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Arthur Cheesman. Emilie Faïf. Joana vasconcelos. El matador, 2007 Joana Vasconcelos caught the attention of the international art world in 2005 at the Venice Biennale.

joana vasconcelos

Art yarn hexipuff. Anne-Claire Petit. Nathan Vincent - The Artist. Horrifying crochet from Croshame. Frankenstein crocheted purse or bag by croshame. How could you even think about driving this guy out of town with burning torches and pitchforks?

Frankenstein crocheted purse or bag by croshame

He's too cute! This one-of-a-kind bag is crocheted from wool yarn then embellished with novelty yarn, embroidery and hand-sewn felt features. Lined with a cotton fabric featuring a grey and black bat design (see last photo). Measures approx. 6" x 9" outside and with an interior space of about 4.5 x 8.5" and a 17" strap. Will hold light amounts of candy, cosmetics or other goods. Perfect for Halloween... which, of course, is every day!! I am willing to ship internationally, please convo me for shipping estimates. Knitted Masks by Aldo Lanzini. Patricia Waller. Knitty Gritty: 15 Works of Knit Art and Graffiti. Knitty Gritty: 15 Works of Knit Graffiti & Yarn Bomb Art Article by Steve, filed under Installation & Sound in the Art category.

Knitty Gritty: 15 Works of Knit Art and Graffiti

Olek. Monte A. Smith. Monte A.

Monte A. Smith

Smith: I am a fine arts major with a digital media emphasis at the Metropolitan State College of Denver. Studio. From the Museum of Modern Art Press Release: The Museum of Modern Art and P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center present an installation in P.S.1's outdoor courtyard by Los Angeles-based firm Ball-Nogues, led by Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues, winner of the eighth annual MoMA/P.S.1 Young Architects Program.


The competition invites emerging architects to propose an installation for the courtyard of P.S.1 in Long Island City, Queens. The objective of the Young Architects Program is to identify and provide an outlet for emerging young talent in architecture, an ongoing mission of both MoMA and P.S.1. Brutal Knitting. Lana Sutra - Installation images. Joana Vasconcelos. Crochet : Tous les messages sur crochet - Page 2 - chez Henriette L. "oculini" ficelle de lin crochetée en 1 seul fil ininterrompu j'ai crocheté une dizaine d'yeux fermés comme des coquilles autour d'un regard dans le dos chez Emmaüs j'ai trouvé le présentoir idéal pour 1 euro et j'avais déjà un pied du même fournisseur en réserve je fais des yeux comme des bouches, comme des anémones de mer, des tiques, des araignées, des orifices à la Picasso, des oursins, des coquillages, des plantes carnivores.

crochet : Tous les messages sur crochet - Page 2 - chez Henriette L.

Critical Mass 2010 Winners. Sarah Moli Newton Applebaum : INVAERK. Soft Like Kittens › Amigurumi Dinosaur Skeleton. Originally posted to my blog in March 2011 This craft project was a long time in the making: a 120cm (4') long amigurumi dinosaur skeleton, now suspended museum-style from our lounge ceiling.

Soft Like Kittens › Amigurumi Dinosaur Skeleton

It has 47 pieces and took 14 balls of wool! I started it around three years ago, when we lived in the Emily Place apartment, inspired by the lovely high ceilings there. I took a long break after the body and head were done, because I got frustrated trying to make the legs, and just sat down recently determined to finish it. I had a couple more enforced breaks caused by yarn shortages, but finally it is DONE! Another angle, with Pippin for scale. It was all made freehand without a pattern, just a diagram of a Brontosaurus/Apatosaurus skeleton I printed from Google Image Search and a very rough scale, where 1cm on the printout = 8cm of crochet.

It's composed of single crochet worked in spirals, with a few bits of slip stitching and half double crochet to make curves. Mozart Guerra - Sculpteur. Yarn Bombing. Yellowtrace blog » Design Free Thursday. Design Free Thursday | Yarn Bombing {aka Graffiti Knitting}.

yellowtrace blog » Design Free Thursday

Yarn Bombing, also known as Graffiti/ Guerilla/ Urban Knitting is a schizophrenic love child of Banksy and Martha Stewart. Ok, so I made that up. Yarnbombing. Transcending the Material « The Art of Ben Cuevas. These photos document “Transcending the Material”, a mixed media piece that I created and installed while in residence at the Wassaic Project (an arts collective and residency program located in New York state).

Transcending the Material « The Art of Ben Cuevas

Hannah Streefkerk. Olek. ^ Fil de Rue ^ - BloG collEctif de YarN bOmbing. Pictured: The anatomically correct model of the human brain - made of wool. By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 16:38 GMT, 15 January 2009 As complicated to create as the brain is intricate, a psychiatrist has knitted herself an exact replica of the human body's most complex organ.

Pictured: The anatomically correct model of the human brain - made of wool

Taking Karen Norberg almost a year to knit, the 1.5 scale brain is colour-coded to represent the different elements and areas that make up the human mind. Knitted using 100 percent cotton yarn, the woolen brain is nine inches at its longest excluding the spinal cord that exudes from its base. De la nourriture tricotée. Troy Emery. Stéphane Martello, sculpteur de laine stephane_martello05 – the Trendy Girl. Amigurumi on the Behance Network. Now you can really look like a knitwit with designer stubble. Updated: 23:17 GMT, 3 September 2010. Royal wedding 2011: Jan Moir knits Kate Middleton and Prince William. By Jan MoirUPDATED: 11:01 GMT, 27 April 2011 Daylight has long gone, faded into the gloom of a wet spring night. In the glow of the lamplight, there is silence except for the click, click, click of two pairs of knitting needles. My mother and I have been in this room, knitting like dervishes, since dawn. We are exhausted. New York artist Olek shows off wacky woolly wonderland.

By Daily Mail Updated: 15:09 GMT, 25 November 2010 Knitting cosy covers for things is nothing new.