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Google Maps: 100+ Best Tools and Mashups

Google Maps: 100+ Best Tools and Mashups Most people think of Google Maps in terms of finding a place or business, or getting directions from one point to another. Others use the satellite images and terrain mapping features. But there are tons of other uses out there for Google maps. From mapping the weather and news to mapping things that aren't maps at all, like paintings or magazines, Google Maps has a lot to offer. And there are free tools available out there for those who want to use the Google Maps API without doing a bunch of coding.
Beer and Wine on Google Maps Beer and Wine on Google Maps Stag Night Wizard Stag Night Wizard is a Google Maps mash-up designed to help the best man plan a great stag night or weekend. Currently the site offers a route planner for stag nights in Manchester or London in the UK but has plans to add Barcelona, Nottingham, Blackpool and Dublin soon.
Home Home In partnership with Canada Post, Thinkwrap Commerce has developed ‘Canada Post Shipping Accelerators’ to allow for quick and easy integration of the Canada Post’s Web Services to Oracle Commerce infrastructure. I am pleased to announce the following organization changes within our team effective October 1st. Mike Bogan who has served as our VP Operations for […] As the retail industry continues in a rapid state of change, many traditional brick-and-mortar executives are now having to incorporate the notion of “Omni-Channel Commerce”. Visual QR Codes give the ability to incorporate images with your traditional QR code, allowing further creativity in how you can make use of them as a marketing tool. The 2013 results for the Branham300 were released today.
Isn’t it time to upgrade your campus map? | Google Maps Development
Google Maps Development | Connect with proven Google Maps Developers Google Maps Development | Connect with proven Google Maps Developers Our own Kevin Macdonald and Andrew Chung (in this picture) will be at GoogleIO representing ThinkWrap Solutions on Thursday May 28 from 12:00PM – 4:45PM at the red table. They’ll be looking forward to meeting you. ThinkWrap Solutions uses Google Maps to deliver solutions on both web and mobile platforms, and for clients in retail, entertainment, non-profit and government sectors. We also design, build and deploy e-commerce solutions with an emphasis on personalization (via ATG).
Google Maps API hands-on training, part 1 | Go to part two of the trainingPresumed knowledge: HTML Moderate Javascript understanding CSS Basic XMLWhat you’ll need: [js light="true"] <html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en"> <head> <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <title>My awesome first Google map</title> <!– key (will work offline, but not if you upload it to another site)–> <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> <script language="Javascript"> //<![CDATA[ var objMap; //A variable we declare early so our map is accessible outside the function that creates it. Google Maps API hands-on training, part 1 |
– July 26, 2009Posted in: News and posts OK, you’ve learned to create a basic Google map and call in a static XML file. Here’s my advanced tutorial on the Google Maps API that I gave at the 2009 Investigative Reporters and Editors CAR conference in March. Now let’s move on to the advanced stuff. We’ll cover: Going beyond MyMaps 2: Advanced Google Maps API tutorial | Going beyond MyMaps 2: Advanced Google Maps API tutorial |
MappyHour - Happy Hour Map!
Google Maps API Tutorial Day 1