice. Yes, nearly all of the books and essays in question are public domain classics (and sometimes not-so-classics) of yesteryear--the works of authors such as Arthur Conan Doyle, Jules Verne, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and the like. But free's free, and these are the sort of canonical works of art that bookworms appreciate reading and re-reading ad infinitum. Download e-books for free. Online Shopping for DVDs, Games, Books, Electronics, Music, and Toys - TAKE2. - Books, DVDs, Music & More. - South Africas top online shopping destination.