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5 Steps for Planning Lessons Around Technology – Starting with the End in Mind. Teacher Anne Karakash is a recipient of a 2004 Fulbright Scholarship and a National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certified teacher. She enjoys teaching in a 1:1 classroom at Franklin Academy in Wake Forest, North Carolina and at Wake Technological Community College in Raleigh. Karakash will be presenting the session, “Colorful, Dynamic and Interactive: Reimagining Classroom Content”, at the 2014 Teaching and Learning with the iPad Conference this November in Raleigh, NC. In this article, she shares how she ‘turned the corner’ on tech integration in teaching and embraced it from a new perspective … Veteran teachers have seen the landscape of education go through drastic changes over the last two decades.

Given the mandate to include technology in our lessons, we have gone from tape recorders, to DVDs, to LCD projectors, webpages, and now many schools are issuing iPads to students. And then one day everything changed for me. Plan: Consider your curricular content.