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The technology of 3D printing has made a stunning impact on the world of art and design, and its benefits have certainly not been lost on those involved in the movie making industry.

Exclusive: Interstellar’s Reliance on 3D Printing May Have Won New Deal Studios an Oscar for Best Visual Effects

These are not people willing to remain stuck inside any box, and over the past few years we’ve seen special effects crews rapidly evolving, first just beginning to dabble and then quickly progress in 3D printing with dazzling visual effects in children’s movies like Coraline and the BoxTrolls. The technology is in fact becoming so integrated in movie making that rather than dabbling or experimenting, 3D printing and setting up a lab for doing so is now becoming first on the list for many talented, progressive teams of designers as they begin a new project. challenging mission of their own.

They were tasked with transporting us to another time, transforming our world as one that was quickly headed for an apocalypse. Director Christopher Nolan turned to Los Angeles-based New Deal Studios for visual effects. 4inkjets discount printer supplies for office stationary products - 4inkjets online offers. 4inkjets discount printer supplies on inkjet refilling kits - 4inkjets online offers.

5th Graders Utilize 3D Printing to Create Their Own Custom Cities. One of the most inspirational aspects of covering the 3D printing space is the fact that we constantly have the opportunity to promote the use of the technology in schools around the world.

5th Graders Utilize 3D Printing to Create Their Own Custom Cities

There is nothing more pleasing to me than reporting on a successful case study in which 3D printing proved to be of great benefit to students at various schools and other educational institutions. Without a doubt, 3D printing is a technology of the future, yet very few teachers, school administrators, or parents are pushing for the introduction of this technology into the classroom environment. There is a reason for this, and that can be summed up with one word: unfamiliarity. It won’t be until more people become aware of the benefits that 3D printing can provide that the technology will infiltrate these places of education.

One school in Washington, DC has recently proved that 3D printing within the classroom environment can have many benefits to children. 4inkjets discount printer supplies with conveniently priced printers - 4inkjets online offers. Pinshape & 3DPrinterOS Team Up. 4inkjets discount printer supplies to buy inkjet cartridges  - 4inkjets online offers. OPAM (One-Piece All-Metal) Water-Cooled Hot End Launches on Indiegogo. Anyone who has worked with a 3D printer understands the struggle of dealing with watching a print suddenly and without warning fail right before your eyes.

OPAM (One-Piece All-Metal) Water-Cooled Hot End Launches on Indiegogo

Be it a slightly out of alignment axis, incorrect printing temperature, flawed g code or the looming and inevitable filament jam in the hot end, it is never fun watching hours of work explode into a mess of wasted filament. Not only is your time valuable, but let’s be real, 3D printing filament is not cheap. One of the more frustrating printing failures is when your printer’s hot end causes a filament jam, ending the print job and potentially damaging your printer. Oftentimes jams of this nature require the extruder to be completely removed and the plastic literally chipped out of the nozzle by hand.

Sometimes the hot end will even need to be soaked in acetate to dissolve the plastic in order to work correctly again. The OPAM will be able to print using ABS, PLA, PC-ABS, and virtually any high temperature 1.75mm filament. 4inkjets discount printer supplies Tips for buying ink cartridges on discounts - 4inkjets online offers. Dutch Student’s 3D Printed Ceramics Showcase Printer’s Unique Programming. Design student and ceramist Olivier van Herpt’s 3D printed ceramics, unveiled during Design Week in Milan, are visually stunning.

Dutch Student’s 3D Printed Ceramics Showcase Printer’s Unique Programming

Larger in scale than one would expect with 3D printed objects, the pieces confront issues of food production, containment, and consumption as part of an exhibition with a surprising and humorous title: Eat Shit. Olivier van Herpt with his creation. (Photo: Designboom) Van Herpt attends the Design Academy Eindhoven in the southern Netherlands. The prominent design school is tackling one of the central issues of our era: How to feed the Earth’s ever-increasing population in the face of dwindling resources in many regions. 4inkjets discount printer supplies are Best acquiring printing cartridges - 4inkjets online offers. America Makes Satellite Center at UTEP.