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I am Abby Smith, work at 'LOTUS Containers' as a senior SEO analyst. LOTUS Containers is the best Container supplier company that provides different types of containers like steel, cargo, metal shipping containers at a fair price. We buy new and used containers according to requirements. A container is an empty box that is using for moving one place to another, a quality container keeps the product safe because of its airtight.

Bulker Containers. LOTUS Containers is an eminent container supplier company offering a spectrum of bulker containers and other different types of shipping boxes and storage units to customers all over the world.

Bulker Containers

With our large fleet size and worldwide network, we stand at the forefront in meeting your requirement anytime, anywhere. About Us: Ever since our establishment in 2008, we are diligently serving customers with our product and services whether it is for storage, shipment, or constructing buildings. With our main office present in Hamburg, Germany, and representative offices all over the world like Europe, North & South America, and China, we reach you on a global scale. Dry Bulk Containers: We offer bulk shipping containers aptly suitable for holding free-flowing dry cargo such as cement, grains, coffee beans, malt and ores. These are ideal for transporting dry bulk cargoes that cannot be shipped in standard ISO Containers. 20ft bulkers New · One-trip boxes · SOC Boxes Used · Cargo Worthy 2. 3. Intermodal Transportation Service. Buy New Shipping Containers - Shipping Container Types. is one of the most reliable container trading platforms allowing you to buy and sell containers online with extreme ease and comfort.

Buy New Shipping Containers - Shipping Container Types

You see how these days everything is going online- the e-commerce industry is ever ready to take your order and provide the delivery of goods within the stipulated time period. Freight Container – Buy, Sale and lease Shipping Containers. We at LOTUS Containers have been your specialist in simplifying your containerization issue since 2008.

Freight Container – Buy, Sale and lease Shipping Containers

We offer a spectrum of new and used freight containers for sale, lease, and purchase for all types of need- storage, shipment or building purpose. Situated in Germany, we have spread our wings to different parts of the world like- Europe, Australia, China, Brazil, North & South America, serving client’s needs on a global scale. No matter what location you belong to or what need you to bring us, we deliver you the right shipping boxes anywhere, anytime. Our services at a glance. Container Transportation Services. New Shipping Container in USA. A Guide to Buying Shipping Containers. Do you consider all the important things before buying shipping containers?

A Guide to Buying Shipping Containers

How do you know that the container you’re buying would maintain a long-lasting relationship with you? Most of the time, people who are not much familiar with the container industry, end up making a deal that does not help them get the right shipping boxes. Whether you want them for storing goods, sailing your cargoes to different countries, or building homes out of it, it's significant to know certain things before buying shipping containers. Through this guide, we intend to help you in buying the right shipping box. Stay tuned till the last and you will be able to keep a detailed insight into choosing the right container. Given below are the questions you must interrogate yourself- Find your SOC equipment in California! Container Transportation Services. Mobile Modular Office Trailers – Buy, Sale and lease Shipping Containers. Looking for containers to build mobile modular office trailers?

Mobile Modular Office Trailers – Buy, Sale and lease Shipping Containers

LOTUS Containers allows you to acquire storage and shipping containers, from wherever you are. Whether be new or used, rented or purchased, Shanghai or Miami, we help you avail a wide range of shipping boxes worldwide for building mobile modular office trailers. By generating transparent, real-time online quotation for your equipment, we make it easy for you to acquire equipment at the most competitive rate. About Us It’s been more than a decade and we are delightfully serving customers with our gamut containerization solution. With our main office in Germany, near Hamburg and representative offices at different corners of the world like Europe, China, North & South America, we help you avail of our services internationally. Storage We bring to you a wide range of mobile modular portable storage boxes to store a wide range of goods- from machinery, inventory to the home appliance.

Like this: Like Loading... Freight Container – Buy, Sale and lease Shipping Containers. Hard Top Open Top Container. Are you looking for hard top open top containers to ship your heavy & large size cargo?

Hard Top Open Top Container

Open top containers are best suited for cargoes that protrude beyond the standard height and cannot be stuffed through the front door. And that’s why their removable steel roof enables easy loading of such cargoes from the top. At LOTUS Containers, we have been helping customers in acquiring a wide range of new and used intermodal shipping boxes. About Established in the year 2008, we have become a giant world of storage shipping containers.

With our main presence in Germany, near Hamburg, we have spread our wings to different corners of the world like Europe, China, North & South America to support containerization and intermodal transportation services globally. We offer both 20’ and 40’ open top containers that are specifically designed to carry heavy and large size cargo. Shipping Containers Omaha. LOTUS Containers has been one of the leading experts in the procurement of shipping container solutions since 2008.

