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The Blog For the imperfect girl everywhere. Self Improvement tips, Beauty practices, and healthy habits for feeling confident and amazing every single day.

Whydoyouwanttoloseweight.  Resolution : Get Ready For The New Year - What Is Perfection. This time of year, we are all thinking about change: The change in the weather, the change in our new winter wardrobes, and the changes we are planning on making for our new year – What will your resolution be?

 Resolution : Get Ready For The New Year - What Is Perfection

New Years Resolution: They are kind of like that pet you always wanted as a kid – but once you got it, you didn’t really take care of it…. and so your parents had to jump in to help take care of and grow your little furry friend. But A personal resolution isn’t something you can just pass the buck to someone else to do : your resolutions can only happen if YOU make them happen. Writing out a list of all the things you want to accomplish for your resolution this year is extremely helpful in figuring out what you want.

But sometimes when we build our list of resolutions with too many wants and needs — or too many big tasks — our motivation can easily dwindle. The FREE Guide To Making Your Resolution – The Tool to Making It Stick This Year! Join The FREE Perfection Program! Related. How to make change happen : Steps to your resolution  Last week I started on the adventurous topic of making a new year resolution and why it is so important we should start thinking about them now…rather than.. you know.. maybe next week .. or .. the following week.. or .. after new years, when most people do.

How to make change happen : Steps to your resolution 

Don’t you wait! Waiting to reflect on the change you want to make is not a great idea.. it lowers your motivation and excitement for the amazing year ahead. Even though it’s a few weeks away, the longer we wait to think about these things, the more we risk just jumping into a random goal that we really haven’t prepared for or thought deeply about. The most important step in how to make change happen for yourself really comes in the very beginning. Confidence - Find the Key to Feeling Good. We all want to feel more confident than we feel right here and now.

Confidence - Find the Key to Feeling Good

But have you ever asked yourself how exactly you could make that happen? Moving Out and Moving On - What is Perfection. I thought I would take this awesome Friday to get a bit personal on the blog front — I wanted to tell you all what’s been going on with me and what’s next on my journey of life.

Moving Out and Moving On - What is Perfection

A while back, my boyfriend and I decided moving out of our home was the best option for us — financially, and also for other reasons. We packed up our beautiful city apartment last week and moved out to the great unknown of Connecticut! Unknown for me. because I’ve never lived here. I don’t know anyone here … Matt, on the other hand, grew up here. Either way, we both were moving out and moving on to a new chapter for our relationship and for ourselves. Yes it was sad. A while back, I left my job as a CBS News Producer. Sometimes following your dreams comes with sacrifices… and my sacrifice in leaving my job was also leaving my financial security.

Whydoyouwanttoloseweight. Ways to Avoid Christmas Stress : Tend to YOU - What is Perfection. Okay… so I’ll admit it.

Ways to Avoid Christmas Stress : Tend to YOU - What is Perfection

I have NOT finished all my christmas shopping.Christmas Stress by a million right? Okay..Actually… I’ll be honest. Magnesium Pills: The Skinny Fix for a Muffin Top - What is Perfection. Listen ladies, there is no one simple solution for losing weight and getting fit.

Magnesium Pills: The Skinny Fix for a Muffin Top - What is Perfection

I get so frustrated when I see all the ads for get thin quick fixes. The truth is, getting healthy and losing weight is about taking one small step at a time to improve your overall lifestyle. And today, I am sharing the skinny on an amazing small step you can take every day to get a step closer to feeling healthy and trimming your figure. It’s called: Magnesium Pills ! Balanced Diet - Have Your Cake and Eat It Too. - What is Perfection. This morning I am anticipating the crazy snow storm ahead, and dreaming off all the things I can do to keep cozy, stay productive and have a good time indoors this weekend.

Balanced Diet - Have Your Cake and Eat It Too. - What is Perfection

My first thought was to sit back with a good tv show and some yummy comfort food… and it got me thinking about the delicious cake I had for my birthday last week! Having a balanced diet sometimes means having some yummy treats that aren’t exactly good for you. And that’s okay! Especially when those treats are a special occasion! Matt’s mom is an awesome baker. Since we moved into Matt’s parents house this month — finally moving out of our old place and into a shared home has brought unexpected challenges for living a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet.

Balanced Diet. A Story About Self Worth - What is Perfection  I know now that Self Worth is the key to living any happy life.

A Story About Self Worth - What is Perfection 

Learning to Love Who You Are. - What is Perfection. So many amazing ladies have reached out to me since I posted the stories about my eating disorder and finding self worth.

Learning to Love Who You Are. - What is Perfection

Time Management - Making Room For Fun - What is Perfection. Have you ever spent a whole week killing it at work?

Time Management - Making Room For Fun - What is Perfection

Then Saturday comes and instead of relaxing and enjoying your free time you spend the day doing the crazy butt load of chores? You get them all done and you are like, “Woahhhhh where did my weekend go?” This is a total Time Management Fail guys. Sexual Assault - I am Not A Victim. - What is Perfection. Full disclosure… I am having a really hard time writing this. I am only on the second sentence and have already spent half an hour on coming up with the proper title for this post. Not because it is emotionally hard to share this part of my life, but because branding this story with a proper title means everything to me.

It has to be right… and it has to be perfect. Most importantly, whatever I title this story has to be my choice… probably because this story is just the opposite. How to Start A Blog : What is Perfection. Okay ladies.. I have been getting tons of questions about starting blogs: What to do, how to do it, where to read up on the ins and outs of writing your own blog. And first off… THAT’S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Feel Beautiful - How To Make Yourself Feel Beautiful. Want to feel beautiful? It’s easier than you think. Last week on What is Perfection I talked about how being single gave me the opportunity to love myself the way I deserved. (Didn’t read it? You should. Here.) My Eating Disorder and the Lesson it Taught Me - What is Perfection. I never had a healthy relationship with food. Growing up in a big Italian family, food was always a center of any occasion.

It was something we gathered around, something we joined together over.