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What is the Future of Storytelling? As consumer technology evolves at an ever-quickening pace, opportunities for new forms of storytelling are emerging.

What is the Future of Storytelling?

Experimentation is all well and good, but what do audiences actually want? To answer this question, research group Latitude has interviewed 158 early adopters and compiled a report that forms the first phase of its The Future of Storytelling project. Unsurprisingly, these early adopters are keen to take advantage of everything that technology has to offer.

Their key demands are summarized in Latitude’s report as ‘The 4 I’s': Immersion, Interactivity, Integration and Impact. Essentially, they want to be able to explore a story in greater depth, and have it reach out of the confines of a single medium and play out in ‘the real world’. B2B Marketing - van Push naar Pull Strategie.