Shipping Containers Omaha

We sell shipping and storage containers all around the world with the greatest affordability and versatility. As a global player in this industry with our primary location in Germany. Intermodal Transportation Service. Used shipping container for sale. Portable Storage Containers. Container Transportation Services. Bulker Containers. 8 Way To Avoid Freight Damage. USA. Shipping Container Types. 40ft high cube reefer containers. Bulk shipping Containers. Liquid and Gas Storage Containers. Used Maritime Storage Containers for sale. Double door shipping containers for sale. Double door shipping container. Pallet wide container for sale. Pallet wide shipping containers. High cube dry van containers - LOTUS Containers. 40ft dry van container -LOTUS Containers. 40ft dry van containers for sale. 20’ Dry Van - Dry Bulk Container. Lotuscontainer05's bookmark for "Buy Used Shipping Containers.

Leasing or Buying Shipping Containers- Which is the Best Option? Undoubtedly, both leasing and buying are the best of the methods allowing freight forwarders, shippers, industrialists, or builders in acquiring containers.

Leasing or Buying Shipping Containers- Which is the Best Option?

And that’s why both carry their own pros and cons. Since needs and expectations change from person to person, what may be advantages for one may not be for others. In order to decide which of the two will yield a better outcome, you must consider a few points that I am laying down. The below points will give you a deep insight to make a better decision for yourself. Duration: The period for which you need the containers plays a very important role in deciding whether you should go for purchase or lease. Moreover, it’s always advisable to buy shipping containers when you need them for a longer duration so that you can escape from the burden of monthly payable rent. Budget: From an operational perspective, container leasing is found to be 60% to 70% more expensive than buying, yet a majority of the people tend to opt for leasing. Top 5 Factors Affecting Containers Shipping Rates.

Scrutinizing down the history, one can find the shipping industry has traveled all the way long from centuries confronting various ups and downs, yet contributes 90% of the total world trade.

Top 5 Factors Affecting Containers Shipping Rates

There is no dubiety in saying that the freight industry is key to sustaining the modern economy, which means a country’s overall economic position depends hugely on its freight that even a slight change in the market can lead to great agitation amongst the countries. Millions of manufacturers and producers around the world hold credibility in making this industry vast enough to practice trade with much ease and affordability. One of the chief concerns in freight companies are fluctuating containers shipping rate/freight charge from time to time which disrupts the whole economy including shippers, manufacturers, traders, and even common people.

Fluctuating container shipping rates have been one of the main concerns of the logistic trade sector. Leasing or Buying Shipping Containers- Which is the Best Option? All you need to know about double door containers – LOTUS Containers. In the world of containers, one can be mesmerized by seeing at the vastness of containers in terms of their type, size, feature, usage, and versatility.

All you need to know about double door containers – LOTUS Containers

Ever since the advent of containers in the world, they have been experimented and molded to make them suitable for all kinds of cargoes and capable of all means of transportation. In this article, we will be talking about a very unique container type- Double Door About double doorAll standard shipping containers have at least one set of double doors. But there is a unique type of container having two sets of double doors – one set on each end of the container length. Intermodal Transportation Service. Things to look Outside the Box before you Buy Shipping Containers. In another article, we had talked about important things to look inside a container box.

Here we will be talking about the things to look outside the container box before making a final purchase. Container buying has always been one of the most arduous and daunting tasks. This is mostly because you have to keep a keen eye on every minute thing. Looking outside the box does not mean looking just at its exterior but every factor- from the look, strength to papers, everything. LOTUS Containers has created this mini-guide to help you with every necessary detail that you must keep a note of while signing a final deal with your supplier.

Alignment: Shipping containers are rectangular boxes that can be stacked on top of each other to be stowed to acquire the minimum space available. Types: Before heading towards a supplier, you should know what type of cargo you’re going to ship in that. Depending upon the cargo type, you can ask your supplier to provide the right type of boxes. Conclusion. Shipping Containers Homes becoming an affordable Housing Option. From living in caves, huts, clay houses, villa to skyscrapers buildings, man has traveled a long distance. But no one thought that after living by all luxury, man will move onto living in a metallic box- a box purposely made for the shipment of cargoes. Yes, a box that was designed 65 years ago to simplify the transportation of goods over long distances was never thought to be used for residential purposes anytime in the future.

“But the human mind is all about invention and innovation.” There have been many other creative uses of the shipping container documented in the last 60 years and shipping container homes is one of those. The Versatility of Shipping Containers. What comes to your mind when you think of a shipping container? Steel boxes with signs of dents, rust, and patches traveling on the truck, rail, or large vessels. That’s indeed true! That is what a shipping container looks like. But those dents, patches, and rust tell their entire story. No doubt those untidy looking boxes plays one of the vital roles in pacing lives of all.

In every field they were taken, they proved their best and that is the reason they are called- ‘VERSATILE’. In this article, we will be talking about the versatilities of those long-living intermodal containers. 1.Shipment/Transportation: Call it shipping container, cargo container, or storage units but they were solely invented to facilitate the shipment of goods in bulk over long distances. The data says that there are currently over 17 million shipping containers in circulation globally with the number of active shipping containers at more than five million. The maximum gross load they can carry is 67,200 lbs. Things to Look Inside the Box Before Buying Shipping Containers. Shipping containers are not a decorative item that should just look good from the outside and should catch the eyes of people, Ohh what a beautiful container it is!

It is something used for rough & tough work, used over and over, in harsh weather, carrying tons of cargoes, loaded and unloaded multiple times. To comply, it has to be both externally and internally strong. While buying shipping containers, external surfaces are mostly visible but what misses our sight is the ‘internals’ of the box. A Guide to Buying Shipping Containers. Hard Top Open Top Container. Are Container Depot, Ports, and Terminals the Same? Now when you have come here, I am sure your confusion revolving around these terminologies will be resolved by the time you end reading this article.

Every day millions of containers move in and out of the country and to facilitate their movement, all these four plays a major role. Container Depot: A container depot is a yard or storage space where empty shipping containers are held in transit after being unloaded from the vessel and laden containers are kept for container survey, repair, and construction services. It can be located within a terminal, within the overall port area, or the remote areas as an ICD (Inland Container Depot). ICD is a storage space situated far away from seaports, in a remote location to help importers and exporters to handle their shipment near their location. To understand container depot lets first understand consolidation.

Not all containers are fully loaded with a single consigner’s freight. Top Functions of Container Depot. In fact, loading and unloading of goods take time and between that containers need to be kept at a certain place where they are safe and protected and under surveillance until the next assignment. Shipping container Terminal. Container Leasing Companies. Intermodal Transportation Service. 8 Way To Avoid Freight Damage. LOTUS Containers – Buy, Sale and lease Shipping Containers. The advent of shipping containers in the modern shipping industry has played a vital role in influencing the growth curve of the global economy. It has not just transformed the shipping industry but had its effect on many other industries. It has led to an exponential increase in the global supply and demand chain which in turn has spurred the domestic and international economy by generating revenue worth trillions.

The stuff that you have, things that you possess and need on a day to day basis, all have one thing in common. At some point in time, they were carried in a colorful metal container. Recent studies have indicated that nearly 90% of the products that average consumer purchases have been shipped via container. Container Depot Processes Explained. Largest Ports in Europe. When the first trade started its way through Europe during the 15th Century, no one expected that it will emerge into a billion-dollar industry that will serve as the backbone of the world economy. Top 10 Busiest Ports in The World. Seaports are the temporary homes to shipping containers, gateways to the imported cargoes and exit gates to facilitate export. Different types of containers’ dimensions. A Guide to Buying Shipping Containers. Find your SOC equipment in Louisville, Kentucky! Find your SOC equipment in Denver, Colorado! Find your SOC equipment in Cleveland & Cincinnati, Ohio!

A Guide to Buying Shipping Containers. Difference Between Cargo Containers and Portable Storage Containers. “Safety applies to the individual, to the family, to the company & its employee, to the state, to the country and outside the country with an equal force.” This line was started by William M. Jeffers, the former president of Union Pacific Railroad Co. who intended to express that safety concerns the happiness, contentment, and protection of mankind. Every existing company regardless of the sector spends a good time, care and money on the well-being of the people working in their organization. Just like a government looks over its citizen and their welfare, in a similar context, the head of the company holds accountability for the safety of workers and employees catering to his business operation.

High Cube Shipping Container vs. Standard Dry Container: Which is best? Shipping Container Transport. LOTUS Containers Intermodal Container Transport Services. Liquid and Gas Storage Containers. Liquid storage containers. Abby Smith - Tanker Container. Buy, Rent and Sell Shipping Container in Cleveland. Buy New and Used Flat Rack Container. Dry Cargo containers. Shipping Container Transport. Container Dimension. Shipping Container Type. Shipping Containers- An Ultimate Solution For Storage And Transportation Of Goods. 20ft Storage Container For Sale. Container dimensions and dimension. Buy, Rent and Sell Shipping Container in Cleveland. Buy New and Used Flat Rack Container. Shipping Containers for Sale. LOTUS Containers – Buy, Sale and lease Shipping Containers. 20 reefer container dimensions. 40ft high cube reefer containers. 14 Different Types Of Shipping Containers And Their Functionality. Top 20 Innovative Uses Of Modular Shipping Container. Modular Shipping Containers - Buy New Shipping Container.

Flat rack container for sale. LOTUS Containers - New or Used Shipping Containers in Miami, California, USA. 4 Uses Of Used Shipping Containers. Top Challenges Faced By Logistics Industries. Top Challenges Faced By Logistics Industries. Shipping Container company Blog. Shipping Container company Blog. Pallet wide containers. Pallet wide shipping containers. LOTUS Containers - Used Shipping Container For Sale, Lease and buy in Miami Florida USA. Buy, Sale and Lease Shipping Containers in California, USA.

LOTUS-Containers — 6 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Storage... A WRONG CHOICE OF FORWARDER CAN BE DANGEROUS FOR YOUR FREIGHT – Buy, Sale and lease Shipping Containers. KEY APPLICATIONS OF MACHINE LEARNING AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN LOGISTICS – Buy, Sale and lease Shipping Containers.